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The Natural Treatment for Bromhidrosis Odor

The Natural Treatment for Bromhidrosis Odor

by Sarah Thomas

“This is the first time since I have been an adult that I have experienced an odor-free day.” - Brittney

Have you ever been halfway into your commute before you realized you never put on deodorant? Weren't you stuck with an anxious feeling all day?

Even the most conscientious of us has had a day or two in which we sneaked a sniff of our armpits and wondered if everything was working as well as we had hoped.

That’s probably the day you resolved to put an extra deodorant in your drawer at work, or your backpack, or in the glove box of your car. Because you never wanted to spend another day worrying like that again.

What if You Had to Worry About Odor All Day, Every Day?

What if, in spite of a stellar hygiene routine and using deodorant regularly, you still smelled bad?

What if you showered and put on clean clothes and you already smelled by the time you arrived at your destination?

What if you were constantly on alert, trying to read people’s body language to determine whether or not they smell what you smell coming from your own body?

For most of us, when we think of getting dressed for the day we ask ourselves things like what’s the weather, what’s the occasion, who am I going to see, and how do I want to feel today? For years, Brittney’s only question was, “How can I hide my body odor today?”.

During high school, Brittney resorted to wearing men’s athletic shirts and XL or XXL t-shirts in order to hide her body odor. She explains, “Every second of school was complete and utter hell because I was trying to hide the smell.” She would limit herself to only wearing cotton because clothes made from synthetic fibers would forever trap the combination of body odors and waxes from antiperspirants.

Since the age of 14, Brittney has experienced chronic bromhidrosis, a condition that causes her to have an unusually foul body odor that seemed almost impossible to manage. She was continuously self-conscious about her odor, and it was seriously affecting her quality of life.

“Body odor with bromhidrosis is nothing like normal B.O.”, Brittney adds, “When I was a kid I had a normal odor, but as I got older I started to smell like skunk and onions, just completely foul.”

Bromhidrosis usually rears its head along with puberty when the apocrine sweat glands kick in. We have two kinds of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine. Secretions from the apocrine glands are found primarily in the armpits and groin and are typically responsible for odor because they contain proteins and fat that bacteria love to devour. When bacteria digest sweat and other bodily fluids, they produce odor.

It isn’t clear why some people are more affected by bromhidrosis, but treatment options typically include keeping armpits dry and controlling bacterial growth in the armpits with antibacterial soaps. Until Lume, there wasn’t much that could be done about severe cases like Brittney’s.

Brittney Tried Everything, and Nothing Helped

Over the course of several years, Brittney saw a number of different dermatologists for help with bromhidrosis and nothing ever helped. She used a prescription strength antiperspirant that would prevent wetness, but the stench still came through. As a last resort, one doctor recommended an invasive surgical treatment to remove her sweat glands, but it was not guaranteed to solve her problems. Brittney decided she wasn’t willing to take a risk on an expensive procedure with no guarantees.

“I’ve tried everything under the sun. Everything!” Brittney explained. She tried using baking soda, countless soaps, deodorants, topical creams, and dietary changes. She was lucky if a deodorant lasted 2 hours, but many failed within 30 minutes. She was consumed by her quest to smell normal, to feel normal, and to feel less isolated. That kind of exhausting effort and continual disappointment can really play on your personal happiness, and she was losing hope.

During one of her regular searches for new information about bromhidrosis, Brittney took a break and opened Facebook where she saw an ad for Lume. She was skeptical it could work for her, but the science behind Lume’s claims resonated with her. Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts is unique from other deodorants because it doesn’t use strong fragrances to mask or cover up odor. It works because it prevents bacteria from consuming sweat on the surface of the skin, so bacteria can’t produce odor.

But would it work for her odor?

Lume Changed Her Life

Brittney took a chance and immediately noticed a “huge change”. She was still sweating but didn’t have any odor. In her words, “This is the first time since I have been an adult that I have experienced an odor-free day...after trying Lume, my life is forever changed!”

She recounted a story in which she recently slept away from home one night and did not have Lume with her, so she had to use another deodorant that had a strong fragrance. She ended up wearing a heavy jacket at work all day long because the smell of the deodorant mixed with her own smell was even worse than her body odor alone, and she did not want to be noticed for this. Brittney adds, “I’ve never felt this passionate about a single product in my life”.

“It’s still surreal to me that I can wear whatever I want...I’ve always been a more girly girl at heart, and I’ve wanted to wear pretty sweaters and fitted, long sleeved shirts. I could never have worn silk or suede or anything that wasn’t cotton because the odor would stay in the clothing.”

Why Did Lume Work?

Lume is water-based, so it doesn’t hang around in the fibers of your clothing like most deodorants and antiperspirants. It has the consistency of a lotion, and rubs in cleanly, so you won’t discover racing stripes on dark or tight shirts and camis that you’ve pulled on.

Lume was created with the most sensitive skin in mind, and it is the first skin-safe deodorant that you can use anywhere you have odor and wish you didn’t. You can use Lume on your pits, privates, feet, skinfolds, or anywhere your body sweats.

Lume is clinically proven to control body odors for up to 72 hours, because it effectively prevents bacteria from feasting on bodily fluids and turning that sweat into odor.

When used in combination with Lume Deodorant, Lume Deodorant Wipes are a super convenient way to add odor protection on-the-go or in between showers. They add the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, whenever sudden odor might appear anywhere, just a few quick wipes can bring lasting freshness.

How does Brittney feel about smelling normal again? “It’s just completely life-changing that something as simple as a deodorant can make me feel extremely confident, it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”.

Brittney experienced life-changing odor control, and Lume might be a game changer for you too.

Join the Lume Love movement today.

Sarah Thomas

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