Why does modern deodorant fail? Two reasons

1. Bacteria and sweat latch onto man-made fabrics and waxes.
2. Not applying enough deodorant where it matters most.

Ever put on a shirt and within minutes you smell BO? More than likely, that shirt contains man-made fibers.

1. Cotton polyester blends (check the tags of your t-shirts)
2. Polyester
3. Spandex
4. Lycra

Think exercise clothing.

Aluminum is what makes an antiperspirant an antiperspirant and it is also what stains the pits of your clothing to yellow. The waxes and oils found in antiperspirants, natural deodorants and fabric softeners melt into fabrics and are tough to wash out. This allows bacteria and BO to stick around in your clothing wash after wash after wash. Lume is water based and washes cleanly out of clothing!

Lume objects to persistent BO in clothing so here is our trick….

Try an enzyme detergent like Persil or Nature’s Miracle (found in pet stores) to pre-treat the armpits of your clothing …after you wear and BEFORE you HAMPER them. Make a dilute 1:4 mixture of Persil and water or use Nature’s Miracle full strength. Keep it in a spray bottle by your hamper, in your kid’s gym bag and in your laundry room. Please read manufacturer’s instructions and enter into this BO busting mission at your own risk.


Get Primed with Lume and use it correctly.

Extend your Lume application area to include 1-2 inches beyond the hair bearing area of your underarm, up into the fold of your deltoid and bicep and between the fold of your tricep muscles. Work Lume into all of your hairs, nooks and crannies.

Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts is clinically proven to provide 72 hours of odor control.

Did You Lume Today?

7 thoughts on “Why Deodorants Fail

  1. jstein0166 says:

    Being a 70 year old female I have typical dry skin and use an almond oil soap which helps. However, daily showering dries my skin out no matter what. So my choice is to shower every other day and hope my B.O. stays under control-but it doesn’t always work out.
    Two days ago I showered and “primed” my underarms with Lume and have remained completely odor free. Today, being braver, I showered and extended the “priming” to my private parts. I have hopes this will work for each of my B.O. areas.

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Sometimes it is hard to make a change to something new and we are so glad to hear the Lume as worked so well so fast for you! Thank you for sharing your Lume Love!

  2. Pegi says:

    Absolutely wonderful product! I feel so fresh and clean all day. I am telling all of my Girlfriends about Lume and how great it is. Thank you for making one of the best and safest all over body hygiene products on the market today. Hooray for Lume! 🤗

  3. labjab99 says:

    Saw the article in the Star Tribune Sunday Oct. 1. Have struggled with underarm odor for my whole life. Had been using Tom’s brand of natural deodorant because of no aluminum- EVERY PIECE of my clothing, sweaters, jackets STUNK!! I was starting think I would take the cancer risk over the BO and go back to aluminum based products.
    THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFESAVER!! I recommend it to everyone!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Alexis T says:

    I live in SW Louisiana, where it’s not just hot, it’s humid and hot for about 5ish months out of the year! Needless to say, I have a few of those ‘skunky’ shirts that I’d love to attempt to revive so I could wear them again without grossing myself out! I looked at the Nature’s Miracle products, but not sure which to use because there are a number of them. Any input on this is appreciated.

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Nature’s Miracle comes in many different varieties. I like orange one with oxyclean type additives. Persil detergent is another one we have found really breaks down oils and BO out of clothing fibers.

  5. Margaret M Lavanier says:

    I love this deodorant! Love the scent and that it really works! Going thru menapause is bad enough, then your antiperspirant stops working. I’ve tried natural deodorants but, then I sweat a break out! Lume is differant because it works, everywhere! Yay!

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