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Why Lume Is the Best Natural Deodorant for Teens

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  • Controls odors for up to 72 hours
  • Can be used anywhere you sweat
  • Aluminum-free and baking soda-free
  • Rubs in cleanly like a lotion
  • Does not leave residue on clothing
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No More Stinky Teen!

"Gave [Lume] a try and loved it. Decided to try it on my teenage son. He plays sports and sweats up a stinky storm, and holy moly it was like night and day! No more stinky teen! Now, if only a swipe of the stick could clean up his room."


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Lume Tube With Shoe

Need a Natural Deodorant for Your Teenager?

Your teens are probably starting to own their personal hygiene at this point, and much of the gentle or not-so-gentle nudging (pleading) for a consistent routine has worked thanks to peer pressure, self-awareness, and maturity. But chances are, you still have an influence over the products they use.

As a parent, you want a deodorant that will be effective for your teenager, whatever their activity level, without using harmful ingredients. Lume is that deodorant.

Not only that, Lume is safe for your entire family to use ANYWHERE on their bodies. Lume isn’t just for underarms! It’s for pits, privates, feet, and between the cheeks.

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Clinically Proven Odor Control

Lume, The Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

When you send your kids out into the world for school, work, or activities, you want them to feel confident. That confidence needs to last all day, and so should their deodorant.

Why do other natural deodorants for teens fail at keeping them fresh, sometimes after only a few hours? Most deodorants work by neutralizing or attempting to cover up the odor. Lume actually prevents odor from happening in the first place!

Lume was put to the test and clinically proven to control body odor for up to 72 hours. That’s practically unheard of for a natural deodorant!

With odor protection this good, you might not even panic when your teen sleeps in and opts to skip a shower now and then. (Don’t worry, they will still have friends.)

Ready for Deodorant That Works?

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Lume Was Developed by a Doctor and Is Safe To Use Anywhere

Lume is safe for all external use. If you sweat there, Lume can go there.

Dr. Shannon Klingman originally developed Lume as a solution for her patients who were frustrated and embarrassed about odor below the belt. Until Lume, the only products available to address these odor concerns simply attempted to cover it up with strong fragrances that drew more attention than the odor itself, and had the potential to cause irritation. They didn’t actually address the source of odor or solve the problem. It turns out, most day-to-day odor is actually external, and Lume is an external solution you can use at home.

Lume is unique because it stops odor before it has a chance to start. It was originally developed for private parts- but, as it turns out, it is exceptional at controlling external body odor wherever it happens! Try it on your underarms, underboobs, privates, skin folds, feet, between the cheeks, and wherever else you need it. (Lume works great for men and kids, too.)

If you sweat there, Lume can go there.

Lume for Pits

For the pits just apply Lume like normal.

Lume for Feet

For everywhere else, just twist, swipe, and apply like a lotion.

Lume is doctor-developed, and made with naturally-derived ingredients safe for any external use.

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How to Talk to Your Teen About Body Odor

It can be tricky to talk to teenagers about hygiene, especially if you have noticed that their routines aren’t quite routine enough. You don’t want to make them feel more self-conscious. However, no teen wants to have a reputation for being the smelly kid, and you can save them some embarrassment by having some candid conversations in a setting where they feel safe and loved.

Find a time when you have some privacy, don’t call them out in front of their siblings, and speak openly about what it means to take care of themselves.

We suggest explaining that body odor is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of! Smells happen – proper hygiene removes them, and Lume prevents them.

Woman With Lume Tubes on Bed

Lume Does Not Contain Aluminum or Baking Soda

Nobody wants to experiment with deodorants and antiperspirants that are ineffective or contain ingredients that are well-known problem makers.

Aluminum salts are used in antiperspirants in an effort to plug sweat pores and reduce sweat. However, aluminum is not terribly effective at reducing sweat, and is actually known to increase the colony count of bacteria that is responsible for odor in the first place. Aluminum is also responsible for those dreaded yellow stains on white shirts!

Baking soda is a common ingredient in many natural deodorants, but it can be a problem ingredient for many because it can cause irritation and rashes. Lume is baking soda-free and effectively controls odors without disturbing your skin’s natural balance.

Go Natural, Rash Free!

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Other Deodorants Stink!

No Aluminum Icon

They Contain Aluminum

Aluminum traps toxins in your pores.

Not Just Armpits Icon

They’re Only for Armpits

Most deodorants are only made for armpits.

No Rashes Icon

They Cause Rashes

Baking soda in natural deodorants causes rashes.

No Smell Masking Icon

They Only Mask the Smell

They try to cover the smell after it forms.

Girl With Lume Tube by Pool

Say Goodbye to Pit Stains and Lingering Odors in Clothes

Your teenager could swear they washed that shirt, but after wearing it for several hours, they’re not so sure. This is often true with athletic clothes because they are usually made of synthetic fibers, which are particularly notorious for holding on to yesterday’s odors. Why are their clothes hanging on to the past?

Most other deodorants contain waxes. And antiperspirants contain aluminum combined with those waxes. They aren’t very effective at reducing sweat, but they are effective at taking up permanent residence in your clothes. Waxes and odors of days gone by become embedded in the fibers of your clothes, and reactivate with your body heat.

Lume is water-based so it rubs in clean, and washes easily out of clothes. It won’t leave your family’s white undershirts with yellow pit stains, and their clothes won’t betray them when the temperature rises.

Lume lets you smell like you, and your clothes smell like clothes.

Join the Odor-Free Movement!

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Check out a few reviews from our customers:

"I am in my early teens. I have really bad sweating problems… I got [Lume] and thought it was just another deodorant waiting to make me smell worse... But instead it changed my life...Even when I sweat a ton there is no smell. So now finally I can walk in my school and not smell like rotting orange >.< "

Maya H

"This product’s winning feature is it takes away my preteen sons atrocious foot odor. I will buy another container."


"NOTHING has worked for me. I’m 17, no matter what I did, no matter how often I showered, I smelled bad. Like, get out of the shower, put on deo, and still smell terrible kind of bad. My brother was the same way. Lume has erased all smells of Teenager from our home and we are all forever grateful! ❤️ "

Sage R.

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Money Back Guarantee

If Lume isn't for you, we'll gladly refund your order within 60 days of purchase.

Free U.S. Shipping Over $25

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