Lavender and Sage | Bundle

Lume has got you covered – you can’t go wrong choosing one of each. It’s the same great formula, just different containers. Try both to discover which one works best for your lifestyle.

The traditional propel cream stick can be used directly on underarms, and our travel-friendly tube allows you to easily control the amount you use. The water-based formula wont stain your clothes and leaves no residue behind.

The stick offers 110 underarm applications (two armpits) or 220 “anywhere else”uses. The tube offers 150 underarm applications (two armpits) or 300 private parts uses. A little goes a long way!

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    Sara R.
    United States

    The stick

    Its ok, I wish it was more powdery... its wet and almost greasy feeling, I would prefer a different scent.


    Ridiculously amazing!

    I seriously cannot believe this stuff!!! At this moment, I am unable to go work at my job, so I stay home and couch hard - a lot! I last took a shower three days ago and applied Lume. I haven't showered since because, seriously, why? I can't go to work and I haven't been around anybody who would even care! I am just now starting to get a little smelly. Unbelievable how well this stuff works to keep your pits and bits from smelling atrocious. Don't worry - I did shower and scrub everything up and reapplied Lume today!! So, if you're wondering if it works - YES! Should you buy it? YES!


    Works on Lady Parts!

    I don't use the product under my arms because I've never had an issue with odor from that area. Down below I've always had issues with odor...I would take two to three showers per day and use baby wipes at work when I couldn't wash. Nothing worked. I still had odor issues from that area. I saw Lume' on Facebook and then investigated the website. I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered both the scented and unscented. THIS PRODUCT WORKS! I was shocked that after applying it and sleeping through the odor from down below. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I even tried it on my backside and same odor! This product works! I will be a lifetime user and share with my friends because it's a solution to an embarrassing issue! THANKS SO MUCH for this amazing product!

    Amy Musat


    Menopause has been rough! Hot flashes, sweating, and also odor (which nobody told me about!) Lume is amazing, and I am free of stench! Love it!! One less thing to worry about.

    Deb Bahr

    It is a miracle!

    I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised to find this stuff REALLY works. I’m a 66, very active woman. I’m a little chubbly so I sweat not only underarms but I would get sweaty under my boobs, belly and the nether regions along with stench. Under my boobs would get the horrible vinegary odor. After one application of Lume in all of these areas I was amazed that even after working out, no smell. Anywhere. No stink at all. Believe me I kept checking but it lasted 2-3 days! What the what? I’m a convert. I use the stick under arms and boobs and the ointment everywhere else....does not take much. I’m placing my second order today so I don’t run out. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic this is but it WORKS.

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