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Every body is different and may require more or less each day. Since Lume has been clinically-proven to provide 72-hour odor protection, you may find you can go longer than a day without re-applying.

The typical usage for underarms is a a trace amount from the propel cream stick or a small pea-sized amount from the tube. Everywhere else on our bodies needs just a trace amount to do the trick.

The 2.2 oz propel container will offer 110-220 applications. For private parts it’s even more depending on how many places you apply. The 3.0 oz tube will offer 300 underarm applications (two armpits) and even more private parts uses.

Try both containers and see which works best for you.

Unlike other deodorants, you’ll discover that with regular use (after one to two weeks), it will become unnecessary to apply Lume every day – using less product, less often means it becomes more of a lifestyle with Lume.

Odor most often happens as a result of bodily fluids coming into contact with external bacteria commonly found in your GI tract. I have proven that the odor that occurs is the exact same odor women experience with more common types of vaginal infections – but most of the time it is NOT an infection.

If you have concerns below the belt despite using Lume externally for a few days, you should see your doctor:

-A change in discharge from clear, white or pale yellow to a green, grey or dark yellow may indicate a vaginal or internal infection.

-Persistent itching

-Pain, fever or burning when you urinate

-Discharge texture can change throughout your cycle and life, too. Normal vaginal discharge may be thicker like a paste, clear and thin or thicker like an egg white, sticky or stretchy. If discharge becomes foamy or chunky like cottage cheese, you need to get it checked out.

Lume is a great product to use in conjunction with treatments you may receive for bacterial vaginosis or other vaginal infections.

Lume is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions and should not be used on broken or irritated skin.

Shannon Klingman, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN who discovered that doctors all-too-frequently over-treat women complaining of odor with unnecessary intravaginal antibiotics. Dr. Klingman patented her formula and now empowers women with information to discretely manage any odor concerns at home.

As a medical resident. Dr. Klingman began treating patients complaining of odor and looking for a solution. So, she gave them one, usually in the form of an antibiotic they didn’t truly need. Some did, most didn’t, and she moved on to the next patient and didn’t think about it again. But she actually did. A lot! She discovered that most patients really didn’t have anything bacterial or infectious, but that was how they were being treated. Doctors rarely call patients and say, “Hey your testing was negative and you don’t really need that vaginal gel or oral antibiotics after all.”  Rather, these doctors called them to report, “Labs and cultures are negative for infections so I’m not sure what that was all about, but let me know if it happens again.” Go figure!

Then it happens again and the patient is convinced it is her. Something is just wrong with her, and she embraces the self-doubt and insecurity that comes with it, self-remedying with all the stuff the market says she needs, but nothing is ideal and the vagina is blamed once again. We needed Lume!

If your symptoms of odor persist after using Lume for private parts, you should see your doctor. Lume is not designed to diagnose or treat, or serve as a replacement for medical attention. Women know their bodies and now have an everyday solution for an everyday problem that will no longer be a concern. How great is that?

Lume Deodorant is “accidentally” aluminum free. Dr. Klingman set out to solve a problem and aluminum played no focus or role in the solution. Instead, the focus was on feminine odor and to treat it safely. In solving the problem, with a natural focus, it just so happened that the ingredients did not contain aluminum. This is an added benefit because aluminum stains our shirts yellow and doesn’t control odor well. The products that contain aluminum are so heavily scented you cannot wash the waxy mess out of your clothing. We don’t’ like aluminum for those reasons.

Many people are now looking for aluminum-free deodorants because of concerns that aluminum causes cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The claims for causing breast cancer are unfounded and Alzheimer’s association will require more studies.The paraben preservatives act as an estrogen and are probably going to prove to be more concerning than aluminum. Thankfully, Lume doesn’t use those either.

Yes! Confidence matters more in teen years than during any other time in our life. It is a tremendous product for their underarm odor, private parts odor caused by menstruation, exercise and polyester leggings and tights. We are aluminum free, paraben free, baking soda free, propylene glycol free and artificial fragrance oil free.

Lume is safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Less than 1% of the formula is essential oils, or you can opt for the unscented version. Rest assured we created this with you in mind.  

How does LumĒ work

Lume Deodorant works by completely halting the odor-causing reactions on external skin. Other products say they inhibit bacterial growth, and we do that too while maintaining the healthy physiological pH of our skin.

Lume blocks the ability for bacteria to consume fluids like sweat, semen, urine, and blood that lead to odor. We are unlike any other product on the market today.

Princeton Consumer Research put Lume to the test in one of the hottest cities in the country, St. Petersburg, FL, during the hottest time of the summer (August) with some real stinkers (like us). Barrie Drewitt, the worldwide “odor guru,” has been testing deodorants (and sniffing pits) for over 20 years, and works with all of the industry leaders. He is tough. He is trusted…and it seems Lume took him by surprise!

Real women, with real body odor, underwent a 10-day “wash out” where they refrained from using any deodorant or antiperspirant product on their underarms (can you even imagine?). This is an important step because most antiperspirants and deodorants contain waxes and oils that leave a residue behind that doesn’t wash off after just a few showers. We needed to make sure Lume wasn’t affected by any other previously-applied product.

They then “primed their pits” for 3 days and on the 4th day, after Lume application, were given a clean, white cotton t-shirt to wear for the next 24 hours. This is critical because body odor can really get stuck in your clothing when using waxy antiperspirants and deodorants.

Subjects were evaluated for body odor and graded at 24 and 72 hours, after proper Lume application, by expert B.O. detector, Barrie Drewitt and his team. These odor judges can detect even minute B.O. thresholds, well beyond the average human sense of smell, so these are some tough judges. Nothing escapes them and they grade completely blinded, not knowing which product is placed on which subject.

Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts dramatically reduced underarm odor at 24 hours and that control just kept going up to 72 hours.

No. Lume’s patented formula is water-based and does not leave stains or residue in your clothing. Aluminum and baking soda can cause the underarms of your shirts to discolor, and the waxes in those products don’t wash out well leading to lingering body odor trapped in clothing. Welcome to a better approach to body odor control.

Lume Deodorant does not contain aluminum, so we are NOT an antiperspirant. Sweating is natural and necessary but it doesn’t have to lead to odor. While Lume does contain ingredients that help to reduce wetness on your skin, it does not block sweating. You will notice that over time your wetness without odor bothers you less and the long-lasting odor protection is of greatest value.

Beware of B.O. that gets stuck in clothing! Those nasty, waxy, oil-based deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum bind to the materials in your clothing. All it takes is a little bit of body heat and moisture to activate that lovely familiar smell of B.O. The B.O. gets into clothing two ways – it either bleeds into clothing after it forms on your underarms, or bacteria and sweat latch onto clothing separately and have a party in your hamper long after you have taken the clothing off. Lovely….huh?

Be careful not to blame Lume Deodorant for what other products leave behind. Lume Deodorant washes out of clothing and does not leave stains.

If the article of clothing is old, throw it away. There is no hope. Pre-treat your clothing, betrayed by past antiperspirants or deodorants. Use an enzyme detergent like Persil or Nature’s Miracle (found in pet stores) to pre-treat the armpits of your clothing, after you wear and before you hamper them. Make a diluted solution of Persil or use Nature’s Miracle at full strength. Keep it in a spray bottle by your hamper, in your kid’s gym bag or in your laundry room. Know that some people have had success using white vinegar before hampering (a few hours before laundering), but this doesn’t work for everyone or all the time.

If you use Lume every day, it should wash out like a charm.

Irritation found in deeper skin folds is called, intertrigo.  Learn more.

How to use LumĒ

No. Unlike other products, Lume does not require a transition period to prevent irritation. We do not contain baking soda which can lead to chemical burns in your underarms. Other aluminum-free deodorants on the market, whether they contain baking soda or not, have a pH of 8-9, which is about the pH of soap. We offer a much different approach that doesn’t lead to the irritation often seen with high pH deodorants.

Yes! Lume is one amazing formula used many different ways. From the propel cream stick, just twist up the cream to just flush with the holes and swipe your underarms for 4-5 seconds until clear and then stop. For other parts of your body, twist up to just past the holes, swipe the top and apply with your fingertips. For the tube, a small pea sized amount will do the trick!

Frankly speaking…. apply sparingly just a FEW TIMES a week. You will be shocked by how well Lume works.

Ladies – Working from front to back (never work from back to front due to increased risk for urinary tract infections), apply to the clitoral hood, labia majora (NOT inside the vagina or around the urethra), continuing back further to the perineum (the space between the rectum and vaginal opening) and sweeping up between your butt cheeks to your tailbone. Wash your hands (for goodness sake).

Guys – Apply around the base of your penis and between the folds of your legs, working back to the space between your scrotum and rectum, sweeping back between your butt cheeks and up to your tailbone. Wash your hands (for Pete’s sake).

Most perspiration happens in the hair-bearing areas of your underarms. When you fold your arms down and consider where the hair bearing-areas touch, you need to apply beyond the hairy pit parts to get maximum odor prevention. Apply the cream to your underarms to cover the hair-bearing area and one inch or so beyond that. Use just enough cream that rubs in clear in 4-5 seconds and then stop.

If the odor is external, apply away. We have had both women and men share stories of using Lume Deodorant under their breasts, in tummy folds, their belly buttons, and feet. It is definitely not just for underarms and private parts.

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