Clinically Proven 48 Hour Odor Control

Life Changing!

Dr Klingman,
You don’t know how important your work is!!
There has GOT to be a way to let more people know about this product. It is literally saving my life.
I have had bromhidrosis since I was in elementary school. I have been bullied my ENTIRE life. My thoughts and attempts at suicide began at 14. 
I am now a disabled vet, who has lived my ENTIRE life with a fear of getting close to people – physically, and emotionally…
K.S. / Florida


Gynecologist developed • Dermatologist recommended

Lume Deodorant is a doctor developed, dual-purpose, aluminum free, natural deodorant for underarms & private parts. It has been clinically proven to provide you with 48-hours of odor protection on your most sensitive skin.


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