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Shannon Klingman, M.D., Inventor of LumeI’m Shannon Klingman, the inventor of Lume.

As a gynecologist and a woman, I realize the importance of empowering women to discretely address odor concerns at home so they can confidently live their best lives knowing with certainty that Lume has got them covered.

The tired narrative of “vaginal odor” has been told since the beginning of time. We also have an industry of products currently on the market that misleads women into believing that all vaginas have a foul odor as if it is an inevitable reality for women.

Odor. It happens. As a practicing gynecologist, seeing patients in the office who complain of “vaginal odor” is common even if it isn’t the purpose for the visit. The frequent false assumption is that odor is caused by bacterial vaginosis or BV.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an imperfect diagnosis and is the term that gets thrown around to describe feminine odor.

What I began to realize is that the lab tests more often did not support a diagnosis of BV, but patients want a remedy. As physicians, we want to offer them relief, so too many physicians provide them with an antibiotic they most often don’t need. In fact, physicians overdiagnose BV 61% of the time and yeast vaginitis 73% of the time! It is very consistent with what I observed in my own practice.

In the midst of all this, my husband and I were trying to have a baby. Being the over-achievers we are, if every other day is recommended, every day must have been better. You get the idea…

We were both practicing Ob/Gyns delivering babies in the middle of the night, not making it home to shower, working all day the next day and …Boom! I had THAT odor. It didn’t take long for me to sum up the situation and realize this odor was EXTERNAL, not vaginal.

This theory goes against the very tired and imperfect industry-provided explanations women have been offered for 75 years!

I proved in an outside lab, Bioscreen, that the odor molecule that forms with BV (Trimethylamine) is the exact same odor molecule that forms on the outside of our bodies when bacteria come into contact with common everyday bodily fluids. This finding is remarkable because it means that everyday external odor that results from intercourse or with our periods is indistinguishable from the odor that occurs with bacterial vaginosis!

This finding explained why so many physicians over-diagnose BV, and why so many patients are left feeling like they have something wrong with them.

This external problem needed an external solution. So I “whipped up” the first version of Lume in my kitchen. I had my sister try it. She said it made her lady parts smell like the back of her hand. Did you smell the back of your hand? I knew we were onto something!

It was a long journey from the kitchen to where Lume is today. Two patents, two clinical trials, and many years later, I’m very excited that Lume has so quickly become the leading natural deodorant.

And it turned out that this deodorant I developed to solve feminine odor actually works fantastic for underarms too.

By taking the science in a whole new direction, I created a deodorant that actually prevents external odor from happening in the first place.

Lume is made from naturally derived and skin safe synthetic ingredients, clinically-proven, 72-hour odor control you can use anywhere on your body. Lume has helped women and men of all ages prevent body odor. It’s made without aluminum, fragrance oils, or baking soda, so you can feel confident using it even on your most sensitive skin.

-Shannon Klingman, MD

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