Have you ever put on a shirt and after just an hour or two you think, “Do I smell?”
It could be your deodorant failing you, but it also could be lingering odor in your clothing.

The waxes and oils found in antiperspirants, natural deodorants and fabric softeners melt into fabrics and are tough to wash out. This allows bacteria and BO to stick around in your clothing wash after wash after wash.

You won’t have to worry about that anymore because Lume is water based and washes cleanly out of clothing! But until your Lume arrives, it’s a good idea to pre-treat the clothing that was betrayed by past antiperspirants and deodorants.

Here’s how to do it:

Use an enzyme detergent like Persil or Nature’s Miracle (found in pet stores) to pre-treat the armpits of your clothing, after you wear and before you hamper them. Make a diluted solution of Persil (1 part Persil, 4 parts water) or use Nature’s Miracle at full strength.

Some people have had success using white vinegar before hampering (a few hours before laundering), but this doesn’t work for everyone or all the time. (Please read manufacturer’s instructions and enter into this BO busting mission at your own risk.)

If the article of clothing is old, throw it away. There is no hope. If you use Lume every day, you shouldn’t have to worry about lingering odor in your clothing anymore : )


Lume works differently than any other deodorant out there, so it’ll take a few days to get primed.

This helps get rid of waxy residue from any previous deodorants, and also begins the process of preventing odor-causing bacteria on your skin.

To “get primed” means you use a little more Lume every day until you remain odor free for 24-hours.

This can take 4 – 14 days.

For Underarms:

1. Shower and dry off.

2. Be sure to cover the hair-bearing area and two inches beyond that border to include the folds of your triceps and between your biceps and deltoid – without worry as Lume doesn’t leave a residue behind.

3.  Rub it in really well with your fingertips to ensure it gets into all of the hairs, nooks and crannies. Bacteria thrive well beyond the dark curve of your pit. Applying Lume Deodorant deep into the base of your hair-bearing area helps eliminate the odor-causing reaction on your skin.

For Private Parts:

1. Shower and dry off.

2. Work Lume Deodorant in from front to back and sweep up between your butt cheeks to your tailbone.  Wash your hands.

Now the fun begins!

After you’ve remained odor free for 24 hours, you can begin to experiment using less Lume less often.
Simply reapply as needed.


Doctor Developed, Dual-Purpose, Aluminum-Free Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts.
Clinically proven to provide 48-hours of odor control on your most sensitive skin.

Our Lume fans consider it to be the “best deodorant for women.”

Lume’s got you covered