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Intertrigo: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Intertrigo Examples

What is Intertrigo?

Irritation found in deeper skin folds is called  intertrigo. It is most often found in underarms, tummy folds, back rolls, groin, thigh creases, under breasts and neck folds.

Intertrigo is identified by inflammation due to friction (skin rubbing on skin), wetness and a foul odor when it is complicated by yeast or bacteria.

It initially leaves skin red and inflamed and may lead to darkened, thickened skin that becomes prone to cracking in the deeper creases over time.

It is common in individuals who are over weight, diabetic, have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and experience friction due to skin rubbing on skin.

Intertrigo Treatments

If this condition is what motivated you to begin using Lume, please seriously consider these tips before starting.

  1. Wash the affected area with a good soap-substitute cleansing bar and dry your skin very throughly. Some find a blow dryer on a cool setting to work great. Sydnet bars are coconut derived synthetic detergent (soap substitute) bars that are far less harsh on your skin. The pH of soap is 9 and that doesn't’ promote healthy skin the way a lower pH, acid mantle preserving cleansing bars does. Dove is an example of such a bar.
  2. Consider using clotrimazole, an anti-fungal cream found at any local pharmacy two times a day. (See photo) It’s especially important after bathing and before bed. If your condition begins to improve after 2-3 days of use, this is GOOD NEWS. Continue to use it for 10 days.You can add 1% hydrocortisone cream at bedtime mixed with the clotrimazole if your skin is more chronically inflamed. You can safely use both creams for 10 days and then continue to use them periodically a few times a week to keep it at bay. If after a few days, your skin condition doesn’t begin to improve, then see your doctor. They need to take a look and may consider prescribing an oral medication that is more potent and works more quickly.
  3. Lume only after your skin condition has improved and no more irritation remains. Lume will not reverse or improve intertrigo that is in full swing prior to use and here is why:

Lume is in the acidic pH range and will exfoliate the affected and unhealthy skin. It is best to improve your skins condition before beginning Lume. We do not recommend using Lume on broken or irritated skin.

Once you have the itch scratch cycle and irritation under control, you can begin to introduce Lume just once a week after showering and drying off really well. You only need a trace amount, just a few times a week to keep odor at bay and support the healthy acid mantle of your skin.

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