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    Five Stars

    "Lume ACTUALLY works! I even did the 72-hour test and I didn't smell!! Amazing!"
    - Melody B.

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    Five Stars

    "As a physician I love this product! I still sweat but there is NO odor."
    - Kathleen B.

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    Five Stars

    "Most deodorant gives me a rash but not Lume! Smells great, feels great, lasts all day!"
    - Megan L.

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Lume works like magic, but it's

Based in

Take what you expect from a deodorant and forget it, Lume is unexpectedly different!

Doctor Developed

Lume was developed by a doctor who thought deodorant should actually control body odor, not just cover it up. Dr. Shannon Klingman worked for 10 years to create a solution that would work for ALL body odor, not just smelly pits.

Dr. Shannon Klingman