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Life Changing!

Dr Klingman,
You don’t know how important your work is!! There has GOT to be a way to let more people know about this product. It is literally saving my life.  I have had bromhidrosis since I was in elementary school. I have been bullied my ENTIRE life. My thoughts and attempts at suicide began at 14. 
I am now a disabled vet, who has lived my ENTIRE life with a fear of getting close to people… physically, and emotionally.  
I’ve had partial apocrine removal, I’ve tried and failed aluminum based products, I’ve done salicylic acid externally to each axilla, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar. I prayed to God to either cure me or take me out of my misery. 
Though I’ve always been grossly disappointed, I continued to search for solutions.  I’ve spent countless dollars, only for products to immediately fail.  Everyone has always assumed I simply don’t practice good hygiene, and I actually shower more than most people I know.
I came across Lume online. I didn’t believe it would work, but I had to try.
Doctor… for the first day in my adult life, I am experiencing odor free days. I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this product.  
My only fear now is that it is EVER discontinued.
I wanted to personally thank you, for saving me nights full of tears. My coworkers have already judged me, but hopefully over time, their perception of me will change.
Thank you SOOOO much. I will be a life long user, and my daughter will be as well.
Please never underestimate the change you’re making in people’s lives.
SINCERELY and with Love, 
K.S. / Florida
Only Deodorant that Works!!!

As a physician, I am concerned about what I put in and ON my body. For years, I have tried to find a deodorant that works with ingredients that I can trust. I have a drawer filled with many failures. This is the ONLY deodorant that has worked for me. It has a wonderful scent. Not only do I use it but I recommend it to friends, family, and my patients.

Ginger Cannon
Lume is Awesome!

I have always been hot natured, even as a child. I therefore sweat.....a lot........everywhere!!!!! I have tried over the counter deoderants, natural deoderants (which left red whelps on my arm pits, and finally Lume! What a game changer! I don't stink any longer..........anywhere! I will never use anything else!!!!!!!!

New formula not so improved

I wanted to love this deodorant but it's just not living up to its promises. I use Lume strictly as an underarm/ underbreast deodorant, and I felt compelled to leave a review today when I saw the new add claiming that it lasts 72 hours. I wish! Unfortunately it doesn't even last through the work day for me. The worst part about this is that with the old formula I would just apply a little more deodorant, but with the new "improved" formula you can't apply more because it turns into a flaky mess. Honestly even the first application is flaky if you're not really careful about how much you put on. I've worked hard to repair the damage traditional deodorants have done to my shirts, and I have gotten rid of the ones that were unsalvageable. I love that the Lume is natural and washes out so easily, but sadly it just isn't providing the odor elimination I need.

Lume Response
We are sorry you are not getting the odor control we know is possible. If you are getting any flaking, you are applying too much cream. You want to apply as much as can be rubbed in clear in 4-5 seconds and stop. Clothing plays a HUGE role in underarm odor and tops containing man made fibers need a quick spritz of Nature's Miracle or a diluted solution of Persil enzyme detergents (these are the best we have found during our testing) before tossing them in the hamper to let them go to work. Lume was clinicially proven to provide 72 hrs of odor control on our skin. What happens in clothing is up to you. If BO forms in your clothing, change your shirt. You don't need to reapply Lume more than once a day. Most get an odor free interval lasting 24-36 hours in clothes that have been prepped. I hope this helps!
Kim Sandifer
Good stuff

I’ve been using Lume about 3 weeks. Regular deodorant, by the end of the day doesn’t smell great. Lume is working as well as regular. Early on the day I’m good but by shower time there is a hint (not bad) of odor. The sweating has significantly decrease after the detox. I love in Mississippi and is 95 with a heat index of 105. I’m pretty impressed with Lume ! I really like Lume and will continue to use it. I’m so glad I’m not using regular deodorants any more !!

No more compromise here!

After one application I can tell you I am continuing to purchase this product! It is real deal! I am no longer putting up with odor just because my other deodorant was aluminum free. No more compromise here!

Candice Forte
From Skeptic to Strong Supporter!

I have tried multiple natural deodorants over the years. They have all left me....stinking, or sometimes burned and stinking. I saw Lumē on a Facebook ad and thought, “for $12, why not try it?” I am so glad I did! I started using it in May 2018 and it is now September 2018. I haven’t had odor issues since May. I have had a few shirts that were man made fibers and caused issues, but only in the hot hot summer in Oklahoma. I will never go back! My husband was not interested at all until he started having odor issues a month and a half ago. I suggested Lumē a few times and he didn’t really respond much but it must have gotten bad because finally he said he wanted to try it. He was amazed! Odors almost immediately went away! We love this stuff! Oh, and we discovered we do not need to put it on but once a day. I can go two days, but still that is pushing it for me a bit. The winter months I may be able to, though!!! Love it!

Never thought I would find something more natural that works!

After using Dove for as long as I can remember and learning of the questionable ingredients in it, I wanted to find a more natural deodorant. I tried many. They didn't work. I didn't have the time in my day to take numerous showers a day or clean up multiple times a day and I work with many people so I certainly didn't want to smell! I happened upon a local tv interview about Lume and didn't really expect it to work, but thought - it's local and after reading the details on the website, gave it a go. I am THRILLED with Lume! I can't say enough great about it. Just a heads up, I was one of the people that wondered why does this seem to work most of the time and then certain days I felt like it wasn't. After reading the FAQ on this website, I discovered Lume was always working - I didn't smell. It was my old clothes when a little heat from me reached them that must have had build up in them. The clothes smelled. So I did have to let go of numerous tops but they were old and tired anyway. So worth it! I did try washing in nature's miracle and a few were okay to keep but many had to go. (You can read more about this in the FAQ section on the Lume website.) Lume is AWESOME!

First day fresh

Today is the first day I put on Lume. I walked around Manhattan in 90 degree weather. I was on the subway and in and out of buildings. Not a stinky smell at all. I love this product. I am in love and will definitely buy more!!!!

Brent P
Wow! I never knew you could get excited over deodorant that works!! 🙂

I have just finished using this deodorant for a week. Wow! It really truly works better than any deodorant I have used in my life. Such a nice mild fragrance. No overwhelming smell or perfumes! No rash, no stinging, so easy to put on! I can't believe I'm excited over a deodorant! I can't believe I'm taking the time to write a review! I'm just so honestly impressed. I usually need at least one application of deodorant a day, and after 8-hours it is obviously losing effectiveness. I really got through 48-hours with this with no reapplication and it worked great! I also love the fact that it does not cause any skin reaction. I have no irritation, no itching, no residue, no overpowering smell. It is just so refreshing to have such a simple experience with deodorant. I honestly never realized what a pain normal deodorant was. I think I am a convert for life. It is just such a pleasant experience. I thought it was a bit weird at first, since it is not a solid, but more of a cream, but it was super easy to apply, spread, and it just absorbs and fades and is gone! No residue, no stickiness, no gel, nothing. I really think I am so very lucky to have stumbled on this stuff! Wow! Why isn't this available on Amazon and at grocery stores and everywhere! It is just so awesome for anyone who has sensitive skin or who hates strong perfumes and smells or who doesn't like residues, or who simply likes a long-lasting truly effective deodorant. I have never used anything like this. I still cannot believe I am taking the time to write a review on deodorant or that I am even spending this much time thinking about deodorant. I never thought of it before, but actually using Lume made me realize just how much better this is than anything I've ever used before. If you are curious, just try it. I can only share my own experience, but I am really impressed. I am buying some more today. I just hope this is always around and doesn't disappear. I really hope this amazing product is successful and that more people discover it. Such a truly different, amazing, and effective product. All I can say is... Wow! and... Thank You!! 🙂


This stuff is amazing! I was such a skeptic, but I was willing to try anything to fight against the summer heat and stink. I used this, and it started working immediately. I sat by the pool outside all day, and no smell! I use it everwhere- armpits, thighs, neck, underboob, anywhere you sweat! It is a giant relief and boost to the confidence not to worry about odor, even in the dead of summer! I'm a convert for sure.

I will never be without this!!

This stuff is LIFE CHANGING!! I have tried so many deodorants over my 38 year life span and always wind up either smelling like terrible BO or some kind of “shower fresh” scent mixed with terrible BO! I would shower and by the time I dried off and blow dried my hair I’d be sweating and stink horribly! I’ve used this 4 days now and I can vow to you that I will NEVER be without this again! The cream is another great product for places like under boob and the crease of your legs near your lady bits. This will restore self confidence in ways you don’t even know!! Thank you for such a life changing and amazing product!!

Best deoderant I've ever tried!!!

Lume is hands down the very best deodorant I've EVER tried. I have a drawer full of previous deodorants that have failed me badly. This one WORKS.......AND WORKS SO WELL!! I would never go a day without applying deodorant, but I wanted to test their claim of being able to go 48 hours without reapplying it. I was not disappointed! It works..........which means it will last me twice as long.............it's legit for sure.

Stephanie Bajorek

I absolutely love Lume deodorant. I’ve tried other natural deodorants but they don’t work for very long. Lume is long lasting and has a nice scent. It lasts for 48 hours! I tested it in the Florida heat and humidity and I was five star happy with the results. I love the other testimonials. It thrills me to know how many people it has helped. Thank you for developing this wonderful product!

jeff lafehr
grateful husband !

My wife tried EVERYTHING and your product is no stink! Thank God !

Madison Durham
Game Changer

I've tried A LOT of natural deodorants (Tom's, Schmidt's, homemade stuff from Etsy, etc.) but this is the only stuff I've tried that makes me not actually stink! As long as you let it dry and only use a little it doesn't get on your clothes and there's NO body odor. I haven't used the deo near my lady bits (too sensitive!) so I can't speak there, but in for my armpits it has exceeded all of my expectations. Also there is none of the burning or chafing issues I've had with other deodorants in this more liquid-y state. When you first put it on spread thin enough you don't notice it after the deodorant has dried. I cannot recommend enough, truly.

Holy crap it really works!

I have a daily shower and hygiene routine, but drug store deodorant and antiperspirants have recently been failing me, even clinical strength. I've been aware of my own armpit odor after just a few hours, and I've been embarrassed and worried about it in the office . I saw the ad for Lume and honestly wasn't expecting much. It actually worked PERFECTLY the very first day that I used it. I couldn't stop obsessively checking for odor throughout the day, and every single time...nothing. I've been using it for three weeks now with continued success, even in the awful summer heat and humidity in the South. It's not an antiperspirant, so I can feel sticky at times, but I still absolutely do not smell at all. This product has restored my confidence when I'm around others, and I will not hesitate to purchase it again. Thank you!

Nothing else works like this!

I cannot believe how well this product works! I had a system that i had worked out over time to deal with body odor. I have always had a problem with under arm odor, no matter what i had tried. I have such sensitive skin that everything gives me a rash. Eventually, i worked out a layering system that involved 4 different products. It worked the best so far, but it was not perfect by any means, and it certainly did not last 24 hours! And i still always had a rash. I tried the Lume deodorant with much skepticism as so many products claim to work so well, and in the end, fail. I simply cannot believe how well this product works! I first tried it over a couple of days when I didn't work. I only used this product and nothing else. I lived normal, crazy life and even did workouts. No smell! Shocked, i took a leap of faith and used it when I went to work. I work in a high volume restaurant. I worked a very busy, very long shift that was full of lifting, pushing, pulling, running, cooking, and SWEATING! I was so tired, i didn't even take a shower when I got home and just went to bed. In the morning when i woke up? NOTHING! No smell at all! I was shocked. With my previous method, that would never happen. This product WORKS!! I am a convert! Now, to try it on my stinky children! Thank you for doing the hard work to invent this product. I never thought there would ever be something that would actually work all the way. This does. Thank you!


I am so glad I stumbled upon Lume! I have been trying to find a natural deodorant for years and have tried SOO many brands. But I have never found a brand that had it all. Lume is very light in scent and you can't even smell it after you put it on, and wow does it work well for underarms! With natural deodorants I'm used to putting it on more frequently, but not with Lume! Also, a little bit goes a long way!


I love lume. I was afraid to try it at first. So glad I tried lume. It works great!!!

It works- but it's not totally clean

Lume deodorant has been the answer for me. It really does work with protecting me from odor and it does not irritate my skin like many other deodorants have. I like the applicator and that it goes on smoothly. The only thing I don't like are some of the ingredients. While it is certainly much better then any traditional deodorants and efficacy is better than most non-traditional deodorants, included in the list of ingredients are 4 things I would prefer lume to not have. Peg 100 stearate, sodium lactate, phenoxyethanol, and polysorbate. While I do not know if they will effect the formula if removed, I would still prefer them to not be there.

Garen Ipsen

I recently tried a baking soda based “natural” deodorant and it felt (and looked) like someone had taken a flame thrower to my armpits! I broke out in a painful rash that took over a week to heal from. In contrast, Lume is amazing! It doesn’t irritate and it performs exactly as advertised. HIGHLY recommended.


for anyone wondering....BEST natural deodorant I've tried!

Literally, no smell! its not masking BO, its eliminating it! My armpits dont smell like anything!!! it's weirdd smelling going on, and feels sticky for about 1-2 mins. then nothing!

I had very little hope in this product, and I'm blown away. I dont have to apply it everyday either.
I switched from Native, which I was applying every 4-6hrs to stay fresh smelling. Nice not to have to think about it anymore!

seriously, buy it. you won't regret.

Convinced after one day

Holy cow, this stuff is AMAZING! After a sweaty, hot day that normally would have left my pits RIPE, I have ZERO odor! I am going to spread the news far and wide about this miracle product

Not perfect, but works better than anything else I’ve tried!

I just got this deodorant a few days ago, so I’m still in the “priming” phase, but it’s held up fairly well in the scorching heat. Of course I still sweat, but I haven’t had any major odor issues. I like the natural scent and the lotion-like consistency of this product. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Best of all, it doesn’t aggravate my underarms. Good stuff!

To all the skeptics - buy this now!

I have tried ALL of the natural deodorants and was left with severe rashes or stinky pits. I had given up and switched back to chemical deodorants. I decided to give Lume a try. It is almost hard to believe. No stink AT ALL and no rash!!! It's like the holy grail or natural deodorant!

The best Deodorant

In the past, I used clinical deodorants to keep the aroma away. but my armpits were hurting with that. I started using the natural deodorant and none stopped the aroma, adding to that my armpits were getting irritated and getting black. So I gave Lume a chance and my life changed. It keeps me fresh with no nasty aroma. my first deodorant lasted me like 4 months or more. Lume is the best!

The Best Deodorant

I have had my Lume deodorant for over a month now and I can honestly say it’s the best deodorant I have ever tried. Ever since having kids I have started smelling funky from my armpits. This deodorant literally stops me from smelling! I couldn’t believe it! I will say I don’t care for the smell. I got the lavender sage. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just not my favorite. I would like to add that, I had no idea you were not supposed to apply it like regular deodorant because it peels until I received an e-mail about it. I wish it was written on the back of the product. It would be even more amazing if you offered other scents! I’m a believer and will definitely be purchasing more! Thank you Lume for making me stinkless!

Great customer service

I had an issue with my delivery and I contacted customer service and they responded very quickly and fixed the issue! I have not yet tried the product, but I was so happy with the customer service I had to give 5 stars. Plan on doing another review once I try product!

Lisa Kannenberg

I cannot say enough positive things about Lume! It's INCREDIBLE! This product is a serious game changer.
It's a delicate subject to talk about, but I am so glad I discovered Lume!

Not Impressed

I've tried so many natural deodorants to fight the sweat and smell of my pits and had high hopes for this one when I purchased it. Unfortunately it's not working out as planned. Within just a few hours of applying (rubbing in as directed) I smell and not in a good way, I've had to reapply but that still does nothing for me. The only positive is it helps with sweat "down there". I wish it had worked, I'll be traveling the men's deodorant section and keeping my fingers crossed that works for me.

Lume Response
Lume does not control sweat. Only products that contain aluminum can make that claim. If you are noticing odor within a few hours of application, it is most likely your clothing. Wax and oil based products whether they contain aluminum or not, bind to man made fibers,like in scrubs for instance, and hold on to BO that is very difficult to wash out. You are then left with a BO reminder each time you wear those articles of clothing. Be sure to check out "Getting Started" on our website and watch the two quick videos, so you know you are applying correctly (rubbing in) and more importantly in your case, prepping your clothes. Moving forward, Lume is water based so it washes out of clothing without leaving a residue behind. Lume is clinically proven to provide 48 hours of odor control and 100% of the testers in the study acheived that, but we controlled for 100% cotton, new, laundered tops. Fibers to that always lead to BO are polyester, spandex, lycra...think anyting with a stretch to it. I hope that helps! 🙂
This has changed my life

This product does EXACTLY what it says it does. I thought it was too good to be true, but I am thrilled to be odor free! Lume customer for life!!!!

Melissa T

Lume is amazing! As a runner you are always concerned after your runs with offending other people with your odor. After using Lume for just a couple of days I have done several runs and have not had any concern. This stuff is amazing. I will be recommending it to my running group, YvsTY, and hopefully you will have many more people ordering soon.


This worked from day 1. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and continue to be thrilled with this product. I shower 2x a week and this keeps me from being stinky... the traditional antiperspirants didn't. I did notice some extra wetness (sweat) but no smell. And really isn't that more important. I'm suffering in the heat and still smell fresh!

It works.

Like most, other "safe" deodorants didn't do the trick. Lume does. The real test will be when I'm teaching in an 85 degree (F) classroom in June. I wish the product were a little cheaper, but I also understand the true cost of goods.

Odor free

Lumē lives up to its claims....odor free for 48 hours both north and south regions of the female and male body!!!!

Amy D.
Best Deodorant Ever!!!

I am a registered nurse and have been searching for a non-toxic underarm deodorant for quite some time. I've tried many products and was truly about to resign myself to having to use chemical laden products to stay dry and fresh-smelling. Luckily, I stumbled across Lume and am so impressed by this product. Lume is very gentle but effective!!! It does not cause me to break out in the awful red and itchy rashes other natural deodorants caused. I smell clean all day and have had no issues with rash or irritation. Thank you for a safe and effective product. I absolutely love Lume- please do not ever stop making it.

Joan D.

I LOVE your product!!! I was having a terrible issue with an oily type sweat, along with a horrible "old lady" odor in my cleavage and under my breasts. This was an every day occurrence. I would shower in the morning and by evening I could smell myself whenever I would move my arms. I have been so self conscience about it, worrying that others could smell it too.

I have tried scented, corn starch powders but that did nothing. I made several attempts at using my regular deodorant but after a couple days, the areas would be very itching and irritated.

Since I started using your deodorant, I may still get the oily sweat but NO MORE ODOR. I am so relieved. You have an awesome product!


I was very skeptical about this deodorant as I have tried many natural deodorants and they have either not worked or given me a rash. This deodorant is amazing! Not crazy about the smell however it goes away when dry. This stuff really works. I have been using it all summer. I don’t sweat a lot, there have been times where my armpits have been sticky on hot days, but no odor at all. I am about to run out and disappointed to find they are on backorder. But I already preordered mine for September. I highly recommend this product.


This stuff is amazing! you need to try it!

I Can't Believe How Well This Works!

I read the September 30, 2017 article in the Star Tribune about Dr. Klingman’s new product that would eliminate underarm odor. As a former pharmacist, I will admit that I was very skeptical but when I read about the research, it made sense. If bacteria on the skin is responsible for a chemical reaction that results in underarm odor, and if Lumē can interfere with enzymes that the bacteria need, then odor would be eliminated. From a science perspective, it sounded like it should work so I decided to give it a try. I was amazed – it actually does work. I really notice it in my exercise shirts – they don’t smell at all. After years of pre-soaking and treating, I finally found a product that prolongs the life of my clothing and lets me feel fresher too. I honestly can’t believe how well it works! I reordered and I now have Lumē sticks in my gym bag and travel kit too. Thank you for such a great discovery!

Felicity Taylor

I've had Lume for 2 weeks and I am in love

Better than Baking Soda!!
Finally something works!

This deodorant has changed my life! I’ve suffered with underarm odor for as long as I can remember. I have tried just about every deodorant on the market. I always thought that aluminum based deodorants made me smell worse something in them just didn’t work with my body chemistry. So I started looking into natural deodorants I’ve tried several that had baking soda and they left me with horrible rashes and still smelly. So then I started looking for natural baking soda free deodorants and someone on an app called glow swore by lume so I checked out the website and decided why not it’s worth a shot and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for creating this life changing product! Definitely ordering more soon! I’m so afraid of running out!

Love love love

Please Lumē never stop making this product. I have never felt more confident in my life. No longer have to worry about stinky armpits!


WOW. I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine for over a decade because it’s the ONLY deodorant that doesn’t give me a rash. Baking soda immediately irritates my skin, and EVERY other natural deodorant I’ve tried leaves me with a painful, itchy, awful rash in two days. I’m also really smelly for a woman, having to reapply the Tom’s three times per day. The first day I used this, I showered as normal, let my pita dry (they were already a little smelly, even though I’d just showered!), and used alcohol wipes to cleanse my pits. Applied a healthy amount of Lume to a wide area under my arms. No odor whatsoever, even after being outside and sweating in the heat. Next morning? Only very slight, not unpleasant odor. Showered again. Repeated the process minus the alcohol wipes. I don’t know what to say....I’m at a loss for words. This is a miracle product. Lavilin cream gives me hard painful lumps under my arms, and every other deodorant makes me feel like I’m on fire AND only increases odor! This is such an incredible product. Please never change it. Please! 🙂

Mother and Daughter Confidence

I came across an ad for Lume on Instagram. I read, watched and pondered and then took the plunge. Some people may not think about odor as frequently as others, let alone worry about the body odor that their daughter is experiencing. I’ve been a police officer for 15 years and every time it gets warm I have a small panic attack worrying about how I smell after I’ve been sweating. The first day I received my Lume, I was scheduled for my firearms qualification. Six hours, in dark clothing, in 80 plus degree heat, body armor and no shade. I was drenched in sweat. Once I was done, I was back on patrol for the remainder of my shift. I brought an extra shirt and deodorant out of “habit.” I didn’t need either one. I had absolutely no odor. I’ll admit it, I kept smelling myself because I couldn’t believe it. So one day turned into two. Then two turned into three and now I’m about two weeks in and haven’t looked back. I got my daughter to try it and her confidence has just exploded. The price I pay for Lume is nothing compared to the priceless smile on my daughter’s face.

Amy A
Best deodorant EVER

So, I kind of bought this deodorant as a joke, but the joke was on me, because it truly is the best deodorant I've ever used. I typically use the clinical strength formulas, but I feel that this is no comparison AND there are no harmful ingredients. I could even skip a day and it still works, and you only need a TINY amount when you use it. I highly recommend for those that have trouble finding a deodorant that lasts


I stopped using antiperspirants in 2015 and since then I’ve been experimenting with all different kinds of all-natural and aluminum free deodorants along the way. I’ve never had such amazing results with an all-natural and aluminum free deodorant before Lumē. Other deodorants can mask odor for maybe 2-4 hours and most textures are just uncomfortable even after using them for a while to try and get used to it. I thought I would never be able to avoid a sticky or waxy texture with an all-natural deodorant. The texture and smell of Lumē are so fantastic and truly mimic the feeling of antiperspirants that I actually had to double check that this was an all-natural and aluminum free deodorant! More importantly, the long-lasting ability is second to none. I feel just as fresh at hour 48 as I did at hour 1. Lifetime customer!!!

Jessica S.

FINALLY a deodorant that has no aluminum and NO BAKING SODA that actually works and leaves me odor free! There is no other deodorant on the market that does what Lumē can do! I am a medial assistant that works in a very busy office and it holds up to my busiest days! If you are having doubts, no need it will be everything you hoped and been wanting and needing in a deodorant.

Julie Campbell

The commercial rocked, so I bit. I'm on Day 4 and I must say, I give it an A+ all the way around! It works, it smells good, you smell good. And here's how I know it is working....on Day 3 when the "clock ran out" on my Lume protection, my original funky bod smells came back and MAN, what a wake-up call!! They say your nose becomes desensitized to your own smells so....you can be a stink-sewer and not really know it. Well, now I KNOW and it's Lume for me, all the time!!

Amazing stuff!

Best find in a while! I’ve used traditional deodorant and antiperspirant for years and I have been looking for a natural alternative. Everything I’ve tried so far has been gritty or slimy and just didn’t work or feel good. Lume is fantastic, dries well and doesn’t leave residue and WORKS. No grit and good smell! My only problem is that I bought the traditional dispenser and it fell over in my toiletry bag and because of the consistency it all leaked into the cap. I realize that there is another dispenser that you can buy, I’ll probably get that one next time!

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We apprecite it and have been working diligently to improve the leaking sitution and this should not be a problem moving forward. We have improved this little snafu and apologize that it happened to you. Next one, no worries! 🙂
Life Changer

This is the most amazing product ever invented for women (and men)! I want to shout it from the roof tops!! I will tell all my friends and family to purchase this amazing, odor eliminating, product! I use it Everywhere, and IT WORKS!!! Thank you for changing my life. Literally.


This is the only natural deodorant that works for me! I have been using it for a month and I am so happy that I purchased it. I haven’t broken out or gotten dark skin from having burnt/irritated skin like I’ve experienced in the past from other deodorants containing baking soda. I’m very sensitive and sweat a lot just to give you better perspective. My trouble/smelly area are between my breast and this works pretty good. Better on days where it’s not so hot. I’ve also tried this product on my private parts as well and it works well! I apply this deodorant pretty much everyday because I’m a heavy prespirator (38 yo). I’ve skipped applying under my arms maybe twice and it wasn’t too hot outside. I wanted to see if this would work for me and it did! By the way, I’m a pescatarian.

Rochelle T.
I can\'t stop talking about it.

Finding Lumē has been a lifesaver. I was irritated by baking soda, don't want to use deodorant with aluminum, and frustrated with the few choices offered for "women's deodorant" that fit this criteria. This deodorant breaks all conventions, and finally opens the doors to addressing body odor in OTHER parts of the BODY. Very thankful for this product and will continue to recommend to all my friends.

Definitely a fan!

I’m a new believer.

Even with clinical anti-perspirant deodorants, I sweat through them. I’m approaching 40, and I think this is another fun new almost-menopausal development. I’m a long-distance runner. I need some decent protection from sweat and stench.

I don’t particularly stink, but I also don’t see the point of using expensive cancer-causing materials if they’re not going to stop me from looking like I’ve gone for a swim.

I have used the crystal in the past. It worked, but salty armpits are weird. Not that I taste them often (or at all) but they leave salt rings on dark clothes.

Then in the last month or so, I used a natural product from a company whose lotions I love. It worked. But because of the baking soda, it made my skin kind of raw and sensitive.

I took a chance last week and ordered Lumē. I’ve been using it for about three days. I love it. It *does* work. Somehow, I also seem a little less sweaty.

As a runner, I do shower at least daily, if not twice or more, so I don’t think I really need Lumē for the nether regions, but I’m going to try it to see if it keeps my running clothes fresher for another couple of wears. When I no longer can stand the smell of them, they go in the wash. 😂 Usually they can get 2-3 wears. I’d like to get at least one more wear out of them - laundry is prohibitively expensive around here.

I’m sure the product isn’t for everyone. Nothing is universal. But I really do like it. The scented version isn’t my favorite, likely because of the sage. I love lavender, and if it were JUST lavender, I’d be thrilled. The sage makes me feel like I’m massaging thanksgiving stuffing into my pits. 🤣 The scent does go away after a few hours, so it isn’t a dealbreaker.

Thanks for something that I’m not allergic to thus far, and that does what it says it will do. ❤️

My new forever deodorant!
Best Natural Deordorant

I used aramaco to make the switch to natural deordorant and it worked well for a few weeks, then started causing skin irritation. I then used Schmidt’s which caused an immediate allergic reaction. So I had been using Toms and it worked well for about twelve hours and then gave out. This lasts all day and all night. I love how it feels on my skin, like I’m putting on lotion. There has been no irritation, no weird smell, and it lasts even through my hour long workout. I love the scent, it is very minty and herbal (think fresh, not patchouli). This is my deordant and I am so thankful to have found something natural that works with my body chemistry. Thank you Lume!!

Great product!!

This product is wonderful! I sweat profusely at the gym and am always concerned about odor. Lumē has eliminated all odors and my need for prescription strength deodorant. There is a light lavender scent that I LOVE! I will be a customer for life.


I have always struggled to find a deodorant that worked for me. I've tried clinical strength, chemical-y ones, and other natural deodorants, and nothing worked. When I saw the ad for Lume and ALL the amazing reviews, I figured I'd try it. And I am so completely happy that I did! I literally cannot oversell how amazing Lume is. I have ZERO body odor, even after working out. This product is outstanding. Idk how they make this magic cream, but it will change your life.

Lume Deo

I received and used this deodorant on my underarms on Friday and immediately purchased a second for back up. No more itchies or redness. Hopefully i am done wasting money on other natural deodorants that irritate. Thank you Lume!!


Best deodorant I've ever used. I've been using Lumē for over a month now and I'm never going back to antiperspirants. I was sceptical because most products have cause itching or needed to be applied multiple times a day to cover odor (even other natural deodorants I tried). Lumē hasn't caused any allergic reaction and I've only needed to use it a few times a week (pits and lady bits) to keep away any bad odor. The only thing I will say that isn't glowing praise is that it took a while getting used to the texture, it's like a lotion and needs to be properly rubbed in otherwise it feels a little sticky/tacky until it dries. Next time I buy I'll just be getting the tube because it's easier to dispense the correct amounts. The people who invented this are genius. For once I actually feel like it was made by people who care more about making a quality product that works instead of caring solely about profit.

Can’t live without it!

Use it every day. Can’t wait to try the tube. I wish I could shout it from the roof tops to every woman and teen but, ehem, I cannot! 🙂 So grateful that I tried it. I felt like their was something wrong with me and I was self conscious everywhere!! Now I am not AND I get 2-3/4 wears out of the SAME PANTS and pajamas which was unheard of! Yahoo! Thanks Lume!

Best deodorant I've ever used

I use this on my armpits, I've tried Dove Clinical and many other big box brands that claim protection against odor but never really work. This product not only masks odor, it keeps underarms relatively dry. I'm also not worried about it making white marks on my clothes although I haven't paid attention to if it does or doesn't. I sometimes sweat when nervous, but now I feel very confident that if I have Lume on, I'll be fine, I won't have to worry if I smell or if my underarms will be over wet. I highly recommend this product.

Lume Original

I usually don't leave reviews but I'm so happy with the results. I've tried over a dozen products and nothing has worked like Lume. I'm at the point where I no longer need to use it every day. I can now leave the house without being conscious of my underarm odor. Hope this review helps anyone who is in need of trying something new.

I Love it!!

Hands down the absolute best natuaral deodorant I have ever used. I have began this journey about 3 years ago and have tried various brands, nothing and I mean NOTHING can top Lume. The comfort of never having to do an armpit check is worth every penny! I am here to stay.

The best DO ever

I seriously DO NOT SWEAT AT ALL with this deodorant. Trust me, I've tried them all, and I used to use certain dri which shrinks your pores with chemicals and I don't think there's any way that is good for you. When you first open this product it smells, interesting? Kind of like toothpaste mixed with baby powder, but once you put it on it doesn't smell, and I have no BO at all when I use this product. I wish more people knew about this product because it's revolutionary! Thank you Lume!

Teresa Hesson
Love this product!!!

So I did end up ordering Lume Deodorant and giving it a try. I received my order a couple of days after my surgery. If you've had surgery and you're down for a little while, you know you aren't showering every day. I was skeptical because I found it on FB and sometimes that can be sketchy. I went with the unscented because of how sensitive my sniffer is and not being able to smell the scents in person. I didn't want to be out money and not be able to use it if it gave me a migraine.
This product really works! I didn't shower for 3 days because I barely left the couch and I didn't have even a remote whiff of body odor. It's a bit pricey, but for me well worth it. So far, I've only used it on my pits, but I'll be sure and let you know how it works in the nether regions once I get back to working out and working up a sweat!!

So far So good

Have been wanting to switch to "natural" deoderants for a long time but I am a sweater and have always been. Queue menopause and it's worse than ever in the WINTER for gawd's sake. Have used Lume now for about a week. The Clary Sage scent is very low key and not too present as I am sensitive to perfumes and smells. So - so far so good. I am liking this a lot. Search may be done.

I love it

I’ve been using lume for about a week and I never want to go back. I work long hours and this stuff really works. I can’t smell myself after a long day, which is honestly a miracle. I love the way it applies like a lotion, and it’s very gentle on my sensitive skin. The smell when first applying the product is a little different but it’s honestly grown on me (plus the scent only lasts about a minute.) 5 stars, I highly recommend.

Better than most

After reading all the reviews I decided to give it a shot. I’m not 100% convinced of the 48 hour claim, it’s barely lasted 1 day for me. It works better than the majority but I still smell a bit by the end of the day. I will continue to use it as it is better but not as great as I wanted it to be!

Lume Response
Be sure to continue using it after checking out our tips on "Getting Started" page. It can take up to 2 weeks and everybody is different so keep that in mind. The longer you use it the better it gets. As far as the 48 hour odor claim, you really need to be aware of the contribution that clothing makes to underarms odor. Test subjects are required to wear a brand new, laundered 100% cotton t shirt for the study and if you look at the clinical testing chart on the clinical testing page you will see that the expection should not be for zero odor. It is dramatically reduced over baseline odor.
game changer

OK so stumbled upon a Lume advertisement in the wee hours of the morning while nursing the baby. After spending the last year smelling like a hormonal ball of stress I am 2 days in to using Lume and my mind is blown. I have 3 more sticks in my cart right now. Holy moly this stuff is so good. I only have time to shower at night before bed with 2 kids under 3 and a full time job. I put this on after showering and I am bad smell free all day. I am still "priming" but I am really thankful you made this product. Its making life a little bit easier. Thanks!

Jessica G.

I knew this was an amazing product from the first time I tried it in the trial stages! So glad to have the final product. Thank you for creating something that not only works even after not showering 2 days in a row without having to reapply, but something that isn’t harmful to our health and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin, clothes or my long hair that always seems to stick to those other products when blow drying it or being out on the lake in a swim suit!! I’m even going to gift it to my teen nephews because they sure can stink Lol.
I love Lume ☺

I’m a believer!

As a 300 lb. male, I was amazed how well Lume served me on a 5-day trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. No showers or even swimming for five days – there was ZERO odor coming from me!!! Lume was made for MN outdoorsmen, too!

AMAZING. Life Changing!!

I've tried every prescription-strength deodorant on the market, only to be disappointed with the results. NOTHING has ever worked this well. For the first time in my life I'm not worrying about body odor or having to reapply deodorant. The hottest/sweatiest of days can't break through this stuff, and I'll be a user for life!

Michelle S

Vaginal order has always been a concern of mine, always without fail I can smell myself half way through the day, I'm a dental hygienist so guess where every patients head has to be?! So embarrassing!!! Ive tried everything to correct it including changing sex habits, hygiene practices diet, and products. NOTHING has worked that is until I tried Lume!!! I have veen telling everyone female I know about this product, come to find out this problem is a lot more common than I could ever know but no one is talking about it because it is embarrassing and personal. With Lume you dont have to talk or think about it ever again JUST get it and use it!!!!

Lume Response
We love this! Thank you for sharing your Lume experience. We appreciate your honesty and willingness to share with our customers.
Best stuff ever!

I was watching wcco one morning when I heard a lady talking about this product. I have been looking for a deodorant for awhile that will work for more than an hour. Ive tried so many, even had my doctor prescribe something that burned awful and still didn’t work. I ordered both the underarm and air pump and it works!! I love it!! I spent the entire day house cleaning after using the product and I still felt fresh. Plus the fact that it’s aluminum free is an extra plus. Thank you for making this wonderful product! My daughters thank you too!

It seriously works!

I wasn't expecting this product to live up to its claims, and I would have been happy if it kept me from stinking for 8 hours. I was amazed to realize that it truly does work all day and all night, and it works for 2 days if I haven't showered. (It might work for 2 days even if I showered, but I have not been brave enough to NOT use it after a shower.) I LOVE this product.


As I am getting older, my skin has become more and more sensitive. Have been getting underarm rashes for the past couple years from deodorants, and have tried EVERYTHING. Sensitive Skin deodorants, natural deodorants, DIY pastes, Crystal Mineral sticks, you name it. Everything has either left me stinky or in rashes. I have been using Lume for less than a week, and the rashes are FINALLY clearing up, and no odor! THANK YOU!

Life. Changed.

In the past few years I have put on a bit of weight...thus resulting in sweating in areas that were never an issue before. I was always so worried about feminine odor. A dab of Lume in the private regions and problem solved! I am so thankful! It lasts well over all day and night, with no odor breakthrough. I am more confident socially and intimately with the help of Lume! I highly recommend this product!

My confidence is back!

I used to run home from work to shower because I felt gross. I used Lume for my external lady parts and it was life-changing. I feel confident at the gym, at work etc. The product actually helps keep you cool a.d fresh! I love it!!

...so happy I found Lume!

Let me start off with saying that I LOVE LUME!! I have a family history of cancer and I feel that "regular" deodorant was a contributing factor in my mom's breast cancer. In addition, I have a condition called Hyperhydrosis. This condition causes a person to sweat profusely. I was stuck using traditional and prescription strength deodorants because those were the only products that would control the funk. I've been on the hunt for many years looking for and trying natural products that worked but I could never find one that could hold up AND not give me a rash…that is until I found Lume. I was skeptical at first but I’ve been using Lume for about 5 months now and it’s hasn’t failed me at all. I can “sweat like a boy”…from workouts to hot sweaty summer days and Lume stands the test. If you are on the fence, take my word for it and give Lume a try. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Best stuff out there!!

I am so in love with this product. I've never been officially diagnosed with excessive sweating but I've dealt with it my entire life and have never been able to find a product that helped. This stuff really works!! I live in central Florida so I sweat even more than normal but this stuff helps cut down on the odor and chaffing associated. Thank you so much for this product you have a buyer for life!!

Totally Impressed!!

To be honest I didn't have high hopes for this product, considering my past experience with other natural deodorants. But I must say, this product has totally and completely impressed me! Lume lasts 48+ hrs for me. I'm definitely a fan for life!

Lume Response
Lume controls odor for 72 hours so if you are getting 48 hours "Odor Free" that is FANTASTIC!!! You odor control is then far surpassing 72 hours. Thank you for sharing your awesome Lume experience.
Blown away

I can’t even tell you how much I’m in love with this deodorant. I have been using it for just under a week so far but it’s nothing short of amazing. I do not stink AT ALL. It’s everything you could ask for in a natural deodorant. Please don’t ever stop making it.


I wore the same brand of deodorant during my teens and twenties. When I turned 30, my deodorant quit working so I had to settle for another brand for the next 10 years. I turned 40 and the brand I settled for quit working. I ordered Lume after seeing the advertisement on Facebook (genius!!!) and all I can say is that I am impressed! I absolutely LOVE this product! I used to apply other deodorants 2 - 4 times daily. Now, I only apply once a day and I am good to go; even after doing several workouts in a day. I'll definitely be ordering more and hoping that when I turn 50, Lume will still work for me!

Melinda Miller

Amazing product that works ! Like others I’ve tried so many products. No odor AT ALL from anywhere I use it. Thank you and great job !!!

Best Deodorant Eva!

I am soooooo thankful for this product, it not only smells amazing, I wish there was an actual perfume scent like this lol, but it truly does work.
I have hairy pits and the pea sized amount still works!
So far I've only gone 50 hrs without having to reapply and I could've went longer but I dont like waiting more than 2 days to take a shower unless it's under certain circumstances.
But more importanly I dont stink after the sweats I can get while wearing a body suit I have to wear at my job in a sterilized room and dont have an embarrassing smell to where I have to be conscious of keeping my arms down as much as I can if I'm in public after alot of physical activies.
Before I used Lume I had been using natural deodorants for about a year and 2 were primal pits and Thai crystal salt deodorant.
I had to start using more natural product and be more conscious of what I ate cause my body was all out of whack, my eczema flared constantly and my menstrual cycle was so bad.
The primal pits charcoal paste did help to detox my pits which I'm grateful for but the other products left a really bad dark spot covering most of my pit area and the Thai salt one didnt last no more than a few hours if I was sweating alot.
Also Thank you Thank you so much for recommending Persil laundry detergent to get rid of the leftover pit smells in my shirts, I'm so glad I didnt have to throw them away and my clothes in general feel more clean and softer now.
But because of your wonderful product i can stay completely on the natural product path and live a more healthy and balanced life and I'm forever Thankful!
Also! Since using Lume and a gentle scrubbing loofah my pits are so soft and big dark spot is almost completely gone!!! ^.^
I hope Lume continues to be available for a Looong time lol.
Much loves and Thank you again, ya'll are life changers 🙂

Finally a product that works that is not irritating to my skin

I have very sensitive underarm skin and have been unable to use deodorant for years. I have tried numerous different products specifically recommended by my dermatologist, but all of them have caused irritation. Your product is the first thing I have found in 10 years that works and does not irritate my skin. Thank you so much!


The stuff really works. I did not have high hopes considering I have tried many natural deodorants and have had bad luck. This stuff is really worth it. The only negative side for me is the packaging. I have noticed when the bottle tips over the product comes out in the cap. I just have to make sure the bottle stays upright at all times. Lume, work on the packaging and this will be perfect!

Lume Response
Thank you for this! We are working to optimize custom packaging and thank you for you suggestion:)

Saw the article in the Star Tribune Sunday Oct. 1. Have struggled with underarm odor for my whole life. Had been using Tom’s brand of natural deodorant because of no aluminum- EVERY PIECE of my clothing, sweaters, jackets STUNK!! I was starting to think I would take the cancer risk over the BO and go back to aluminum based products.

THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFESAVER!! I recommend it to everyone!
Thank you so much!


This stuff must be made of Unicorns!🦄

No Joke! The first day I tried LUME deodorant I had ended up having unfortunate car trouble, my boss forgot to pay me so I couldn't Uber, and my only way to get to work in 20 minutes was to run! I ran to work... and I was sweaty everywhere probably including my pits I wasnt really thinking about it, just getting to work on time. What I did notice was I did not stink! After I got to work, and calmed down, I did not stink all day. Usually I get stress sweat/stink. The wetness is annoying but the stickiness really got to me. I've tried everything, dumped perfume on me, reapplied 20 times, washed my pits and reapplied etc.. but I was still smelly. Like even right out of the shower if I was nervous about work or rushing or even just because - the stinky stress would haunt me.
After that first day, the next day I gave it a shot with a normal day !driving, not running to work, and all day I was dry and smelled like nothing but whatever perfume I wanted to wear. NO STRESS BO, no smell, no stain of deodorant, it's just like your a kid and can run around without a care about how you smell. Its freeing, magical! I am so glad I found this brand.
Thank you Lume!

What sorcery is this?!

I’ll preface this by saying I was completely skeptical.... I sweat heavily and get the funk when I work out. Enough so that I used my husbands deodorant because womens lines didn’t seem to do the trick. Jump ahead to me deciding that I wanted to use a natural deodorant to get away from all of the harmful toxins. NOTHING worked to the point of me being satisfied.... Until Lume. 24 hours in and my pits still smelled like sunshine and rainbows. 36 hours - still nothing. Pushed it to 48 and nada. You guys are awesome! No odor anywhere! I’m trying to talk my husband into using it on his funky spots. Fingers crossed! Thanks, Lume!

Didn't believe it would be better....But it was!

I have tried about 6 natural deodorants and I just assumed being a little smelly and having to reapply was just part of using natural deo....well, that WAS true until I tried Lume. I am seriously SHOCKED at how well it works. It holds up and keeps me fresh through super sweaty workouts in a non air conditioned gym (on 90 degree Atlanta days!), but even more shocking was traveling through Europe last week. We had LONG travel days (20-22 hour days) and seriously had NO stink, even though I was super sweaty. I kept getting whifs of BO on the trains and would think "welp, the Lume held up until now..." and then realized it was just everyone else on the train - ha! I am a BIG FAN and just placed my order for the tube - so so impressed!!!

Feeling Fresh!

I’m on day 4 of using Lume and I can’t say enough about it! It’s a whole new way of keeping myself feeling fresh! Finally, a deodorant I don’t have to reapply!

Thank you Lume! 🙂

Life Changing!

Day 1: I am shocked. A whole day as a professional dancer and dance teacher and I don't have a scent under my arms at ALL. I had been suffering through other natural brands unhappy with results. So glad I decided to try this. The shipping being free and so fast was really great and I immediately ordered more after day 1. As someone who uses all natural products I now feel like I finally have a product I can love using for my underarms. Thank you!


All I can say is wow this is the first deordant that has worked on me and it's clear once it drys. I skipped a day and didn't even have to reapply. I take Hot Yoga and it worked great. It's been about 7 days. For the part of keeping me dry, it might need a little work but I will let you know after the 14 days are up but so far I really love it and can't wait for my daughter to try it.

Lume Response
Hi Angela! We are glad to hear you love Lume! We do not contain aluminum which is the only ingredient that can make the claim to control wetness, so therefore we do not control for sweat.

So after years of using "clinical strength" to get me through long nursing shifts and even worse, whitewater kayaking in layers of neoprene and Goretex - it started breaking out my underarms. I tried some "natural" deodorant from Whole Foods which did nothing. I tried Lume and was amazed! It works better than the "prescription strength" and doesn't cause any issues with breakout.

Andrea Poschman
It works!!!

I live in Hawaii on a 3.5 acre farm. I am typically outside working on the property for at least 4-6 hours a day. I am usually a stinky sweaty mess within the first half hour. If I use Lume, I have no body odor at all...it is amazing! You have a customer for life!

The Holy Grail of Deodorants

I think in life there are a couple of things that you want to get right... You want to find your ideal soulmate, you want to find your ideal career, and you want to find deodorant that works. Regarding the deodorant - I am blown away by how well Lume works. Being a person of what I would consider to be likely "normal" BO... I have worked out with Lume (... and nothin!), went to a hot, sunny baseball game (...nothin!), and have been living my happy little odor free life ever since buying this product. I am pretty blown away by how effective it is, and not only that, but how my armpits feel... I didn't realize just how gross regular deodorant makes them feel until going with Lume. They now feel like I am not wearing any deodorant, (which is a new, really nice feeling I have to say), and I am ecstatic to think that no more shirts will get those creepy eventual baked-in deodorant markings over many wearings. This product is going in the list of my favorite things that I have ever bought, over my entire lifetime. I want to tell every single person I know about how incredible this product is. It is a life changer!!!

Musty no more!

I have been on a mission to find a natural aluminum and baking soda free deodorant that works for about a year now.
I am a hairstylist and let me tell you from experience of having my underarms closer than usual it’s been a journey.
I found out that I do have a sensitivity to baking soda and would break out and I almost gave up and just went back traditional store bought aluminum deodorant.
But I bought Lume and it did take a little time to get used to, and for my body to regulate.
The first few days (about 4) I still had a smell at the end of the day, but nothing to horrible.
Then by the end of the week I swear I just stopped smelling anything! I live in Los Angeles and it can get hot! But I walk to work and blow dry hair all day and I smell great!
I love lume! Highly recommend!

Use is Anywhere!

I love this stuff. I no longer stink! Anywhere! I also use for "boob sweat". A few times I've gone longer than 24 hours without reapplying and started to get "funky". Because I did not have time to shower, I applied Lume, and to my astonishment, THE FUNK SMELL DISAPPEARED. Unreal. Love this stuff. I'm a believer.

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you Lume for a wonderful product! I have been looking for a more natural deodorant that didn't have baking soda in it. I can't use those due to serious skin irritation. Now finding your product I can't believe how well it works without irritation! I lost my older sister to cancer so I am making sure I try and use more natural products and less chemicals on my body and Lume it is...thank you again...you are the best!

This product WORKS

Love this product works great, been using it for 3 weeks and no odor anywhere

Absolutely wonderful product!

I feel so fresh and clean all day. I am telling all of my Girlfriends about Lume and how great it is. Thank you for making one of the best and safest all over body hygiene products on the market today. Hooray for Lume! 🤗

Awesome !

Our son age 12 no longer has body odor.
What a great product!
Even he can’t beleive it.

Kristin R
This stuff is magic!

Seriously. This is the best deodorant I have ever worn! And Lume works better than the extra strength stuff I’ve worn that has aluminum in it. I literally rubbed my armpits to check them. Gross? No, because it’s doing it’s job, and I’m odor free!

4 days in and completely sold!

First of all shipped incredibly fast. I ordered both stick and cream in tube with the scent. I find the scent light and pleasant. I have tried both and been using for 4 days. It really does work! I can't get over it. Previously I was using Herban Cowboy. In recent months I was having to wash my armpits and reapply late afternoon or early evening. I have also started using Persil for my clothes and made up the diluted one in a spray bottle to treat my stinky workout clothes. Thanks Lume for a great product and all the other helpful tips!

I love Lume!

I have been using Lume for 6 weeks now and absolutely love it!I have put it thru the toughests trials and it works! I have been on a cross country road trip and it works beautifully! I have been to death valley where the temps reached 111* on the day we were there and Las Vegas where the temp reached 104*and no odor! I used it on private parts and crevices that normally cause me issues and this product does exactly what it says it will do!!! Bravo Lume!!!

If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

Lume has changed my deoderant game forever. This stuff feels like clouds on my skin, and seriously lives up to the hype. NO STINK! NO SWEAT! No kidding! It's kind of unbelievable, but so real 🥰

Best deodorant ever!

I knew I loved this stuff, but I didn't realize how much until I ran out! I had to go back to regular deodorant for a week and it seemed like I could smell a faint trace of body odor only 30 minutes later. Not so with Lume. I could put it on one morning, get up the next day and work out and still have no smell. I definitely will make sure I don't run out again.

This really works!!!

I’m so amazed!!! This works!!! Now that I’m a believer I’m having my stinky son who is 10 try it out - yay!!!

Five Stars!!!

I have tried every natural deodorant out there and none of them worked, until now. I absolutely love lume. It’s been two days and I do not smell. All other natural deodorants don’t even last half a day for me. I highly recommend it.

Fresh as a daisy!

I needed something to control odor caused by occasional urine leakage. Panty liners alone weren't doing the trick. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have Lume deodorant for "down there" - that doesn't irritate or sting, and works all day and night! I've been recommending the Lume deodorant to all my friends. Thank you for an excellent product.

Can’t do without it

Where has this been all my life? I was amused, skeptical, and frankly a little put off when I first heard of Lume, but the ingredients and testimonials won me over. I finally bought it, tried it, loved it, and came back for more. It’s gentle, smells wonderful, and it works.


I stopped using antiperspirants in 2015 and since then I’ve been experimenting with all different kinds of all-natural and aluminum free deodorants along the way. I’ve never had such amazing results with an all-natural and aluminum free deodorant before Lumē. Other deodorants can mask odor for maybe 2-4 hours and most textures are just uncomfortable even after using them for a while to try and get used to it. I thought I would never be able to avoid a sticky or waxy texture with an all-natural deodorant. The texture and smell of Lumē are so fantastic and truly mimic the feeling of antiperspirants that I actually had to double check that this was an all-natural and aluminum free deodorant! More importantly, the long-lasting ability is second to none. I feel just as fresh at hour 48 as I did at hour 1. Lifetime customer!!!

Barbara J. McDonald
Works as Promised

I first heard of this product when there was a blurb about it in the Sunday business section of the Mpls. or St. Paul paper. I liked the fact that it was a local product, was developed by a doctor, and actually prevented odor rather than masked it. I ordered two in Nov. or Dec. 2017--one for myself and one for a friend who has gotten interested in the natural movement (food, etc.). This product works as advertised--no odor, even on day 2. It may be a little more expensive than other deodorants on the market, but it's worth the price.

GA Peach
I never want to be without my Lume!

My Lume purchase was an impulse buy after seeing it on Instagram, but I am SO happy I gave it a try. I've never really had a problem with BO using commercial deodorant/antiperspirant. However, I've always wanted to smell fresher in other areas too -- yet didn't really want to risk using my deodorant in sensitive areas.

I live in the South, where it's hot and very humid much of the year. It is nearly impossible to feel or smell fresh while sweating buckets! My biggest issue was near my genitals; the crease where my legs meet my abdomen. My vagina was clean & didn't smell, but for some reason, I was sweating a ridiculous amount near it, and it stunk. I would even end up with irritation from all the sweat. Powder did very little. I wore cotton panties since they're supposed to be more breathable, but that didn't seem to help. I was always self-conscious about smelling, even around my husband.

The very first day I tried Lume, I was really impressed. I had NO smell all day, even after being outside in the heat. I did checks throughout the day, sure that I'd end up smelling a little, but even in close contact, I didn't smell at all.

The deodorant doesn't have a strong scent to me. It smells lightly like lavender (which I'm not typically a huge fan of, but I don't mind the smell of Lume), and it disappears right after I put it on. If I do a smell check, I don't smell like anything. Really. No cover up scent, no BO.

I'm still stink-free, and I even feel like I'm sweating less. I don't get the irritation I used to, either. Lume has had such a positive effect on my life and my self-esteem. I never want to be without it again!

Alysha P.
Finally! A Natural Deodorant That Works!!!

I have tried every natural deodorant I have ever come across in hopes I would finally find the one that works and doesn't cause a rash in my armpit. Lume is it! It controls odor better than even traditional deodorants have for me, and it has actually improved the condition of my underarm skin. I bought the pump to use when I travel because it's consistency is more like a lotion so the stick will leak when on its side. Small price to pay for such a great product.

This stuff works 🙂

Bought this hoping it would be better than all of the others I've tried (and I've tried them all). Have not been disappointed. If deodorant can be life changing, this one is! The rash my last natural deodorant kept giving me cleared up quickly when I switched to Lume. It works and is worth every penny!!!


I have struggled finding something that works for me most of my adult life. Even clinical strength anti-perspirants don’t hold up when I get hot. I’ve only used this product for three days and so far I’m sold. Usually after an evening walk, I can smell myself but so far, no issue. I haven’t tried this yet with an all day, out I’m the sun excursion but I have high hopes. Thank you Lume!

I'm in love

I have tried so many different deodorants, natural and not natural. If they worked, they left me with a terrible rash that hurt or I had to reapply all day long. Lume is more of a lotion, which is easy to apply. I'm not in love with the scent but I find that it goes away within 30 minutes of applying the product so that doesn't bother me. I have worn it in hot vehicles, during my workouts, running around outside in 90 degree weather and every time I did the 'sniff test' there was no smell. I mean none. No sweat smell, no 'meat' smell, no product smell...nothing. I also tried it for my private parts because I do work out a lot and it controlled any sweat smell that I have had after a workout. I am impressed and will be ordering more.

Most Excellent!

I have been using "natural" deodorant for approximately 5 years now. My biggest problem was always the baking soda; although it helps greatly with odor and wetness, one of my armpits would get a rash after a couple days of use, causing me to have to switch to one that doesn't contain baking soda - and it just didn't work as well. After figuring out how much Lume I need (a full pump for the problem arm, and half for the other), I go a full 24 hours without odor, and can even go another day with just a quick wash and reapplication. The fact that it works in the private area is a bonus!

It works, but at the cost of smelling like the product

I was super psyched to try this product. When I opened the package, I could immediately smell the product- it was an overwhelming and not a smell I would associate with or welcome. I wore it and worked out for over an hour. Not a hint of body odor, but a big whiff of the product smell which is extremely unpleasant to my nostrils. I’m disappointed with the scent, as you can tell. I doubt I will wear it unless I’m alone and have a clothespin on my honker.

Lume Response
I sounds like the essential oils of lavender and clary sage are not for you! It sounds like you are applying too much product as it should fade to virtually unscented in very short order. Using it one day and odor free is fantastic, but the longer you use it and get used applying less, we think you will love it! If not, the unscented might be a better choice for you:)
New Obsession

I was hesitant to try this at first, but I'm so happy I did. It feels comfortable on the skin, has a light scent, and it actually works. Do yourself a favour and try it!


I’ve searched years and tried so many deodorants until I found Lume! I love the light fresh scent, and it does not leave any residue that will rub off on clothing plus you won’t stink! You won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

If it can make it here it can make it anywhere!

This product is good it should be illegal. Like crack for your armpits! Day one it out performed every deodorant I have ever used! After a little while it doesn't even smell or feel like you are wearing anything. You just stay fresh and dry. It survived a 13 hr shift at the hospital while literally having to defend myself. I was sweating everywhere except where I applied Lume. My only problem was a malfunction of the top. I just performed some surgery and liberated the top and we were in business. Since then I have told literally every person I work with about this deodorant. It's a game changer for sure. I will never question whether I am too stinky to get breakfast after work!

Phoebe Montgomery
Very Impressed!

I have to say, I was rather skeptical of Lume when I stumbled across it online. However, I was also intrigued given that it works for 'other private parts' and lasts longer than a day.... Really?? I took a gamble, and I am so glad I did! I work in a busy hospital, managing emergencies, and working closely with patients and other staff. The stress sweat stink was out of control, and left me feeling very self-conscious. I had tried lots of things, natural brands, unnatural brands, basically anything that would keep me from stinking after my first emergency of the day. Enter, Lume. I have only used it for three days now and the stress sweat stink is GONE! I keep walking around the hospital, sniffing myself under my scrubs because I just can't believe it! I will definitely be buying more! I am not in love with the original scent, but once it dries the scent is barely noticeable. I might opt for the unscented one next go, but the more I use it, the less I mind it. I will be recommending this to everyone!

works really well

This deodorant is incredible! The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is how wet it is. It bothers me but its not the worst thing. I wouldnt let it stop you from buying it if you're looking for a new deodorant.

Lume Response
Thank you for joining in on the conversation! We are glad to hear Lume is working so well for you and if you are finding it's not drying quickly for you, perhaps you are applying too much. Try a tad less and rub in in until just clear. That should do the trick!
M Suazo
PERFECT for intimate parts

I purchased the Lume cream to use exclusively in private parts, as I no longer experience bad odor in my underarms (side effect of breast cancer radiation received in that area). THIS PRODUCT WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Keeping the intimate area fresh is a challenge, and more so when you are a plus-sized person, and Lume is perfect. I apply a pea-sized amount all around the EXTERNAL area (I see some people talking about ‘mild stinging’, which means they are going too far in – don’t do that) and this keeps me fresh all day long. That area tends to get funky no matter your size or how clean you are, but with Lume that problem is completely eliminated. I would say that any dancer OR athlete who does partner work with lifts and splits (especially when up close and personal) NEEDS to use this. Thanks LUME, you have a customer for life.

Love it...but burns after shaving

I bought Lume after trying many other natural deodorants. Ones with baking soda left me with an awful rash. The ones I tried without it just didn't work. Lume definitely works! It did take my body a few weeks to adjust. I wouldn't say it lasts 72, or even 48, hours though. By the end of the day I usually have an odor, (and it's not caused by my clothes). I'm not one who works out either, so those who do probably smell even more. I also experience extreme burning when I put it on after shaving my armpits. Despite this I'm still going to keep using it, because I don't want to go back to non-natural deodorant.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We wish you didn't have buring after you shave since so many have no issues at all. You could try waiting until your pits are completely dry before applying, and be sure your razor is newer. We do know a dull blade and courser hair can cause small abrasions due to the nature of shaving. As far as clothing goes, if you clothes contain man made fibers like polyester or lycra for instance and even older cotton tops, you have some work to do to keep those fibers from decreasing your odor free interval and we offer some effective tips on "Getting Started" on our website. While Lume has been shown to "control odor" for 72 hours, we do know that most of us desire remaining odor free and Lume has been proven to be above and beyond the competition effective. Thanks for sticking with it.
Only deodorant that works for me.

I am really impressed with Lume. I have had issues with plenty of deodorants from just not being effective to giving me a bad skin reaction. I have been using this for a good three months and there are times it doesn’t work but has been way more effective than anything I have tried. Only problem I see is the “stick form” displaces in the container making application a challenge. I do recommend this product but keep it straight up when storing.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience and we appreciate you taking the time to offer your suggestion. 🙂

I have had the worst time with deodorant after having a baby. For the last year it either itches or doesn't work. My hormones have changed so much after having a baby and I smell stronger than usual. This deodorant is amazing, it doesn't itch and I don't smell all day, or even when I wake up. I highly suggest this to anyone and everyone!


I was pleasantly surprised that an all-natural deodorant actually works! I have used other natural deodorants in the past and they mostly made me feel sticky and did not manage odor. I tried it out during this hot NY summer and it manages odor incredibly well. I am amazed. As a cancer survivor, I want a healthy product. As a lifelong athlete, I need something that truly works. I have found both. I have been spreading the word! Thank you for developing a product that supports health.

Game changer

LOVE this product! I have tried most deoderants out there including clinical grades and other online natural products. Lume is by far the most effective and starts working day 1. This has really been a game changer for me in dealing with sweat from hot flashes. I would recommend Lume to anyone.


I've been using this product for about a week now. Completely LOVE it!!! I mostly wanted to try it for "private parts", but it works great on both. I live in Florida and even though its December it's still hot. I work outside and have not had one day of being stinky.

Beyond thrilled!

I was hesitant to try another safe deodorant as I have wasted so much money on products that didn’t work! I am also very sensitive to smell. I am happy to report that Lume Deodorant is amazing!!!! It honestly works for the full 48 hours and the slight smell at initially applying, quickly dissipates. I am so happy with this product that I am now buying three to give to my teenage kids.


I have been using clinical strength deodorant for years, but I tried Lumē this week and will never go back. I am living in southern India right now, and the heat here is something else. But even after sweating it up yesterday and not showering, I am still fresh in the pits and down south today. And the smells down south are completely gone! No more washing jeans after each wear. No need! This stuff amazes me. And the cost is really not as high as it seems. You get more uses out of this, so it is really comparable to several sticks of clinical strength deodorant.

Great product!

I have been trying to ditch the aluminum, but have ended up either with stinky pits or painful rashes. Lume is amazing! No smell even after working all day, bonus points that you can use it anywhere!

Amazing stuff, I’m a fan for life

After a long search for an effective deodorant that didn’t contain aluminum and *actually worked*, I stumbled on Lume through the ads on IG. I was skeptical of course, having shelled out serious bucks for natural stuff that didn’t work, but the reviews were so strong I decided to go for it. Just amazing stuff. I love that I can use it anywhere. The clary sage scent is very light and crisp and dissipates quickly — which I love. I don’t want to smell like fake wax flowers all day! Using Lume is good for my skin, I’m not showering as often. Lume is good for my clothes, I don’t wash them as often — these things are also good for the environment, especially for us water-conscious folks out in California. Huge fan. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

What Sorcery Is This?

I sweat like a normal human but can’t seem to get the odor out. Most deodorants block your sweat pores (which is helpful for those who sweat profusely or have a medical condition), but my concern was always the odor which is just masked by fragrance. The residue was also a problem for me. Since I saw an ad for Lume on Instagram, I thought let me try it, but I’m probably another sucker who will follow any fad and waste money on it. I was so wrong. I followed the instructions and primed. I loved the delivery method via the airless pump, and how it’s just like a lotion. So I applied everywhere that I wanted to smell better. Then waited. Then sniffed...and sniffed. Is it really gone? Is my nose broken? I smell nothing. No odor. Maybe a slight water scent, but that’s it, it’s MY normal scent. Zero. Zilch. Nada. What magic is this? It really works, haven’t smelled like anything offensive at all in weeks. It does what it promises, and I am a customer for life. I am torn between telling people how amazing Lumē is, or keeping it as my secret locked in a vault forever. Either way, I’m a loyal customer forever. Looking forward to the unscented and travel sizes. Thanks, Lumē!

It's great, but it's not perfect... and that's fine!!!

The good news: this is the best aluminum-free deodorant I have tried and I am likely going to keep using it. I like the scent. It doesn't irritate my skin like most other natural deodorants have (they either made my armpits red and puffy or dark and flaky). It doesn't stain my clothing white (traditional deodorants) or oily (coconut oil-based, baking soda-free natural deodorants). And it works very well.
The bad news that isn't even actually bad news: in your real life it's probably not going to work for quite as long as they keep insisting it does... AND THAT'S TOTALLY FINE!!! If you're reading reviews on this website you will see that every time someone says it doesn't last as long as they say Lume posts a reply about trapped body odor in old clothing or wearing man-made fabric. I wouldn't recommend tossing your entire wardrobe just because you switched deodorants and I'd argue there are very few people out there who manage to wear 100% cotton 100% of the time. For me, it lasts almost 24 hours, after that I get stinky pretty fast... AND THAT'S TOTALLY FINE!

Life Changing - Seriously

Have been dealing with issues since late teens. Always so worried about odor - even though I shower every day (sometimes twice). Could never understand why there was always an unpleasant odor "down there". Lume has eliminated that problem. I am 57 and for the first time am very confident of my private parts. Just a pea size dab on my bum and the pubis area (including hair) and I have no issues. I am a convert. This would be an amazing product for anyone caring for someone who is not able to shower regularly or who wears disposable garments. No sickly sweet perfuming smell covering up the bacteria - just nothing! I will be buying again, and again.

Surprised me!

No sting, no rash, no stinky parts. Love it.

Don’t give up!

I’m on my third day of using Lume and I almost gave up on day one! My pits and private parts smelled horrible a few hours into my first day. I smelled like I was cooking onions in cumin in my armpits and God knows what in my private parts. I was embarrassed and kept looking at other reviews to see if anyone else had experienced what I was going thru. Out of the many reviews I only found two that gave a hint to having smelled bad, but I kept with it. I wanted to leave this review to help those who will almost certainly become disappointed and want to give up...Lume works! It’s amazing and really truly works! I have bounced from natural deodorant and had yet to find one that stands up to their claims. This is the one, Lume, it works!


After detoxing my clothes as the getting started page says to, I am odor free. No irritation, no side effects, no stink. Best one, is my belly button. It's an inny and whoa, ewww and yuck. 1 x a week of Lume, yay! Although my husband is tired of smelling my armpits. The skeptic in me kept the packaging in case I had to send it back. That's in the trash now. I hardly leave reviews, but this completey earned it.

Suzanne Harris

I have tried every deodorant there is and none of them work. Due to hormonal issues my underarms constantly stink. I have been so overwhelmed and nervous abou this. The Lume I tried kinda stinks a little BUT I don’t, so that’s a plus. It also rinses clean with soap, whereas SECRET spray left a residue I could not wash off. Therefore, the stick cycle. I would like to try a fresher scent. I have found my new deodorant for life. Thank you to infinity.

Lume Response
Thank you! We have more scents coming out in 2019! The earthy essential oils of lavender and clary sage are not for everyone:)
My search is over!

I have tried many "natural" deodorants but none of them worked so I would reluctantly go back to the standard "probably a lot of bad ingredients" types because you just can't stink at work - frowned upon by your coworkers. Saw the fantastically clever ad on Facebook and took a chance. So glad that I did! Yes pricey but it really REALLY works. I can hardly believe it but I am so very glad. Now I can be stink free knowing that I am applying good ingredients to my pits. Get yourself some Lume and I promise you that you will be 100% satisfied too!!!!

John Tinucci

The only issue/problem I've had is if you lay the product on its side, as in traveling it leaks out into the cover. And a good amount at that. Otherwise it works as advertised and I'm ordering again.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your Lume experience. We are thrilled to hear it is effective odor control for you. The propel container, due to the holes on top are subjected to leaking when the container lays on it's side for long periods of time. We appreciate you mentioning that to us and we have worked very diligently to resolve this issue moving forward.
Not stinky!

Day 3, so far so great! Usually I use a bunch of products to avoid stank. I have tried numerous natural products but they didn’t work and also gave me a horrible rash. With Lume, no rash and no stank. I keep sniffing myself to check, but nothing! I’m amazed. I’m usually really self-concious about body odor. And I’m definitely sweating, the a/c in my office is not adequate.

Marcia Wheeler
I love Lume!!
Where did the BO go?

I love Lume. I too had tried every deodorant known to man with nothing but poor results. This stuff works!!!

I’ve read your recommendations to remove the bad memories from clothing however I have so many allergies that I hate to put the whole item in a tub of the those things.

I would like to make the recommendation that you create a spray that could be used on the pit-i-ful areas of things before they are placed in the laundry.

With a practice and a business with Lume, I’m sure there are several hours to do more successful creations.

Thank you for Lume.

The most amazing product ever!

For many years I have been challenged with finding deodorants that do not cause a nasty reaction with my skin. When I did find something, there were always tradeoffs or other reactions that I would have to deal with. In addition, I have always had to deal with skin tags under the arms because of the way my body reacted to the chemical in the deodorants, so I was constantly having to cut them off to avoid them getting too big.

Since I bought and tried Lume, I have had absolutely ZERO reactions and NO side effects. I love the way it feels and smells.
And one of the most amazing side effects of this product is that it has nearly eliminated all the skin tags and bumps under my arms! At first, I thought it was just my imagination, but then I ran out and did not purchase any more for about a month, and the bumps and skin tags started coming back. I am ordering four underarm sticks so that I can keep them in all my suitcases and bathrooms! I will not be without this product again!!!!!!!!!

Denise Borders
Better than Tom's, not as good as Schmidt's

I am sold on the aluminum free deodorants and I usually use Schmidt's but I wanted to try this one after reading some of the reviews. I have to admit that I like Schmidt's better all around, for smell and prevention of sweating. I won't be buying again.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience! Lume does not contain aluminum which is the only ingredient that can claim to control wetness. The scents of other deodorants that contain fragrance oils can be pretty amazing, but Lume is scented with essential oils and it clinically proven to provide 48 hours of odor control. Essential oils can take some getting used to, but the odor control alone is what everyone finds so amazing. The scent also fades to virtually unscented in about 30 minutes and we are coming out with an unscented summer 2018!
Great product!

I love the Lume cream and it definitely helps with odor.

Eddie macias

I served for Shannon in Vegas and she offered me to try the product after she appeared on Shark Tank. My wife has gone through the deodorant and the applicator and she’s in love with the product. I couldn’t stray away from my degree but a great product, would recommend.


I must be the only person on earth that this product hasn’t worked for. I’ve been using it for over a month and I still can’t make it 12 hours even without smelling like I’ve not showered in weeks. I’m still giving 3 stars as it doesn’t have a heavy “cover” scent, it just smells clean. I just wish I did ☹️

Lume Response
Be aware of your clothing. Man made fabrics really harbor older waxy and oil based products you have used in the past. A little moisture and heat reactivates the familiar BO smell and once you take the top off, without laundering, the sweat and bacteria thrive on man made fibers and keep on doing that BO production thing! Nature's Miracle or Persil are the best products we have found to break that old BO down. Spritz the pits of your shirts before throwing them in the hamper and you will notice a difference. Reach out to us at support@lumedeodorant.com if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.
How is this possible?

This. Actually. Works. How is it 2018 and not a single deodorant on the market- especially not the natural ones - actually works? What magic voodoo is in this stuff that it literally makes you smell-less? Color me amazed. I’m a lifer unless somehow it stops working and I sure hope that’s not the case! Can’t wait for the unscented version and maybe one day some new scents? My request is coconut pineapple! ☺️

It Works! It REALLY Works!

Finally, I can throw away my graveyard of useless deoderants and just stick to LUME. Goodbye stinky middle-age pits!

I am more confident!

I am in my early 30s and I was very sweaty and smelling. I was very aware of how I smelt around people distance myself. I work outside at an amusement park that is where I asked my doctor for a prescription for B.O. I used that for 6 months that did not work. Saw Lumé on Facebook I was skeptical of buying one, I was amazed. 2 weeks of using it no B.O. no sweat just a pleasant smell. I can do my job better now. THANK YOU. I just bought more.


This did not work for me. Once I started to sweat it was over. I was really hoping I finally found something that worked.....but unfortunately it didn't.

Lume Response
Don't give up too soon! The longer you use Lume the better it gets and be sure to treat your older clothes that have old BO and oil based or wax product bound to the fibers. Lume was clinically proven to provide odor control for 72 hours and clothing fibers and old BO decrease your odor free interval significantly. Try giving the pits of your shirts a spritz of Nature's Miracle before tossing it in the hamper.
Pamela Collins
It really works! Highly recommend

As many of us are looking for a natural deodorant that really works, the charming ad drew me in and made me want to try Lume. I really need a deodorant...going without is impossible, and I need an all natural product. So I eagerly awaited my first Lume order. Being familiar with a sage/lavendar scent, I was hoping this time I could like it, as to me it is unpleasant. Upon opening the product I did think the scent was too strong in an unpleasant way, but remained optimistic on how well Lume would work at odor control. A Lume representative on another site assured me that the scent fades quickly. This is true, the scent fades quickly, and I can tell you, this product works! It is 100% everything the ads claim. I am not affiliated with this company in any way...I am just an average lady who needs a good deodorant, and guess what, this is a great deodorant! I shower daily, and apply daily, but I know you could go 2 days with this protection, it is that good! Try it with confidence!

Lume is it!

I’m a female. And I’m a police officer. This combination in itself has bad odors written all over it. I spend 10 hours a day walking in the Texas heat. I sweat like a pig, and have been in this constant battle of trying to smell good for nearly 3 years now! I’ve tried everything under the sun. Clinical grade deodorants, other natural deodorants, tried several different body washes, even no body washes in an attempt to normalize my body odor. Nothing has seemed to work, and I constantly have both feminine odor and underarm funk. I saw an ad for Lume and figured why not give it a try... well let me tell you this was the best thing I’ve ever purchased! I used it day 1 and spent 10 hours sitting down, walking, riding a bike, and standing which would normally leave me with a funk cloud all over. I got home after my long 10 hour day of working hard and to my surprise I had NO odor. My pits.. they smell like.... me... like my skin... normal... no 10hour day funk in my girly parts. I am beyond happy with this. If this is day 1 I cannot wait for this to be my normal body every day! I can’t be happier! Thank you Lume for giving me back the confidence I need to perform my job and come home without being embarrassed!

Jessica Thompson
Baby now that I found you.....

I’m an Alabama gal .... it’s hot here..... like crazy hot! I’m a mom of 4 and I can’t stand to stink! This stuff is incredible!!! I can Zumba, work in the yard and still no odor! 😍 I’m sold! Crystal wasn’t working..... I hate the idea of using chemicals on my body..... I’m going to get my husband to try this next! I’m blown away!

Works well

I was skeptical but am trying to use more natural products and the price was comparable to what I was using. I have used for two weeks now. I really like the results. No oder. Easy to apply. Only takes a very small amount once you have adjusted. It also washes off clean, which I love. I am very happy I decided to give it a try. You have a permanent customer.


I have had a really hard time finding a deodorant that worked for me since I started menopause. This works 100%! Absolutely love it, have recommended it and will reorder! Thank you!!

Brooke Burks
It is unbelievable how good this stuff is!!

So I am a skeptic. I have gone "natural" now for 6 months. Purchased probably 7 different kinds of deo, always to be disappointed. I am baking soda sensitive so I held off because I though Lume was just another brick in the wall. Nope, I was wrong. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks and IT.DOES.WHAT.IT.SAYS. Hands down, best all around deo EVER!!! Thanks Lume!

Best Ever!!!!

After reading reviews and trying about everything on the market I thought I would give it a try.. I am soooo happy I did this is the best deodorant in the world. Some have commented on the smell of the product but I use many essential oil products and I feel like That’s what I’m using, then it dries completely clear leaving no white or no scent at all and in the hot weather and humidity I am still smelling so fresh after a 12 hour day outside... I will forever be a customer thank you to the Dr who found and made this amazing product!!!!

Becky S.
Excellent Product

Lume is an excellent product that works exactly as advertised. It is easy to use, completely non-irritating, and removes all trace of odor, leaving a very light, fresh and pleasant scent. It is long-lasting and works anywhere on the body. I highly recommend this exceptional product.

I can't believe it!

I have been looking for YEARS, I'm not kidding, YEARS to find a deodorant that works. I have had the hardest time finding something that works and even the clinical deodorant I've bought doesn't work that well. I am skeptical of every single deodorant I try. I will NEVER use anything other than Lume. I've been using it for only two days but truly, everything else I've tried hasn't even worked on the second day. Try this if you relate to this post in any way. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant Available!

Having tried everything out there, Schmidt’s Natural, Green Tidings, Primal Pit Paste, Lavallin and countless others, this stuff works ten times better and is rash free! Baking soda and I don’t get along and every other deodorant I tried without it failed me miserably. Finally, have my answer. Love this product.


Blown away. This works, it really works. I saw the ad on Facebook, and I thought, well, I have to reward that humor with my money. My 40s brought with them some serious sweatiness, and even the clinical grade stuff was not putting a dent into it. The lotion works really nicely, and the scent is very mild . I am a believer.


Being a 70 year old female I have typical dry skin and use an almond oil soap which helps. However, daily showering dries my skin out no matter what. So my choice is to shower every other day and hope my B.O. stays under control-but it doesn’t always work out.
Two days ago I showered and “primed” my underarms with Lume and have remained completely odor free. Today, being braver, I showered and extended the “priming” to my private parts. I have hopes this will work for each of my B.O. areas.


My one "stinky pit" met it's match, even after cutting grass in 90 degree temps.. Thanks LUME

If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

Lume has changed my deoderant game forever. This stuff feels like clouds on my skin, and seriously lives up to the hype. NO STINK! NO SWEAT! No kidding! It's kind of unbelievable, but so real 🥰


I Love the subtle, clean smell. Did Zumba, ran a 5K, 34 mile bike and 30 minute core; did not have to reapply – no kidding!
This is a winner, will continue to purchase.


This really lives up to the claims! I am ordering again for my teenage daughter. Please keep making this! I love it!


I was thrilled to find a natural deodorant without baking soda that had such high reviews. I tried Lume the day after it came in the mail. I worked from home that day so I moved much less than normal. By the afternoon I notice a body odor smell and I’d literally been sitting for the day. I’ve been on a search for a natural deodorant that works without giving me an irritating rash. I’m sad to say Lume will go in the pile of “did not work” natural deodorants.

Lume works

Love Lume but definitely not enough product for the price. I used to use Native but it left an oily residue on my clothes and Schmidt's worked great but gave me a rash. I did have to reapply them once daily but I've come to expect that from natural deodorants. Despite the claim that Lume lasts for 72hrs, unless I'm sitting around the house doing nothing I do have to reapply after 8hrs. I've been using Lume for over 6 months now and I've tried using the sugested amount-fail! I definitely have to cover my entire under arms with a thin even layer to get effective results. Even though I consider Lume to be the best natural deodorant I've tried, I can't give it 5 stars because of the price vs amount of product.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are thrilled to hear you have had the most success with Lume. Everybody is different and more often than not, you don't need to reapply Lume as much as you may need to change your shirt. Once BO is trapped in man made fibers from the waxy oil based products you have used in the past, it is nearly impossible to wash out. You need an enzyme detergent like Natures Miracle or Persil to get that funk out so it's doesn't leave you a BO remeinder with the next wear. Thanks for sticking with it, the longer you Lume the better it gets and be sure to prep your clothes.

I stupidly tested this product for the first time on the most stressful day of the year at work where I would normally have to re-apply a toxic but "effective" deodorant at least once. I had the nervous sweats, which for me normally mean an even worse kinda smelly. But after the whole extended work day, I couldn't smell anything in my pits. Like completely odorless. I was so astounded I made my husband smell too to see if I was going mad. He couldn't smell anything either! This was DAY 1 with a natural deodorant, which in my experience is unheard of. Anyway, I was skeptical at best because of my lack of success with other natural deodorants and after one day I'm a complete believer and feel like I need to share "the good word" with everyone. Well...let's be real, only the people I actually like. Anyway, thank you for developing such an unbelievable product that is a game changer!

Truly amazing

I can not believe how well Lume works. I mean I am shocked! Lol when I use traditional deodorant at the end of my work day my under arms could have a smell to them. I can work a 10 hour day with Lume and nothing. ZERO odor. I’m telling all of my friends about it. 3 have already ordered it and waiting for its arrival. THANK YOU

Almost perfect

I love the smell and the creamy consistency. I don't know if I'm just an unusually smelly person, but I only get 12-24 hrs of odor protection, even with the new formula. I applied as directed, and have been using it for about 4 or 5 months now.
But it doesn't irritate my skin, and nothing else seems to work any better for me, so I guess I'll stick with it.

Lume Response
Lume's ability to control odor is relative to each persons degree of body odor potential and the odor free interval will be affected by genetics, clothing, clothing, and clothing. Be sure you are applying enough product and check out Getting Started on our website for tips on how to minimize BO residue in clothing. Man made fibers and older cotton could use some help and we are here to offer that. Thanks for sticking with Lume, we know you are getting the best odor control possbile with these tips. 🙂
Best Deodorant Ever!!!!!!

This is honestly the best deodorant I've ever used and that's including special strength antiperspirants. Seriously try this.


Just amazing!! I know the dangers of traditional antiperspirant, but have never been able to stay away for long! I work in a fast paced, active and warm environment. I am always HOT and sweaty!! Even with “clinically” strength deodorants, I always have odor after 8 hours + !!! What can I say? My mind was blown! This is a truly amazing product!! I no longer worry about the person in the room with me being aware of my body odor!
I have never been so in love with a product before!!!

Amazing stuff!!

I'm embarrassed that it took me until this year to realize that you could put this deodorant on your private parts. I've suffered for years with off and on odor, sometimes so bad I felt like other people had to smell it, too. And it definitely wasn't for a lack of cleaning. It's caused me embarrassment, shame, lack of intimacy... I've always felt like there was something wrong with me and there was nothing I could do. After a few days of using this product... God, it's like magic. Both that and my armpits are stank-free! Just like all the other reviews said. Believe the hype. I'm telling everyone I know about Lumē.

Lume Response
This is why I created Lume! Thank you for sharing your experieince. I am so happy to hear it's been lifechanging for you! Shannon
Laveda Hall
I was allergic

I was allergic to Lume deodorant. I have never tried a natural deodorant and have never been allergic to any other deodorant. I think it worked good on smells but only got to wear it a few days.

Lume Response
OH No! We are sorry to hear this as it is very uncommon. No matter what someone may be sensitive to one of the ingredients in the formula. Sometimes it is due to products that you have used before and you are noticing chaffing due to perspiration that results after you quit using aluminum products. That typically settles out for everyone if that is the cause as the wetness becomes less noticable after the initial priming period. One way we can find out it to try a little dab of cream on your forearm as a senstivity test. If you do fine there, then it most likely is due to the wetness and chaffing of skin rubbing on skin. Please contact us at heylume@lumedeodorant.com for a refund. We will happily refund you purchase price.
Definitely works!

Lume works SO MUCH BETTER than any other deodorant I've ever tried, natural or not. There is definitely still odor that comes out when I'm wearing old clothes (as expected), but in anything new, I have no problems at all. One night, I came home from hot yoga and applied Lume after my shower. I put on a tank top, and went to bed. Normally just sleeping makes me a little smelly. The next day, I got up and did major housecleaning for several hours - still in the tank top, which led to a lot of sweating, but zero odor. ZERO. I've never had zero odor after hours of just sitting still, let alone working up a sweat. And wearing a tank top is usually when I smell worst. I couldn't believe that after all of that, I smelled fresh out of the shower!! Why 4 stars instead of 5 then? Well, I am sensitive to scents so I bought the unscented version, and in my opinion, it smells just awful. I almost washed it off after the first time I put it on. Fortunately, the smell disappears after a little while, but for a short while every day, the smell is really offputting. Even with that, it's the best thing I've ever tried and totally worth it.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your awesome experience with Lume! You have a sensitive sniffer! The inert ingredients like mandelic acid and raw cocoa butter make themselves known since we do not use any masking fragrances, but like you said it fades to nothing in short order.
It is the best!

Absolutely the best deodorant ever! No smell. I do recommend the unscented as the scented smells like celery and lavender. It's not unpleasant, but odd. I've given it to my whole family - I think they are hesitant to use it, but if they don't I will!

Life Changing

Dr Klingmaman,
You don't know how important your work is!! There has GOT to be a way to let more people know about this product. It is literally saving my life.
I have had bromhidrosis since I was in elementary school. I have been bullied my ENTIRE life. My thoughts and attempts at suicide began at 14.
I am now a disabled vet, who has lived my ENTIRE life with a fear of getting close to people... physically, and emotionally.
I've had partial apocrine removal, I've tried and failed aluminum based products, I've done salicylic acid externally to each axilla, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar. I prayed to God to either cure me or take me out of my misery.
Though I've always been grossly disappointed, I continued to search for solutions. I've spent countless dollars, only for products to immediately fail. Everyone has always assumed I simply don't practice good hygiene, and I actually shower more than most people I know.
I came across Lume online. I didn't believe it would work, but I had to try.
Doctor... for the first day in my adult life, I am experiencing odor free days. I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this product.
My only fear now is that it is EVER discontinued.
I wanted to personally thank you, for saving me nights full of tears. My coworkers have already judged me, but hopefully over time, their perception of me will change.
Thank you SOOOO much. I will be a life long user, and my daughter will be as well.
Please never underestimate the change you're making in people's lives.

SINCERELY and with Love,
K.S. | Florida

Almost perfect

This is my first foray into natural deodorants. I have super sensitive skin so I was concerned about the deodorants with baking soda. Lume has worked great and not bothered my skin at all. There have been a couple instance where by the end of the day I smell a faint b.o. smell but I think I just didn’t apply enough on those days. I’ve been using it for almost a month and I’m impressed. My one complaint: I truly hate the smell of this product. Fortunately I find the smell goes away once the product has absorbed/dried on my skin, but I literally have to breathe through my nose while I apply it. There is a sour undertone that makes me gag. Would you ever consider making an unscented version? For me, the smell is a big enough issue that I don’t think I’m going to reorder. But still 4 stars cause I do think the deodorant works very well.

Lume Response
While we are not the expected "deodorant scent" you have come to expect, we are scented with clary sage and lavender essential oils at less than 1% and it fades quickly to virtually unscented.  We do have an unscented coming out summer of 2018 and it is just as effective as the original! It sounds like that may be the perfect fit for you! 
This stuff really works!

About a year ago I started not smelling so great in the pit area. Not sure if it's my hormones changing or what....but I tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked. Especially most "natural" deodorants. Lume popped up in my facebook feed, so I figured why not try yet another deodorant. I had ZERO expectations, but I can tell you, this stuff actually works. I smell fantastic all the time. Even when I wake up. It's only gotten better with each day that I use lume. I'm really happy I found this product. And I will continue to buy lume deodorant. For me, it's been the only thing that's worked

it works!!!!

I was so skeptical because I've tried everything and only one major brand with tons of aluminum worked for me in the past. This works just as good or maybe even better with no chaffing, no residue on my clothing and no odor! I use a tenth of the product that I normally would with my old deodorant as well...it's a WINNER!!!!!

Best I've ever used!!

I have had difficulty with deodorants my whole life. I've always perspired HEAVILY but am very sensitive to most products. Finally at 62 (better now than never!) I've found a wonderful product. Definitely sharing this with others!!! Wow, thank you.


Having used almost every deodorant on the market and 2 different prescriptions I finally found a deodorant that works! My husband is traditionally a skeptic of the "natural/crunchy" products I use. He doesn't feel they work as well. A few weeks into using my Lume deodorant and he's a believer. After a long day of sweating and baking I was cutting his hair when he said "Wow, that stuff really works. You don't even stink after sweating all day in the kitchen" He then asked me to order some for my teenage boy, hoping it'll help with his foot odor. I'll keep you posted on the effectiveness to cure teenage boy odors!

Brandi McEntire

Absolutely amazing & worth every single penny! My son has a metabolic disorder that leaves him smelling fishy when he sweats & we live in a hot climate. Within a few days the fishy smell was 100% gone. This deodorant has literally changed his life. Thank you Lume!

I work in a hospital

I work in a hospital, helping to save new born babies. I’m under a radiant warmer (which feels like a tanning bed) wearing scrubs, with a antibacterial full body zip up clothing cover over top. My hair is covered, and my face is covered with a mask. I sweat puddles. Needless to say, I STINK when I get home. Shoes, armpits, EVERYWHERE. Lume is the best thing that’s happened to me! It legit lasts 72 hours and I don’t have to watch people gag when I take off my nursing shoes! THANKS!

Lume Response
This describes it perfectly! Working in the trenches of medicine ...scrubs are not our friend! They kinda stink if they don't get the pits sprayed with an enzyme spray. Thank you for sharing this with us!
If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

Lume has changed my deoderant game forever. This stuff feels like clouds on my skin, and seriously lives up to the hype. NO STINK! NO SWEAT! No kidding! It's kind of unbelievable, but so real 🥰

A life changed

I could cry, I have struggled since puberty with intense pit odor (only made worst by antiperspirant, not to mention the itching, residue and discoloration). I tried everything on the market including lasers to fix this problem. I got Lumē about a 2 week ago and boom no odor. Nothing!! I even took a workout class and I lifted my arms in the arms without thinking and still NOTHING! (try taking a work out class with your arms down). THANK YOU, thank you, I know this can seem to be trivial to some ppl but it all day every day you smell and you’re constantly worried you will offend someone with your odor, it consumes you. Lumē really has changed my life.

If anyone is thinking about trying this deodorant. Stop thinking and buy it!

If anyone is thinking about trying this deodorant. Stop thinking and buy it! It works great! Follow the directions and watch the videos on the website and you will be glad you did. I have been looking for a deodorant without Shea Butter in it. I use to make my own, but started having a reaction to the Shea Butter. Lume was my answer.

Pam Hauge
Life Changing Product!!!

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know I saw your interview advertising your product on WCCO/Channel 4 a week or so ago.

I immediately placed an order.
I have not been able to use any kind of deodorant for many years now, and I have tried everything.

I have been successfully using this product for 4 days now without breaking out from it.

I am so happy with this product and I had to let you know this.
Thank the lord for Channel 4/WCCO news.

Sincerely, a very great full and clean smelling customer😊

I love it!!

I was watching the news and saw this product. I purchased it and I love it! I am so happy I watched the news that day!

If you are thinking about trying it, DO IT!

I am a fairly sweaty person and I work out quite frequently. I've always just had to reapply several times a day. While on Lume, I could go 48 hours after reapplication and this is when I just started using Lume. I used this when I was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you have no clue what this entails, just picture huge men in sweaty robs sweating all over you as you sweat as well. It can get disgusting. I usually would REEK after rolling. While using Lume, I smelled NOTHING. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until I'm making more money again in order to use it. But I cannot wait until the day I can reorder.

This. Stuff. Works.

It works. It’s that simple. This skeptic is a convert who literally just threw away every other deodorant/anti-perspirant in the house. Can’t wait for some other scents, travel size, and ability to buy in a store, but I’ll keep ordering as long as I have to!


I started using natural deodorant this year after having a sinus infection gone wrong. It ended up attacking my lymph nodes and causing havoc. Once well I decided to give my body a break from deodorants with chemicals. Well that was fun, after having rashes on my pits from backing soda, then using sensitive skin formulas that gave me a funky afternoon smell. Finally I saw Lume and decided why not. Well it’s amazing!!! After just a week of a sweaty vacation in Southern California I was amazed that I never had that afternoon funky smell. I love that it rubs in like lotion, that it doesn’t leave white goo on all of my clothes. And yes you get sweaty but you don’t stink. I did have a day where I felt like I smelled a bit funky. But I determined it was my shirt not me. If you are on the fence about trying Lume just do it. Watch the priming videos so you won’t feel lost. It works!! Please never stop making this. I just ordered more!!! Thank you from a new life long customer!!!


I work two jobs (one a desk job for 9 hrs and the other a labor-intensive job 4-5 hrs a day) and usually had to use Secret Clinical to get through the day. Saw this product on a Facebook ad and decided to give it a try as I really try to use more natural products when possible, but in my case, it’s difficult to find one that can hold up to the long days and claims. I’m on day 3 and Lūme lives up to its claim! No odor and no deodorant stains under my armpits from using the product! I’m a fan of lavender anyway so that was a plus. Ordered the air pump because they were out of the stick version, but even then I wasn’t disappointed. A dime size soaks in effortlessly with no residue. I can tell this pump will last me a long time so well worth the price. So if you’re on the fence about the pump it’s a good buy.
One recommendation is to please come out with a travel size version of either version. I will be purchasing again.


This is the best deodorant I've ever used. I've used unsuccessfully clinical strength deodorant and have made my own with baking soda and clay. This stuff is magical. It's not really an antiperspirant but you sweat less maybe because there is less irritation? No idea. It doesn't stain silk or wool which is also great.

It works!!!

I had tried just about every natural deodorant there is. I found out baking soda gives me rashes and every other deodorant I would have to reapply or end up smelling half way into my day. I then saw an advertisement for Lume on Facebook and thought I'd give it a try. This stuff really works!! And it lasts too! I had a day off and didn't apply any deodorant on that morning, and by the end of the day, it was still working!

This works

I’m a group fitness instructor and would literally change clothes in between classes most days because of how embarrassed i was with the way my lower body smelled. The problem was only when working out thankfully, so when I came across Lume I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t believe how well this worked after just one application! I was sold after that and will continue using this product for sure. I never really had a problem with u set arm smell but figured I try it there as well and am not disappointed.. looking forward to trying the scented option soon. This product works.

Customer for Life!

Lumē is the best deodorant ever. you have a customer for life.


This product is a life saver. I am an ER physician and heard of your product on Hippocratic Hustle Oath. I am 8 months pregnant in the dead of heat in Texas. Let me tell you I sweat places I medically think are impossible LOL. But with this product I have great coverage all day. Top it off I’m allergic to fragrance so this product is beyond 5 stars. Wish the best of success and consider me a loyal customer.

Works great, scent could be better

I decided to try this after seeing so many ads on facebook. I wanted to try going natural, but found that many natural deodorants either did last long, or they caused extreme itching. I don't have super sensitive skin and never had issues with regular antiperspirant. I just felt like my underarms were getting really dark, and learned it can be from the aluminum that clogs pores. So trying different natural, aluminum free products. I have to say that this product works well and actually keeps me more dry than other natural deodorants, pretty much like an antiperspirant. So that is awesome. I figured out how much to use after a couple times, it really is a very small amount. The only thing I don't like is the scent, and I think that is personal preference thing, so I didn't rate it lower. I didn't realize that I would not like the Clary Sage portion of the scent, honestly can't even be sure that I read that part before purchasing. I know that I like lavender and have used lavender scented products before, and I like how it smells later on my skin. I have to say that the scent with the Clary sage is not the best.. almost smells like an odor.. it's weird. Perhaps it is "too natural/hippie" for me? I am not a fan of the way most natural products smell.. hemp, etc. Therefore.. a personal preference. I definitely like floral scents, I wish there was a rose water/rose /honesuckle/lilac scent. Hopefully in the future! I probably should have bought the unscented one, which if I decide to buy again I would. No issues with clothing (definitely wash your clothes before trying the product, I didn't realize how much odor my blazers had from prior wears!) It takes about 5 min after applying for the product to "absorb" and "dry" on my skin. I have not tried on freshly shaven skin yet, but I am not anticipating any issues.


I am 41 years old and have dealt with stinky BO for as long as I can remember. I have tried every deodorant out there with and without aluminum and let me tell you...not only are my armpits baby smooth and free of rash and irritation but most importantly I DON'T SMELL! I honestly walk around proudly telling people about this fantastic product. I shower at night and apply before bed and even on the hottest days or days when I workout I don't smell at all...it's amazing. Thank you, Lume!

Almost perfect

This is my first foray into natural deodorants. I have super sensitive skin so I was concerned about the deodorants with baking soda. Lume has worked great and not bothered my skin at all. There has been a couple instance where by the end of the day I smell a faint b.o. smell but I think I just didn’t apply enough on those days. I’ve been using it for almost a month and I’m impressed. My one complaint: I truly hate the smell of this product. Fortunately, I find the smell goes away once the product has absorbed/dried on my skin, but I literally have to breathe through my nose while I apply it. There is a sour undertone that makes me gag. Would you ever consider making an unscented version?

Kelly B.
Lume to the rescue!

Lume..where have you been all of my life? Finally an answer to an embarrassing problem that so many women deal with every day! I am no longer worried about odors anywhere on my body after being active out in the summer heat of the East Coast! Thank you so much for recognizing the need and developing such a great product!

Game. Changer.

This ish is AMAZING!!! I’ve been looking for a cruelty free deo with no luck. Everything I’ve tried breaks my armpits out into a rash less than 12 hours after applying. But not Lume!!!!! And this works 1000000x better than ANY crunchy deo I’ve tried!! Y’all, I do not stink at all!! And I am such a sweaty person!!
I love the smell!
My only complaint with the propel is that some product escaped out and dried in the cap during shipment. But hey, the product is still usable and it’s freaking amazing.
I honestly don’t think I’ll ever use any other deo.
Thanks a million Lume!!!!


I ordered the two pack in the pump. This stuff works great! It is super easy to put on and isn’t tacky (doesn’t leave a residue). There is absolutely no skin reaction- and my skin gets angry very easily. I’m not a fan of the smell - but it is very subtle and I don’t notice it much after application.
Additionally, I was having a problem checking out and customer service was amazing!
Can’t wait for more options and good things from this company!

They aren’t lying! This stuff works!

Before Lume, I had such bad body odor and no deodorant was able to stand a chance. I used this on my pits, privates, and feet and it was a miracle! No stink! My boyfriend used to say my feet smelled like a “dumpster fire” but now, they don’t stink at all! I do still sweat but now I don’t stink! Thank you Lume!

What is this MAGIC??!!

Ok I’ve used it for 2 days and it is absolutely wonderful!! I have a huge number of leggings that I wear all the time, but I get hot in them. I always get hot at my job because my work area feels like a sauna and makes me sweat, even with scrubs on. I used Lume on my “bits and pieces” at home while wearing leggings, no smell! I used it at work where I’m always low-grade sweating, no smell from the nether regions! I love it! Yes, I’ve never paid this much for natural deodorant, but I’m sold! You need to get this into the gift bags at the Hollywood award shows or something and get some celebrities on board so it can really go viral! I’m so happy I took the plunge and decided to get this. It’s definetly worth a try. Split a combo pack with a friend so you can both try it and that will make it cheaper! Just do it!:)

Anne D.

Started using Lumē about 6 weeks ago and will never use anything else ever again. This stuff is amazing, works for a solid 48 hours if needed. Never had any luck with other "natural" deodorants. Have told all my friends about Lumē!


This is the first deodorant that has worked for me in years. I love the fresh scent and it truly lasts for 48 hours. Will never use anything else!


As a 7 yr breast cancer survivor, I have been searching for a deodorant that was baking soda free(allergic), and more importantly CHEMICAL free. Lume fits the bill all the way! I don’t normally go a full 48hrs before reapplying...but with this—I Trust it!

It works!!! I really, really works!

This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried so many more natural deodorants and they all left me stinky!! This stuff works!! No smell whatsoever! I love it and will never use anything else again!! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful non-toxic product!

Kate H.
Great stuff!

I purchased Lume on a whim, and I am not disappointed.

I have been using natural deodorants for about 20 years now, and have had varying levels of success with buying and DIYing a ton of different deodorants. Most of them resulted in a rank stench that was worse than me not wearing anything at all. The best of the bunch, which I've been using for many years now has been a liquid mineral spray. After sweating, it left me with a more natural musky smell. It wasn't terrible, but still stank up my clothes and doesn't last more than an hour on super hot sweaty days.

Lume totally does though!!! I have worked in the yard for hours, sweating like crazy and have ZERO underarm odor. ZERO. I am a sweaty betty, so this is a freaking miracle. I am stank free for 24 hours. I have yet to have any success reaching 48 hours without reapplication in just my normal day to day activities.

The stick was sold out, I don't like stick deodorant anyway, so I purchased the lotion. I am not a fan of the scent; it smells like I should be living in a van down by the river in Taos, New Mexico. Blech. However, once it has been applied and dries down, the dirty- hippy- covering -up- their- stench- with- essential- oil- smell dissipates.

I am a die hard fan and look forward to buying the scent free version that I hope is in the works. But, even if it isn't, I will still buy this liquid gold.


I never ever write reviews, but I felt I had to for this product. I’ve always heard of natural deodorants but never had any real interest in trying them until I came across the advertisement on Facebook. It caught my interest and decided to give it a shot. All I can say is WOW! From day one it worked. I placed a pea size amount from the pump under each arm, and I had absolutely no odor for the rest of the day, and it’s been like that every day. I work in sales, and my stress level is intense, I also work out daily so I definitely put this stuff to the test and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s amazing, and I honestly will never use anything else.

Julie Hoff
It works!

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you the backstory of my stank; suffice to say this product WORKS, and I'm the most skeptical consumer there is. Figured this would be snake oil. (You know, worthless, fake, money-waster, etc. etc. But I'm a sucker for song-and-dance ads (not really), so I took a chance and WOW! It works everywhere. Will never be without this. Toodles!

Luv this product!!

This deodorant is awesome!! I use to be self conscious about sweating in the summer because I sweat so badly in places other than my underarms. This product took that stress away and I feel so much more comfortable now that the stress of stench is GONE! I will tell everyone I know about this product, it’s been a life saver! I will never stop buying this stuff!


This is the first natural deodorant that has worked and I’ve tried so many. I have s very physical job and by days end I always feel gross.. not with Lume!! All day fresh!

Amazed!! A full 72 hours!!

I used all over-ALL OVER-the pits and the lady parts and after 3 days if sweating while rearranging/cleaning my house then fall I g sick with a fever and sweating more- I smell amazing. Zero funk from any of my various junk (pits, privates, and feet) Totally worth the money. Thank you Lume!

Crying tears of joy!!

I am one of those girls that wouldn't "look" like they have BO, but I have been struggling with overwhelmingly offensive pits (and other parts) for as long as I can remember. It has gotten in the way of relationships, travel, and opportunities. I tried Lume thinking it would be just like any deodorant that wasn't going to work (i've tried hundreds), and i'm now going on 48+ hours without reapplying. I'm testing out their 72 hour guarantee and so far so good! This has NEVER happened to me before, so i'm over the moon with excitement just knowing that i'll never have to experience the constant embarrassment as long as Lume is in business.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience! One thing to keep in mind is Lume is clinically proven to "control" odor and that is different from "odor free" and it is dependent on each persons baseline odor that is being controlled. We are all different and many things can affect your odor free interval like clothing, lifestyle, body weight and genetics for instance. We guarantee that Lume works to control odor for everyone and the fact that you can go 48 hours odor free is fantastic!

This is the best ever!! A safe product that actually works!


Saw ad for product on FB, I believe. I decided to try it. LOVE IT! I am using it for post menopausal feminine odor. First day I used it I could not believe how well it work! Every GYN office should be telling their patients about this! Thank you!


Best deodorant I've used. It goes on so smooth, smells wonderful, and lasts longer than you'd believe. I love waking up in the morning and still feeling fresh.

I've been waiting my whole life for you!!

I've been trying for many years to find a non-toxic pit stick. They always fail. Then one random ad led me to you. Working at an Ob-Gyn clinic myself, I had a ray of light thinking "They get it, they are who I've been waiting for"! I was right. You are the amazing people who have created pure magic. And for that, I am so grateful! So I told the women I work with, they instantly thought of friends and patients who need this and became amazed customers themselves. It not only works for odor, and gives you the confidence that you will in no way shape or form have any funk smell coming from any part of your body no matter what you do that day. It also HEALS!!! My underarm skin is smoother than ever before, and the mysterious bumps from shaving and toxic ingredients are almost gone with the first stick. You can never change the formula, you can never be out of stock again 🤤, you can never stop making this magical creation. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the sun to my moon, the red wine to my coffee, the taco to my guac.


Really magical, and I had zero hope. I've tried them all. Made some. Tried being ok with them not really working. And finally gave up. Then I figured I'd give this my last effort. I seriously can't believe it works, but it does! Do the recommended prep (use the Persil detergent, the Miracle stuff didn't work great and is messy) and use as directed and you'll be as happy as I am. And shocked too, I'm sure! I love it.

Great for Gamers

Definitely take this product to fandom conventions. Give samples. You will get a following. All day in costumes. Also, video games. Finally--something that combats the notorious gamer pitties.

Susi H.
Lume Deodrant is truly life changing for me!

I was a tester and could not have been more pleased with the results. I can work all day, sweat, got to the gym, sweat some more and NO ODOR! It is like magic. I wish I had this product in my 20’s and 30’s.
I don’t consider myself to be a sweaty or smelly person, but sometimes deodorant was just not strong enough. I even tried all of the “clinical” formulas. Nothing worked as well as Lumē.
It works equally on underarms and private parts. This stuff is fantastic!!!

Good product

I really love the body deodorant. As a Nurse I am always running around and odor from sweating is a real concern. After using Lume I can honestly say odor is not a issue. It works about 48 hours. The underarm deodorant needs to be applied daily if your active in my opinion. I am a satisfied customer and will be ordering again!

Lume Response
This is great to hear! The difference between "odor free" and "odor control" means you will likely need to apply daily but the longer you use it, it becomes a lifestyle since it keeps getting better as you move through the clothing worn with wax and oil based products:)
Customer for Life!


First and foremost it works! I had wanted to use something more natural than the aluminum laden deodorant I was using but most natural deodorants don’t work a minute over 24 hours if that long. I have tossed my old deodorant in the trash. Lume is my new product of choice and it does so much more than armpits.

Thank you for thinking outside the box and coming up with this amazing product!

You have a customer for life!

Works but flakes

I tried the scented and the unscented and they both work. After a full day the effectiveness does sometimes wear off especially if it is very hot outside and my armpits are really sweating. I used the scented one until it was done and didn’t have a problem with flaking however, for some reason the unscented flakes .. A LOT. The scented one does not smell all that enticing :/ but overall the deodorant works

Lume Response
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! We are sorry you had residue, but we have a quick explanation...You are applying a tad too much. Try just applying as much as can be rubbed in clear in 4-5 seconds and then stop. You can begin using fingertips to better control the amount you apply so you can get used to what a trace amount feels like on your skin.
Eh. Not for me

I'm almost to the bottom of the bottle, and this just isn't cutting it. I feel like I sweat more now and I just have a scent over my BO. Definitely doesn't cut it when I'm at the gym. I don't doubt this works great for some people, but I'll have to continue my search.

Lume Response
Well shoot. Lume is not an antiperspirant so it makes sense that you would sweat more. You need to be sure to prep those man made fibers with an enzyme spray to get the oil and waxy products that bind to BO and never let go out. Exercise clothing is a real stinker. Thanks for sharing your experience with Lume.
Can't believe it!

I have to say I wasn't expecting this product to work when I ordered it. I have tried numerous times to give up my beloved clinical strength deodorant to opt for a much healthier chemical free version. An allergy to baking soda made my options pretty slim. I found myself having to reapply or I would stink after just a few hours. Frustrated and embarrassed, I would always end up going back to my old deodorant. So you can imagine how shocked I was the first time I used Lume. This stuff actually works! The smell is interesting, a light herbal smell. Not bad, not good. But it goes away rather quickly leaving you smelling like.. nothing. I never have to worry about reapplying because it lasts all day. This stuff is honestly a game changer! As long as Lume is on the market I will never go back to my old deodorant.

Works but smells bad

This definitely works but the smell of the deodorant itself is unpleasant. I wish they would make different scents or an unscented version.

I'll never buy another deodorant!

I never write reviews, but I felt I had to considering how much Lume has changed my life. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis and private area perspiration for years. It has been embarrassing, uncomfortable, and most of all depressing. Lume has changed that for me. I can not live without this product. I live in FL where the weather gets very humid and Lume has passed the test with flying colors. I love this product for one reason... it works!!

Wow, just WOW!

I had tried them all. And, they all let me down. Till Lume. Not only does it work better than all of the other "natural" deodorants I have tried (and, like I said before, I tried them all), but it even worked better than the tried and true standard antiperspirant/deodorants I had used for years. I am so impressed. Ahhhhhh... thank you!!!

If Only I Found This Deodorant 20 Years Ago

I have always had a bad case of body odor since I was a teen 20 years ago unless I put on chemical-filled deodorants DAILY.

I discovered how bad chemicals can be in regular deodorants 4 years ago and have been desperately finding a natural deodorant ever since that would work! I gave up and started using Certain Dri. Although effective, Certain Dri gave me chemical burns 😭 Finally, thanks to Lume, I’ve found a deodorant that is not only as effective as Certain Dri but natural and safe for pregnancy!!! Hoping for baby #3 soon! 🤗

THANK YOU LUME!! Can’t wait to be able to preorder the next batch that is available. You said September and I sure hope that’s true!

Jennifer Beach
Wow! Blown away!

I've been trying to move beyond aluminum-based "clinical" strength deodorants for the past couple of years. I try one, feel stinky, go back to clinical strength, which worked for me but worried me. Now, I have a natural deodorant that not only works, but works well without leaving a gummy residue on my skin that even showering doesn't remove (I'm looking at you clinical strength deodorant!). I have always had a problem with foot odor too. I have tried wool wicking insoles, wool socks, only wearing clogs/sandals for ventilation, everything, but my feet and shoes still got so smelly after a long day at work. I actually carry baby wipes in my purse in case I need to remove my shoes somewhere so I can do a discreet wipe down in the ladies room first. Now, I spread a little Lume on my soles and between my toes each morning after I shower and my feet stay stink-free all day. It not only works, it feels nicely moisturizing to my feet! Just ordered 3 tubes because I don't ever want to run out. Thanks for a great product and for making it in a scent that is pleasant and subtle. I love everything about this product!

My search is over!!

I've been searching for a deodorant that keeps the stink away, but that also didn't contain toxic ingredients, for about 8 years now. Let me tell you.....Lume is it! The. End. I am over the moon excited about this product!! I received it two days ago and after my nightly shower I put it on my pits, under my boobs, and all my nooks and crannies in my girly bits. Woke up the next day, no smell.... went about my day sweating and all that jazz, no smell.... decided to push it and went to bed without showering, NO SMELL the next morning!!! I don't know what unicorn voo doo magic you've concoted but I'm buying it!! Take all my money!!! This deodorant is amazing and I'm switching everyone in my house to use it! I have three boys who play all the sports and I'm about to do the ultimate experiment on them hahaha!!

OMG! She is a GENIUS!!!!

The inventer of Lume is a woman GENIUS!!! It is amazing! You will not believe it. I always thought if I was a super hero and had a super power it would be to have absolutely no body odor. Not that I stink, but what if you could go through your whole life and never have one smell!? Lume is that magic potion!!!! I was floored. U see these instagram ads and think, “ Does that really work??” This relly does do everything it claims to do. There is no odor ANYWHERE! You literally can not smell anything. It is almost weird how we’ll it works.
I am amazed and will continue to hoard it as long ad it is available!

Totally Amazing

This is by far a life-changing product. I’m 37 years old and this is the first deodorant that has ever worked for me. I’ve tried the best of the best and nothing has ever worked like Lume does. No more sweat and odor. I am so thankful for this product and I feel confident in anything I wear now. I give it a million stars!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am 55 years old. No matter what I did...even right after a shower or a bath I felt like I just wasn't fresh smelling. Then I saw Lume on Facebook and thought well, what do I have to lose? But I was skeptical. Wore it to work the last two days and warned my coworkers that I was trying something new. Actually took my regular antiperspirant with me to work just in case I needed some back up. Used it yesterday and today and I am in love! I keep doing sniff tests....nothing! Today I wore a skirt that always makes me sweaty and smelly down there. No bad odors. Nothing. I feel fresher and smell cleaner in my opinion than with any products I have used before. I can't thank you enough!

Truly Amazing

I am in utter shock, this product really is fantastic. I have used clinical strength deodorant for years and have wanted to move away from them because of the terrible ingredients. However, I cannot make it ten minutes out of the shower without deodorant before I start to smell; I didn’t think there was any way that an all natural deodorant would work. I first tried a different brand, which technically worked, but I had to reapply mid day and I was more often than not, left with painful burns. I saw the ad for Lume and decided to give it a try before going back to regular antiperspirant. I am so happy to say that this really works, with no burns! Probably most shocking to me of all, it actually lasts the 48 hours they claim it will! I applied on Saturday morning, ran 20 miles, showered, etc. and I swear to you I only just now (Tuesday early afternoon) had to reapply again. I am so, so impressed.

Stephanie LADYBOSS Lynn

I have been searching for years for a good deodorant! Since I was a teenager I would always sweat a lot to the point where I refused to wear certain color shirts because you could see when I would sweat and I ruined many many of my favorite shirts. I have tried everything from over the counter to prescription from my dr. NOTHING WORKED!!! I waisted a lot of money trying different things...for it only to end up in the garbage. The dr gave me something which It Burned every time I used it!! 🔥🔥 after many visits to many drs they suggested Botox which At this point I was desperate! Crazy thing is I am deathly scared of needles...but it seemed to work for my underarms so As i thought it was a miracle until after my second treatment which is about every 6 months to keep it working except I noticed weird something strange that they failed to tell me I would start sweating in other places. Places I NEVER have before!! 🥺😫 Sooo embarrassing....I cried. 😭😭 Finally I am almost 35 y.o. And someone DID IT!!! They made a long lasting inexpensive MIRACLE!!! I wish I would have found sooner or Would have been made years ago I FINALLY Have AN AMAZING DEODORANT that I can use ANYWHERE!!! And it last forever!!! I prefer the non-scented. But either one is AWESOME and does what it says!! I LOVE LUME!! 🥰😍🤩Thank you soooo much!!! Also love the Super fast delivery! I forgot to order when I was getting low, I was almost completely out when I placed my order Friday, I received my package Monday!! in 2 days!!! It probably would have been soone if it weren’t for Sunday. I made what I had left last without having to go back to using old stuff that never worked. I work at a salon and gym I am always recommending to all my clients to get lume!!! I work out 5-7days a week and I would be soaking wet 😓after a workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ Which is embarrassing. Now I am a lot more dryer with using LUME!!! Soooo excited 😆 I can’t wait to try the 72 hours!!! I like the tube better it goes a long way, but I still order the stick for when I am in a hurry. Only thing I am not satisfied about with the stick is that it pushes out way more than you need even with half of a click it seems to run out a lot faster than the tube. PLEASE make a travel size stick!! I keep a LUME In my purse and gym bag!! And it would be a good size to give out as a gift for people to try. I don’t go anywhere without LUME! Also please bring the pumps back those were nice!!! Thank you!!!

Company is Fantastic but Product Smell Needs Work

Hello! I just wanted to say that I think this advertising campaign and the Lume team are fantastic. Communication was excellent. I ordered a unit in scent to try and received step-by-step communication from Lume about the status of my order. However, I took a risk spending $13 on one unit of deoterant to find that the smell is WAY too overpowering and unpleasant, for me. I sincerely wished I had chosen non-scented because I believe in your mission, however, I'm just not willing to invest another $13 to find out. Best of luck. Thanks!

Lume Response
We are sorry to hear the essential oils of lavender and clary sage are not for you! We sure hope you took advantage of our return policy to get the unscented instead. Watch for more scents this year!
Sherry Lyon

I am menopausal, I really sweat! This truly works! I have tried many different deodorants. I already ordered more. I need some for my gym bag. I am a customer for life.


So for about 7 years I've made my own deodorant with baking soda etc etc until 2 years ago I was having horrible irritation not realizing it was from the baking soda so at that point I made a baking soda free version well it didn't work, had to apply several times a day until I discovered Lume and I must say WOW life changer. I sure hope this sticks around Forever. Thank you Shannon for making this wonderful deodorant!!

Life Changing

I am a 40 year young woman. I have tried every deodorant under the sun! I could shower, do my morning routine of hair and makeup and before I put on clothes I already stink! It’s been so frustrating. I went to a dermatologist and she said I have some type of bacteria and gave me acne pads to rub on everyday. It would last for a while but by end of day it stopped working. I would rarely wear sleeveless shirts as it was always worse that way. Well I’ve used this for 4 days so far in this southern heat and no smell whatsoever! Literally life saving, self esteem empowering! I will never go without!


I was skeptical, after reading the instructions on getting ready to use Lume. After using it and running out, I miss the freshness. I like having my shirts feel fresher, without that smell after a few minutes of wearing it! And being able to put it on private parts is a plus! I ordered the bundle to see which one I like better.


I have tried all of the natural deodorants I could get my hands on , Schmidt’s, Native, Lush and ALL would start ok at best and within a week would burn my pits and I’d get dark scab like marks that just SUCK. I’m Hispanic so my main reason for avoiding regular deodorant is the hyperpigmentation that accompanies wear. I got Lume and completed the ultimate test which was same day shave and deodorant application ! No burning ! No irritation! I’m a working mother so sorry not sorry it can be a couple days between showers and guess what ? Past 48 hours and Lume is holding up! Don’t hesitate and order!


I bought LUME for myself and 3 friends and we all love the product.

Love this product!

I had tried other natural deodorants in the past and it always made my underarm feel really waxy and I can still smell odor . I been using traditional deodorant for years and always look for products that say extra strength or clinical strength and I still don’t feel odor free and confident. Every time I shower I have to scrub off a whole layer on waxy residue. Using Lume on the other hand I did not feel the waxy discomfort and it controls the odor . I’m so happy that I finally found a product that works and I feel good using . Thank you Lume !

It really works!

I have tried ALL kinds of aluminum free, natural deodorants, including Tom's, PiperWai from shark tank (at the recommendation of a friend.), and one from France. Piper smells great initially, but I end up with a lot more odor, AND irritation from it. Plus, it's a pain to put apply. Lume is pretty much unscented, and it works for DAYS! It's easy to put on, and it doesn't explode in my luggage when I fly. I've ended up reordering. ONE DOWNSIDE - the airless pump didn't work right, and I'd suggest sticking to the stick.

Lyndsay Liberty
Changed my life!

It sounds dramatic to say this product changed my life but it truly did. Over the last year, I have developed an odor "down there" and I thought for the longest time it was my washer, my underwear material, my changing hormones, etc. Nothing I changed ever worked and no product helped. It started to get embarrassing because my pants would start to hold odor by lunch time and you can imagine how embarrassing that might be in an office environment. Sex became awkward because of the smell. When then I realized after reading these reviews that it might be because I sweat! I have always been a sweater my entire life. I sweat through shirts within minutes of putting them on. The sweat doesn't bother me - the smell does. And I didn't realize sweat down there would also smell like this. This product has ELIMINATED ALL ODOR for multiple days in a row with just one application. I am not kidding, it is truly amazing. Sometimes I would have to change my underwear and pants by night time to eliminate the odor. Not anymore! Thank you Lume - customer for LIFE!

It Works!!! I really, really works!

It works!! It really does! I’ve always felt conscious about the odor of my lady bits by the end of the day, but after using it I can’t smell anything! I apply a very small amount to the area after showering in the morning and it lasts all day. I am really impressed by this product and would highly recommend it to any woman facing the same problem.

S. Farron
It works

It works

The best ever

Best deodorant I have ever used! I have always been in search of the perfect deodorant and I think I have like 7 in my cabinet right now! But they always have a lingering smell and mixed with body odor, I did not like them! I was also paranoid that I would get used to the smell so I would frequently change deodorants. This one is great I don’t smell at all ! And living and working in South Texas, I need it !! I truly converted and good bye all other deodorant!

Megan Shutes
Oh wow!

I became concerned about the risks of antiperspirants because I already have an extremely dodgy genetic predisposition for cancer. I tried a lot of the most well reviewed (and very expensive products) with at best limited success. I have only been using Lume for a week, but oh wow. It really really works.

Best deodorant ever!

I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Lume worked immediately and lasted all day, plus it feels and smells like nothing! I have never been so excited about deodorant before...

Great deoderant!

I took a chance buying this deoderant. I read the reviews which were glowing. I felt like it was a steep price to pay! Now after using it for several weeks, I can rest at ease with the price. The amount needed under my arms is so minimal, I think it will last me for months and months! I absolutely love this deoderant and I will be a repeat customer.


This stuff is amazing! Seriously, you must try it!!!

Had Given Up Until I Found Lume

For well over 2 years my chemistry had been changing to where I could not use any product on my body. Not bar soap, no shampoo, no makeup, no creams, and after 38 laundry soaps - none of those worked. I had long before run out of any options for deodorants. So many products, health stores, lots of money spent, and I couldn't use one of them. Whatever I tried, I became so itchy even my eyes would itch insatiably. My allergist was stumped; the doctor even more so.

Living in 100% humidity in Florida I became a hermit. I couldn't even smell clean coming out of the shower. Then as faith would have it, I learned two things. My root issue was candida, and... I COULD USE LUME.

I am so excited to say this is the best product ever. It does not cause itch, no reaction at all and it absolutely works! At first smell, it isn't rosy or perfumy, but who wants that anyway. The scented is kind of an earthy smell. But I am here to say that once you apply and it dries, there is no smell, NONE! You can put your nose there and no smell even if you sweat. The next day is also covered. It has been my re-entry to social life.

Thank you, Lume for this treasure! I am so grateful for your research and I ask you... please do not ever change a thing!

It Works. Period.

I’ve had Lume deodorant for a few days now and I have to say that I am pretty blown away. I honestly didn’t have too high of hopes but was just tired of having my underarms smell no matter what I used. So, yesterday was my first full day wearing it and my therapy dog and I were scheduled to volunteer at a local assisted living facility. The residents keep it so warm in their rooms there (even though it's 90+ degrees outside right now in SC) that I’m always so stinky after we are done. I was there an hour and a half and it was HOT in some of those rooms but I had ZERO underarm smell when we were done....I couldn’t believe it. I'm also thrilled that this is a natural deodorant. I've been wanting to make the switch for a while but couldn't find something that was good for you AND worked. Look no further. It Works. Period.

I’ve only been using this for few weeks now and I love it!!

I love Lune! I’ll admit it the new video they just put out got me. I’m a sucker for good advertising so I had to try it. It REALLY works! I can go to the gym and run errands and still smell great. It’s a miracle! Other natural deodorants have given me rashes and small bumps under my skin, but I haven’t had any issues with this deodorant! It’s so great! Thank you, Lume!

Lisa Marie
Floored. Amazing. Yes.

I have to just praise this company for creating this product. I have tried numerous underarm natural deodorants and nothing works. But Lume WORKS. And I don't have to reapply. Also, a little bit goes a long long way. I love this brand and will continue to buy it!! Totally recommend it to anyone wanting to get away from the chemicals that go into the products that we put on our skin.

Lisa Silbernick

Since I had children, I have tried every deodorant under the sun that claims to be "clinical strength." Nothing worked!!! Not prescription, natural, clinical strength, Men's deodorant etc... I received Lume as a gift from my mom and thought" OK, here is another claim to freshness product."
I can not tell you how impressed I am day 7 into using this on my underarms and can go 15+ hours with no odor at all. We hit 80 degrees yesterday and I did NOT HAVE TO REAPPLY DEODORANT, YAY!

I will be a customer for life. This product provides confidence I have not had since the birth of my daughter 9 years ago and it changed my body chemistry making to sweat more. I am a believer in this product and the evidence behind why the product work hands down better than anything else on the market to eliminate odors. Thank you, Shannon for creating a product that allows me to feel confident again!

Gave it a shot!

I have been using natural deodorants for 5 years. I have struggled greatly finding anything that works for me. I was excited to try a deodorant that would last 24 hours and eliminate me having to reapply multiple times a day. I have used Lume for a month and as much as I wanted it to work it, did not work for me. I get about 7 hours of no smell and then it stops working. I will tell everyone to give it a shot because it could work for others. It did not work me.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience! Most often when Lume isn't performing as you would expect, it is man made fibers in clothing. How do we know this? Becasue during our clinical testing 100% of the test subjects got 72 hours of odor control, BUT we removed man made fibers from the wardrobe that harbor old BO. Unless you are using an enzyme detergent to spritz the pits before you toss them in the hamper, you may notice that BO returns from a previous wear. We hope you give the enzyme detergents a whirl and try applying just a tad more product. We are confident, it will work for you as it has for thousands of other.
Game Changer !!

I love this deodorant!It works great and it's even more amazing on my private parts !!Women usually don't talk about their personal "odor" but we all worry about how we "smell" down below !Buy this and use it as directed and you will not have any questionable "odor" ever again!


This product has TOTALLY changed my 17 year old daughters life! We had tried EVERYTHING for her sweating and body odor both underarm and her private area. Lume works MIRACLES! Thank you so much!


This product truly does work. I’ve only been using it for 3 days now, but from what I have seen I already know I will be buying more. I have always struggled with sweating but this product leaves me feeling fresh (both my armpits and private parts). NO MORE ODOR! Thank you for creating this product.

Jamie G.
It works, plain and simple!!

Ever since having kids, I have had trouble finding a regular deodorant that worked for me. I have tried countless brands and had finally managed to find ONE (chemical-filled) deodorant on the market that kept me stink-free. I didn't smell, but I wasn't happy that I had to layer chemicals on my body daily, so I was always hoping something else would come along. I tried many brands of natural deodorant along the way. I had completely given up on finding a natural deodorant that really, truly worked for me. Then I saw a random video on Lume on Facebook. I was intrigued, and read over the reviews and saw that many people were having success. So for the price (and free shipping!), I figured it was worth a shot. I have to say that I must have sniffed my armpits 100 times the first day I wore it. I must have asked my husband to sniff my pits a 100 times that day. I didn't stink! I didn't shower the next day.... and I still didn't stink! I was hooked! My husband started wearing it too. He's a fireman and works 24-hour shifts. A few weeks ago he worked his usually 24-hour shift, then spent the next day in 90-degree weather working outside for 8 hours before finally coming home to shower. He returned the favor and asked me to sniff his pits - amazingly, after 48 hours of hardcore sweating, he STILL didn't stink!! The rest of his firehouse is hooked and have become customers as well. I tell everyone I can about this amazing product. Thank you!!!

It's not you; it's your clothes!

I've tried tons of natural deodorant products and been very disappointed, so I was reluctant to give Lume a try. However, I've finally found a natural product that does what it says! We actually had a serious septic issue last month due to all the rain and it was impossible to get anyone to fix it quickly because they were booked up. For about 3 days we had to keep our water usage to the bare minimum, so showering was out of the question. Three days of dry shampoo, wash basin bathing, and Lume kept me smelling clean. There were a couple of days in the beginning where I thought Lume had failed, but the smell was coming from where my shirts had gotten a little sweaty under the arms but the smell wasn't on my skin! (My BF was nice enough to give me a sniff, after looking at me like I was nuts, to confirm I wasn't imagining things. LOL) I got some Persil to treat my shirts like the FAQ recommends and hope it takes the old deodorant residue & hidden funk out.

Unbelievably effective

I haven't purchased sleeveless blouses or dresses in years, not because of flabby arms, but because I knew that I would be self conscious and worried about odor. I tried SOOOO many natural deodorants and some worked fairly well, but they ALL broke my skin out so badly that I had no choice but to stop; I literally had what looked like boils on my arm pits. I saw Lume on an Instagram feed, read up on the reviews and the ingredients, and decided to give it a shot. I'll never regret it and never buy another deodorant as long as this is being made available. It has truly been a game changer for me. This week I am going to a beautiful tropical place and I am wearing a gorgeous sleeveless dress to a formal gala we are attending, and I'm so excited to not have to worry about smelling anymore. PLEASE don't stop making this product. Every time I find a shampoo, cosmetic, etc, that I really like the companies stop making it! Please don't!!!!

This stuff works unbelievably awesome!

I seriously was skeptical even after readying a ton of reviews but this stuff lives up to the hype. I have struggled with smell at the end of the day in all the problem places. The
First day I used this I was blown away!!! It works amazing. You only need to use a little bit. I have sensitive skin and had no bad reaction to it and I have literally put this everywhere! Already ordered 2 more for my mom and daughter.

I’m so happy I bought this

I’ve been using lume for a week now and it is honestly life changing. I have to wear hosiery every day as a flight attendant and lume has been a game changer. I don’t smell after a long day on the plane! Anyone who travels frequently can recognize how miraculous this is. Customer service is also really quick to respond if you have any questions! Thanks y’all

Great product

I love this product! I've been using this for about 2 months now and was skeptical at first, but after a week I was convinced. Even after working out, I do not have any odor.

Amazing stuff!!

Thank you so much. I heard about this product on the I don’t get it podcast. I immediately bought it! Ok TMI alert: But I have tried everything I could think of to deal with the smell down there. Liners, changing underwear a few times per day. Buying breathable underwear, loose pants. But I’m on day 3 of using this and it’s amazing! I was always embarrassed leaving a smell after using the bathroom. But now there’s no smell at all! Sorry for tmi again but it really works

Life changing!

I have literally tried every deodorant under the sun and NOTHING works like Lume. I cannot stop sniffing my pits and continue to be amazed that there is nothing!!! No smell whatsoever. I used on my feet as well. Incredible. Please don’t ever discontinue!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for a product that truly does what it says

Didn't work at all as much as I wanted it to

Despite following all directions for priming both clothes and body, despite rubbing it into my underarms, despite giving Lume nearly two weeks, it simply didn't work for me. I've been wearing natural or homemade deodorants for years and this performed just as badly as most natural deodorants I've worn (like Tom's, crystal deodorants). I'm glad this has worked for others and wish the company well, but I will not be a customer and will be back to looking for an effective deodorant.

Lume Response
The most important thing to consider is clothing. It doesn't matter if the garment is new. If it contains manmade fibers, you will always have an accelerated BO reaction in the fabric. If you use a liquid detergent with animal fats, fabric softeners or dryer sheets you are adding a BO binder to the fabrics. So prepping your clothes minimizes it and makes it less likely to happen as quickly, but it will happen. When clinical testing is performed, the test subjects wear a brand new, laundered, 100% cotton "Fruit of the Loom" t-shirt and they have to change it for everyday the test is being performed. 100% of the test subjects obtained 48 hours of odor control. So my best advice is to try Lume with a laundered 100% Fruit of the Loom tshirt to demonstrate to yourself the contribution clothing makes to odor. You can also improve your odor control by continuing to rub Lume in with your fingertips.

I made the switch to natural deodorants about two years ago. I developed a sensitivity to the baking soda in a lot of them, and struggled to find something that actually works! Then I stumbled across Lume and wow! It works great without reapplying and even after working out! This stuff is fantastic and I'm sold!!

Life changing

I have hidradenitis suppurativa. I know, that's a mouthful. It is a skin disease. I'm not going to get into specifics cause, well I don't want to but it sucks. Just know it sucks. I changed deodorants last year to an all natural deodorant that I really do love. It helped with the break outs I had under my arms but I was still breaking out everywhere else that the body sweats. My body hates my sweat. So I thought I would give this a try in the other more sensitive areas. Omg...all of my break outs are better. No new break outs. This is life altering for real. I don't know why it works but it has helped me so much I wanted to write a very open and personal review. I've struggled with this for almost 20 years with no reprieve. So thank you for your product. It is amazing and it is also a fabulous deodorant.

Lume Response
While Lume is not considered a treatment for HS, we are considering a study since we hear from soooo many people who have had your exact experience. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
Lynn T

This deodorant completely prevents odor! None of the natural deodorants I have tried did this. Even the mainstream deodorants with or without aluminum leave an acrid smell. Although I was at first disappointed that Lume wasn’t a dry stick, it doesn’t feel sticky and is gentle on my skin. The baking soda deodorants weren’t as effective and dried out my underarms and darkened the skin. Although the scent is strong when you first apply it, (but not unpleasant to me), it dissipates and leaves the underarms without much of its scent or any other. I really can’t believe how effective this is.

I was a skeptic...

I've tried natural deodorants in the past, only to be left smelly and disappointed that they didn't work. I had given up on the idea completely until I found out about Lume and decided to give them a shot. I was particularly interested in the "& Private Parts" part of what you can use their deodorant for.

I can tell you it worked from Day 1. I've tried it for underarms and private parts and never have to worry about smelling. Most days I only put it on out of the habit of putting on deodorant in the morning, not because I actually need it. I even put it to the test with a few high intensity work out classes - no odors! I highly recommend this product and have been telling all my friends about it!

Love Lyme...it works!!!

I absolutely LOVE Lume!! I'm only using it in my pits- haven't tried it elsewhere. But I am impressed! It works way better than any store brand I've ever used. I actually don't smell anything after a couple hours the scented part disappears and you smell NOTHING. My pits no longer have the build-up they used to have from antiperspirants and I didn't detox, I just started using Lume and within a week, my pits are soft, no longer look or feel nasty or dark and have that discoloration other toxic deodorant leaves you with. I am a life long customer with Lume! LOVE LUME!!

Lume Response
Lume doesn't require a detox. We are not even sure what that is all about so thank you for sharing your experience with us!

This is the best deodorant I've ever used. I've used unsuccessfully clinical strength deodorant and have made my own with baking soda and clay. This stuff is magical. It's not really an antiperspirant but you sweat less maybe because there is less irritation? No idea. It doesn't stain silk or wool which is also great.

Best ever!

I have tried numerous natural deodorants and none of them compare to Lume. I am now stink free!!!

Works Like Magic!

This product works like magic. I don’t know how it does it, but it works better than any other product I have ever tried. Lady parts? The Bomb. Underarms? No more itchy baking soda rash for me and it is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any sensitive skin formula of other natural deodorants. This deodorant is like no other. Completely unexpected.

Best Decision Ever

I had some health changes in the past two years and decided to make some small changes such as finding a natural deodorant. Prior to finding Lume, I tried two other brands and the first one broke my skin out terribly and the other had a slight irritation. Lume is amazing. It works! After following the "Getting Started" procedure to acclimate the body to Lume, I absolutely love this product as there is no irritation and no BO. In fact, I bought one for my daughter to try as she uses men's deodorant as she stated the women's deodorants don't cut it for her. She hasn't indicated one way or the other yet and I'll follow up with her soon. As for me, this is the one and only natural deodorant that works. As others have expressed, you have a lifelong customer and I hope this product never goes away.
Recently, I went on a trip to DC and walked the Washington Mall. The weather outside was hot and humid and I walked nearly 11 miles that day. Yes, I sweated, but there was absolutely no BO!! I was impressed and this is the day I fell in love with this product.
Not a great fan of the initial smell, but it's tolerable until it dissipates. However, so glad to see you've come out with an unscented version...I've pre-ordered 2 stick applicators!! Thank you and well done Lume!!

I’m Hooked!

Day 3 and I am hooked! This stuff really works! I feel fresher throughout the day even with the high stress job I have which wreaks havoc on my body. @ Lume you may just have a lifer thank you!

It Works!!

I have been using my Lume Deodorant for a week now. Other "natural" deodorants caused awful itchy rashes, so it's great to find something that actually works really well and causes no irritation. My only complaint is that when I first apply it, I almost gag at the smell. Thank goodness that smell goes away after several minutes.

Lume Response
We scent Lume with lavender and clary sage essential oils and that sounds like it's not for you! We have an unscented available the first week in September 2018:)
Rachel C.

It sounds dramatic, but this product has changed my life. I used to reapply deodorant several times a day and sometimes get rashes because of whatever they contained (I’ve tried almost all major and non-major brands). I apply this product as directed and it works! I smell good, or like nothing at all, ALL DAY! The scent is pleasant but not overpowering and one container lasts quite awhile. I love Lumē.

Jeanne Toomey

I still can’t believe that after working a long day I have NO body odor. Lume is amazing !!! My search is over!!! Thank you!!!

Body acne gone!

I bought the stick and cream deodorant and love them! No annoying fragrance to mix with ur natural smell and stink. I use the cream on my shoulders, and in 2 days, acne was gone. I sweat there too, right under bra straps, and the cream has kept me dry! Also, the stick deodorant lasts for days and doesn't leave stains on my shirts. I just love it, and will continue to be a customer!

New Formulation Doesn't Work

I started using Lume several months ago before the "72 hour" formulation update. It took some trial and error to figure it out, but it worked really well once I did. Since the formulation update that claims "72 hours of odor control," it does not work NEARLY as well. It smells a little different, the texture is different, and it only lasts a few hours if I'm lucky--it doesn't even get close to the old 48-hour claim, much less the new 72-hour claim. I have been using it for several weeks now, hoping that it will start working, but it just isn't. I am very disappointed in this product, especially since I used to love it.

Lume Response
We are really sorry to hear that you have had trouble getting the odor control we are clinically proven to provide. Odor control is relative to each person and the body odor that one person is capable up (everyone is different) is "controlled" for 72 hours. "Odor Free" is dependent on clothing, how much you apply and lifestyle. We hope you are able to get back on track with Lume as your experience is not consistent with our testing. Please reach out to support@lumedeodorant.com for more tips. We are here to help!
Follow the directions

I’m hooked, but I wasn’t at first. For me, the detox/priming period was essential. I still smelled bad for at least a week after starting this stuff. But now, I just smell like skin. It’s sort of weird to raise my arm and not smell a perfumed scent. I can’t go 48 hours, though. I need to reapply at the end of the day if I’m doing anything in the evening. I’ve been using it for only a couple of weeks, so maybe that will get better. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll definitely keep using it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it doesn’t stain my white shirts! (It did at first, when I was “detoxing” from traditional deodorant.)

Lume Response
Everybody is different and transitions into Lume more or less quickly depending on the the products you were using before Lume and also genetically how many and what kind of sweat you produce. Be very mindful of your clothing. Even under the best of circumstances, polyester, modal, spandex, lycra etc accelerates the odor reaction in clothing. Older wax and aluminum based products bind in fabrics and sometimes are impossible to ever wash out. The enzyme detergents we talk about in "Getting Started" can help improve the resistant BO bound in older articles of clothing. The longer you use Lume, the better it gets. Just be aware of the fabrics you are wearing.
I’m impressed

I’ve found pretty good natural deodorants. But this one is one of the best. While I still Sweat under certain circumstances, there’s no smell. At all! It’s thin like applying a lotion. Seems to absorb quickly. It’s completely non-irritating to my sensitive skin. It just works wonderfully. And the fact you can apply it anywhere makes it really stand out from the pack. Any hiker, active person, or camper knows that not just your underarms that get funky. This easily solves that. Very clean feeling. Highly recommend.


This stuff is really great! I'm truly impressed with how well it works. By far the best natural deo I have ever used!



So far the best!!

I am in Love with this deodorant!!! Have tried many different “natural” brands and I LOVE this for the odor control.

90 Degree Run & Weight Session and it's ONLY Day 2!

Prior to *somewhat skeptically* ordering Lume, I had been a die-hard Secret Deodorant user. The last 15+ years it has been my go-to through two black belt tests, countless cross country running meets, sweaty Crossfit sessions, and those stressful life events that just make you sweat. While it mostly did it's job, I always felt like I was just covering up body oder, not to mention I knew the potential long-term effects the harsh ingredients could yield.

Two days (two applications) into using Lume, I went out for a 5 mile run in 90 degree weather and then bravely went straight into the gym for a heavy lifting session. I kept doing the somewhat awkward, trying to be inconspicuous, pit check for the duration of these workouts and was shocked. My pits didn't smell like ANYTHING; after that test, my old deodorant has a new home... in the garbage. I'm incredibly impressed with what Lume has to offer after two days and can't wait to see what else it has in store!

J R Dixon

I just love that this product does EXACTLY what it promises. It's nothing short of amazing. The odor control is like nothing else I've ever used (not that I've ever used deodorant on my private parts before). There is literally no funk at all (pits or privates) after a day without showering and a spin class. No smell at all! The smell of the product itself is a little weird. Like a cross between lavender, starbursts, and paste, but once it dries, there's no smell at all. Buy this! (Full price purchaser. Honest review.)


This is the only product that genuinely is effective no matter what. I tried native and loved it but it wore out quickly, stained my shirts, and I often reapplied or questioned if it made me smell worse by the end of the day. Tom's unscented was completely ineffective. This product leaves no scent on my clothes or body and no stains. Dries quickly. I love it. One of my shipments had some issues and they responded in less than 24 hrs, refunded cost, and shipped a new stick. Can't say enough good things.

Not for me

Sooo the scent seemed to be at odds with itself. I agree no scent would be best. However almost immediately putting it on after a shower I smelled nasty. I thought I just needed to try it after all it was created by a medical professional and I being a nurse - would reap the benefits of it being tested in high pressure environments. NOPE. It was yuck (almost applying the exact smell I was trying to escape from) from the moment I spread it on to the morning I washed it off just so I could sleep. I am also headed to Hawaii soon and after using it in the sun/humidity the couple of days it left a greasy wet feel under my arms on my shirt. Not appealing. Several ER colleges gave me a sniff over and agree this won’t pass our standards. Sorry 😫.


I. Have. Tried. EVERYTHING.
I am still in awe of this product. I don't even care about the little crusty bits I get when I accidentally use too much. It is worth it because I don't stink, even after flying halfway across the world without a shower. Uh-mazing.

It works

I really like the way this works. It doesn’t take days or weeks to work like others I’ve tried. I have some pretty strong armpit odor so I just expected it to fail. I will say that they should include the Fox it info for the pump in case it arrives and doesn’t work like mine did. It does not smell like Fruit Loops, not even close. It has a hint of lavender. A fruity scent would have been great. The click up deodorant doesn’t travel well, mine leaked out into the lid but I’m still using it. If my pump wasn’t kinda broken, it had a better scent, and it hadn’t all leaked into the left d I would have given it 5 stars.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your Lume experience and rating the cream itself 5 out of 5! That is the most important part. We are coming out with an unscented version very soon! We realize lavender and clary sage may not be for everyone. The airless pump, like all airless pumps can lose it's prime as the product settles away from the cap during transport. Including the instructions is a good suggestion. We are sorry you had to reprime yours. We are actively working to resolve the leaking issue when tipped on it's side in the heat. That shouldn't be a problem moving forward.
Life Changing

For over 10 years I have struggled with smell from my personal area. I have two failed bladder mesh surgeries. I don’t feel confident in a dress and usually choose not to wear them. 1 week in and I’m a new women! I’m not afraid of spontaneous intimacy with my hubby as I smell fresh and have no fear! Plus I can wear dresses now! As a bonus I now can wear this as my deodorant and no more worries on smell! I live in the south and humidity is tough on us girls in sleeveless shirts, now I can sport one every day of the week. I tried to make my husband smell my stink free underarms after a full day, but he refused. No need to, I can raise my arms with confidence! Thank you for this great product!


My husband and I have tried so many different deodorants and nothing has come close to working as well as Lume. I am so very pleased with this product and have told so many of my friends about it. It truly is amazing!

This stuff is AMAZING

I cannot say how EXCITED and RELIEVED I am to have found Lume. IT WORKS! SOOOOOOO well. I thought it would take a few days for it to kinda get up to strength but nope, no stink day one. And to illustrate how amazing that is consider that I am a dancer. I am in leggings and tights all the time. The fabric traps body odor and I am always worried about crotch sweat smelling. Spray deodorants created skin irritation and only added a layer of scent to the smell. This stops it. It DOES NOT HAPPEN. This is a miracle in the tube. NEVER STOP MAKING THIS!!!


I’ve been on my natural journey for years. It’s been the worst struggle as I could never find a deodorant that fully worked for me. I started with Tom’s, which did nothing. I then switched to Schmidt’s, which worked temporarily but then left me with a horrible rash. I tried two separate formulas of Primal Pit Paste (the unscented and then the activated charcoal version)...nothing! I tried so hard and was really about to give up. And then I found Lume. This deodorant is LIFE CHANGING. I haven’t been smelly since day one. I can have the busiest of days and still no smell. My husband can attest to the fact that I once came home from an extremely busy outdoor day (and I should add that I live in sunny, humid South Florida), took off my shirt, and broke down in tears because I was smell-free and couldn’t remember the last time that was the case. This brand has changed my life and I’ll recommend it to anyone who asks. Buy, buy, buy!!!!

Jennifer Anderson

I have known Dr. Klingman since medical school and she has ALWAYS been an overachiever! She does not disappoint with this new product. I am also a gynecologist and have both used this product and recommended it to my patients. It has the desired effect--eliminating odor both under the arms and in private areas. It is wonderful to have a product to recommend that is safe and effective! And I absolutely do recommend it!

Brent A.

After my two “doubting Thomas” tests, I am now a true believer!

I’ve purchased a Propel dispenser for each of my siblings and 87-year-old mother. Each of them are now fans.

Next up? A pile of nephews and nieces, ranging in age from 17 up to 42 will get Lume Propel to try. It’s amazing to hear the family feedback from the oldest, compared to those that are going through life’s changes right now. I can assure you this very extroverted family will be spreading the good news about Lume Deodorant.

Love the unscented

It works really well I had redness between the legs and odor now both are gone! I did not like the smell of the first product but used it because it works! The new unsented product is a nice improvement on a good product.

Annette Pearson
High hopes and disappointment

I really, really, really wanted this to work! I do all the laundry and body prep recommended, and I'm about a month into using it, but it's just not effective for me. It has gotten less effective as I've been using it. It works well for my feet and my nethers, but not my pits, despite meticulous laundering as per directions on the site. I can't justify replacing all my shirts with 100% cotton for multiple reasons, including the fact that I got stinky in a 100% cotton top yesterday after about 5 hours and a little bit of moderate intermittent sweating. I really wish it worked for me. I'll keep using what I have for my feet and other non-pit bits, but I'm still searching for my pit BO solution. If you're chronically stinky and a moderate perspirer like me, you might not have a lot of success. I gave it a good hard try.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are so sorry you have not gotten the odor control you would hope for. The sweating into older clothes can certainly be the culprit and it sounds like you are on board with the prepping your tops with an enzyme spray. You need to continue to use the sprays for 3-4 launderings sometimes for tougher BO cases and even cotton tops that have been worn before with other wax and oil based products harbor BO. We are so bummed to hear this as we have been life changing for so many people. We will keep your information as a chance for us to have you try new products as the come out because we have something even bigger coming up soon. Thanks for giving it a good go. 🙂
From Day One!

Today is the first day that I have used Lumē, and I am amazed! I realized when I went to the restroom earlier, that I do not have any odor at all! I had weight loss surgery in 2011, and I have skin folds on my lower abdomen/pelvic area. I could always smell an odor when I went to the bathroom and I prayed that others couldn't smell it too. I remember my aunt having the same odor, so I am pretty sure they could. I used the lotion under the skin folds and private parts and also under my breasts. This product is already life-changing for me in the realization that I can be confident that I don't smell badly any more! Thank you!!!!

Lume Response
This is great new! Don't over do it, you need Lume just a few times a week below the belt. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.
Cannot do the smell

Tried this 3 times and could not tolerate the smell it was worse than my stink. Maybe an unsecured version?


This deodorant worked ok but has a strong unusal smell. I decided to try it on a work day thinking maybe it wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought. At work, I went to take a patients blood pressure and thought this patient had a funny smell and then I realized/remembered it was me.! 😞. Also, when I removed my scrubs that evening, there were white residue marks left on my clothes by the deodorant.

Works great!

I saw their ad on fb and it totally got me! Haha I ordered it, it arrived quickly, and it works great! I got the original scent. I didn’t care for the smell when I first put it on, but it quickly fades and I smell nothing... no armpit stink, no deodorant smell.


Thank you thank you for this product. I have been diagnosed with vaginal bacteria multiple times and it keeps coming back.I was thinking it doesn’t hurt to try it. I bought it not sure what to expect but thought let’s give it a try. I have been using it a week now and feel more confident then ever. Lumē is going to be part of my daily routine.
Thanks again.

Jazz F
So far so good

I have only been using Lumē for a few days so I’m still learning about whether it is right for me. One plus I have determined is that the customer service is impeccable. Often times companies fail to realize that even if a product works well, providing exceptional customer service is an additional part of the customer experience. At first I was nervous because the site only provides an email contact and no phone number, and I had a TON of questions. But I sent emails and each time someone got back to me within hours to help. That is really awesome. Thank you!!!

Exceptional! Changed my life

I'm a Pilates instructor and the nature of my job requires me to get close to people's personal space for correction during exercises...BO is not something I can have when teaching. I usually workout before I teach= sweating before I teach...
I have spent literally hundreds of $$$ on natural deodorants and all of them have left me with these weird musky, bitter smelling armpits. Enter Lumē deodorant. It is amazing! A total life changer! No more smell!!! I literally put my workout clothes on today (my day off) to go walk my dogs and then do a workout and I keep smelling my armpits, expecting that musky smell. Nothing, nada, zip! And it was very humid and warm here in NC and I sweated a bunch. I am sold. I wont buy anything else. Thank you so much for finally developing a natural deodorant that actually works!


Looking for some extreme TMI? .... I got you.... I have no idea what changed for me, but I am now the girl that if she forgets deodorant... 10 mins after blow drying my hair in a steamy bathroom already stanks like BO..... mid day at work can smell feminine odor (so far no one else has noticed because I'm so careful). I get off my work stool with a "butt scoot" so other dont see my nether region heat mark. I totally understand dogs being "in heat" geez. Oh and let's not forget ending up with a visible butt crack sweat mark on my work pants from my back that pooooools between my butt crack lol. Almost started wearing sham wow thongs!! Lume is a life saver!!! Omg. Yes.. . I still sweat like a beast, but I'm not longer constantly sniffing myself scared..... I was skeptical at first.... I have extreme sensitive skin... that breaks out or blisters ( even scented pads resulted in skin painfully sloughing off around my vajayjay!!) for almost everything. I've been using Lume for a week now. Even during work, sitting on the toilet, went in for. . .THE DEEP PANT SNIFF!! No scent!!! Yay!!! I dont LOVE the original smell, but it goes away very quickly and no issues with skin sensitivity!!! I am beyond excited!!! Its one less thing for me to constantly be worried about! Please ladies. Try Lume!!!

Y’ALL, BUY THIS!! 100%

Unlike many of these other reviewers, I didn’t care about vegan, aluminum free crap; I wanted to not stink at whatever chemical cost. But this is apparently chemical-free, and is definitely amazing. I wish I had found this sooner. It. Is. AWESOME. I’ve tried all kinds of products from “clinical strength” stuff to Certain Dri to men’s deodorant to Native and nothing has worked like this. I was hesitant to buy at first because it didn’t necessarily claim to be an antiperspirant but I’ve had minimal sweating since using Lume and ZERO odor. I’m really here to talk about the antiperspirant benefits because I don’t think they are well represented when you read about Lume. My previous products I used to apply to underarms, under/between breasts, and between legs, and by the end of the day I was a very damp with some body odor covered by the scent of whatever deodorant I was using. My first Lume application I did the same, and I applied my regular Degree for men deodorant to my underarms afterwards just in case. It has been over 2 days and I have not reapplied anything, have no odor, AND no dampness ANYWHERE. I am over the moon with this product and will continue to buy it. If you aren’t sold on this product, I hope this review will convince you. It is 100% worth it!

90 Degree Run & Weight Session and it's ONLY Day 2!

Prior to *somewhat skeptically* ordering Lume, I had been a die-hard Secret Deodorant user. The last 15+ years it has been my go-to through two black belt tests, countless cross country running meets, sweaty Crossfit sessions, and those stressful life events that just make you sweat. While it mostly did it's job, I always felt like I was just covering up body oder, not to mention I knew the potential long-term effects the harsh ingredients could yield.

Two days (two applications) into using Lume, I went out for a 5 mile run in 90 degree weather and then bravely went straight into the gym for a heavy lifting session. I kept doing the somewhat awkward, trying to be inconspicuous, pit check for the duration of these workouts and was shocked. My pits didn't smell like ANYTHING; after that test, my old deodorant has a new home... in the garbage. I'm incredibly impressed with what Lume has to offer after two days and can't wait to see what else it has in store!

Love , love, love!!

I have been using this deodorant for two weeks now, and I am in love! I have tried every natural deodorant on the market and have liked quite a few. This one is special. Not only do I not have to clean up and reapply, I don’t have to reapply in the morning now. No stank, no checking, no issues. My underarm skin is also normal looking again, and it feels petal soft. Did I say how much I love this? Going to give it to my 15-year-old son next, during basketball season. 👍

best deodorant on the market

I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review to make sure the results were accurate. I’ve been using Lume for two weeks and it’s honestly been life changing. I’ve tried so many deodorants, most recently Native, and nothing has worked! Living in Florida, this is a huge issue. Lume has kept me odor-free for throughout the day. I apply at night and don’t reapply until I shower the following night. After workouts, no smell. After a day at work, no smell. A day at the beach, no smell. And it might sound strange, but using it between my legs has been a game changer: no smell at all. I’m no longer embarrassed by my body odor, and my clothes no longer reek after wearing them all day. I just can’t say enough about this deodorant! Thank you Lume, for giving me my confidence back.

When it comes to natural deodorant...this is a game changer.

A year ago I decided to stop putting toxic chemicals not only in but on my body as well. I have tried every natural deodorant I saw/heard about/was recommended-Tom's, Schmidt's, Native, Crystal's...you name it...I've probably tried it. I've found very few that have no baking soda (which I discovered is not good for my pits) and the selection was usually unscented and none of them controlled odor well enough for me to not be embarrassed or self conscious. I saw an ad on Facebook for Lume and I told myself this was the last one before I went back to toxic deodorant. For me...Lume was a game changer in my journey to finding a natural deodorant.
Definitely make sure to pretreat your shirts. I washed all my shirts with a persil pod twice before drying them and it made a big difference with pit smell...there was none. One pump rubbed into each pit and I am odor free until my next shower. Everyone's nose is different and I will admit the scent is a bit off putting as soon as you pump it out and rub it on but it dissipates after a few minutes and later in the day when it has mixed with the chemistry of my body I absolutely love the smell but if your nose says no please try the unscented. I am no longer embarrassed or self conscious that people can smell my B.O. (I asked all my friends to smell my pits and they agree...odor free). Thank you Lume for helping me take one step closer to living healthier!

Best Natural Deodorant, but doesn't live up to claims

This is by far the best natural deodorant I have tried. Baking soda makes me break out in a horrible rash, and other brands without baking soda just didn't work. Lume claims that they last 72 hours. I would say it's a solid 24 hours. Which is all I really want, but not what they claim to do. I have also noticed that since Lume changed from "48" to "72" hours, it seems to be slightly less effective. I find that odd, but overall I will continue to use Lume.

Lume Response
If you are getting 24 hours odor free, that is fantastic!! Odor control is different from odor free and it is based on everyone's own body chemistry and clothing you wear. Thank you for sharing your Lume experience with us! Try applying a tad more product and we think you will find the new formula is more effective:)
Crying tears of joy!!

I am one of those girls that wouldn't "look" like they have BO, but I have been struggling with overwhelmingly offensive pits (and other parts) for as long as I can remember. It has gotten in the way of relationships, travel, and opportunities. I tried Lume thinking it would be just like any deodorant that wasn't going to work (i've tried hundreds), and i'm now going on 48+ hours without reapplying. I'm testing out their 72 hour guarantee and so far so good! This has NEVER happened to me before, so i'm over the moon with excitement just knowing that i'll never have to experience the constant embarrassment as long as Lume is in business.

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