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Lume is Changing Lives One Whole Body at a Time!

When you find a deodorant this good, you don't keep it to yourself! Here's the latest buzz.

"Freedom of not smelling, I think that's huge."

"I get to go all kinds of amazing, beautiful places. Being out on the mountain for days, how do you handle body odor or cleanliness? It's difficult. Finding Lume this year was really nice to have. It made it easier to not be smelly around folks."
- Jenny

"I really did test it for 72 hours. It worked!"

"Whenever I do chainsaw carvings, I get sweaty and dirty, especially when it's hot. No matter how hard I work, Lume's gonna work harder for me. If you do anything that's labor-intensive, that you sweat, then you definitely need Lume."
- Rob

"Lume changed how everyday life is."

"For two years, I was looking for a deodorant. I was really persistent on trying to find something that worked for me. When I first tried Lume, it worked for 48 hours. It's really comforting to know that I can use a deodorant that works."
- AnMarie

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Tears of Joy

"I get tears of joy at how my confidence level is through the roof. "

Lili P.

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"You name it, I've tried it. NOTHING WORKED. Lume works AMAZINGLY! I was shook! I can use this ANYWHERE on my body. My armpits, my mother apron, under the girls, and don't have to worry about irritation. LUME IS LEGIT! "

Pamela Z.

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Works great!

"Works great for me! Got the unscented and I have zero odor even after a long, strenuous shift at work! "

Leah A.

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Life changing. Outstanding. In a league of its own. Lume delivers odor control like no other deodorant. Don't take our word for it, let thousands of rave reviews speak for themselves.

"You use this, you won't even have to use anything the next day!"
- Tamika

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Thousands of 5
Star Reviews!

Outrageously happy people, talking about outrageously effective deodorant.

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Wendy W.

Verified Buyer



I was wondering if I was imagining things - but it appeared my age spots looked less noticeable. Then you published how it evens skin tone!! Yay!! Plus it is a good moisturizer and I really do like the fresh tangerine scent. Wonderful!!

Clean Tangerine | Acidified Body Cream

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Michelle D.

Verified Buyer


Excellent product

This moisturizer keeps my skin smooth. A little goes a long way. Potent, effective ingredients. I have a subscription so I’ll never run out!

Beatrice C.

Verified Buyer


Beatrice council

I am sorry I ordered the body cream on accident. I was trying to order the whole body deodorant 72 hour odor control But I love all your products so I just wanted to say that

Allison P.

Verified Buyer


Acidified body cream

I'm hoping with continued use it lightens certain areas with the acidified cream

Mavis G.

Verified Buyer


Love my Lume!!

My favorite products are the body wash and body creams. Not only do they control odor, they make my skin feel great!

Shannon .

Verified Buyer



Kathy G.

Verified Buyer


Tangerine lime cream

Excellent, wonderful fragrance. I previously used the lavender sage, but did not enjoy the fragrance at all.

Eddie A.

Verified Buyer



I love it. lume does everything that was said about it I love it and would tell anyone that lume is the way to go to keep you fresh 72 hrs.

Autumn L.

Verified Buyer


Yes, please!

Highly recommend - effective and gentle

Elizabeth V.

Verified Buyer



This lotion goes on daily and has made a considerable difference on the itchy patches I have. A perfect lotion with no greasy feel.

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