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Life Changing!

Dr Klingman,
You don’t know how important your work is!! There has GOT to be a way to let more people know about this product. It is literally saving my life.  I have had bromhidrosis since I was in elementary school. I have been bullied my ENTIRE life. My thoughts and attempts at suicide began at 14. 
I am now a disabled vet, who has lived my ENTIRE life with a fear of getting close to people… physically, and emotionally.  
I’ve had partial apocrine removal, I’ve tried and failed aluminum based products, I’ve done salicylic acid externally to each axilla, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar. I prayed to God to either cure me or take me out of my misery. 
Though I’ve always been grossly disappointed, I continued to search for solutions.  I’ve spent countless dollars, only for products to immediately fail.  Everyone has always assumed I simply don’t practice good hygiene, and I actually shower more than most people I know.
I came across Lume online. I didn’t believe it would work, but I had to try.
Doctor… for the first day in my adult life, I am experiencing odor free days. I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this product.  
My only fear now is that it is EVER discontinued.
I wanted to personally thank you, for saving me nights full of tears. My coworkers have already judged me, but hopefully over time, their perception of me will change.
Thank you SOOOO much. I will be a life long user, and my daughter will be as well.
Please never underestimate the change you’re making in people’s lives.
SINCERELY and with Love, 
K.S. / Florida
Brandi McEntire

Absolutely amazing & worth every single penny! My son has a metabolic disorder that leaves him smelling fishy when he sweats & we live in a hot climate. Within a few days the fishy smell was 100% gone. This deodorant has literally changed his life. Thank you Lume!

John Tinucci

The only issue/problem I've had is if you lay the product on its side, as in traveling it leaks out into the cover. And a good amount at that. Otherwise it works as advertised and I'm ordering again.

Lume Response
Thank you for sharing your Lume experience. We are thrilled to hear it is effective odor control for you. The propel container, due to the holes on top are subjected to leaking when the container lays on it's side for long periods of time. We appreciate you mentioning that to us, and would recommend the airless pump at this time for travel. We do have plans in the near future for a jar to be used for travel as well.

My husband and I have tried so many different deodorants and nothing has come close to working as well as Lume. I am so very pleased with this product and have told so many of my friends about it. It truly is amazing!


Being a 70 year old female I have typical dry skin and use an almond oil soap which helps. However, daily showering dries my skin out no matter what. So my choice is to shower every other day and hope my B.O. stays under control-but it doesn’t always work out.
Two days ago I showered and “primed” my underarms with Lume and have remained completely odor free. Today, being braver, I showered and extended the “priming” to my private parts. I have hopes this will work for each of my B.O. areas.

Best stuff ever!

I was watching wcco one morning when I heard a lady talking about this product. I have been looking for a deodorant for awhile that will work for more than an hour. Ive tried so many, even had my doctor prescribe something that burned awful and still didn’t work. I ordered both the underarm and air pump and it works!! I love it!! I spent the entire day house cleaning after using the product and I still felt fresh. Plus the fact that it’s aluminum free is an extra plus. Thank you for making this wonderful product! My daughters thank you too!

Great product!!

This product is wonderful! I sweat profusely at the gym and am always concerned about odor. Lumē has eliminated all odors and my need for prescription strength deodorant. There is a light lavender scent that I LOVE! I will be a customer for life.


WOW. I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine for over a decade because it’s the ONLY deodorant that doesn’t give me a rash. Baking soda immediately irritates my skin, and EVERY other natural deodorant I’ve tried leaves me with a painful, itchy, awful rash in two days. I’m also really smelly for a woman, having to reapply the Tom’s three times per day. The first day I used this, I showered as normal, let my pita dry (they were already a little smelly, even though I’d just showered!), and used alcohol wipes to cleanse my pits. Applied a healthy amount of Lume to a wide area under my arms. No odor whatsoever, even after being outside and sweating in the heat. Next morning? Only very slight, not unpleasant odor. Showered again. Repeated the process minus the alcohol wipes. I don’t know what to say....I’m at a loss for words. This is a miracle product. Lavilin cream gives me hard painful lumps under my arms, and every other deodorant makes me feel like I’m on fire AND only increases odor! This is such an incredible product. Please never change it. Please! 🙂

Lisa Silbernick

Since I had children, I have tried every deodorant under the sun that claims to be "clinical strength." Nothing worked!!! Not prescription, natural, clinical strength, Men's deodorant etc... I received Lume as a gift from my mom and thought" OK, here is another claim to freshness product."
I can not tell you how impressed I am day 7 into using this on my underarms and can go 15+ hours with no odor at all. We hit 80 degrees yesterday and I did NOT HAVE TO REAPPLY DEODORANT, YAY!

I will be a customer for life. This product provides confidence I have not had since the birth of my daughter 9 years ago and it changed my body chemistry making to sweat more. I am a believer in this product and the evidence behind why the product work hands down better than anything else on the market to eliminate odors. Thank you, Shannon for creating a product that allows me to feel confident again!

Garen Ipsen

I recently tried a baking soda based “natural” deodorant and it felt (and looked) like someone had taken a flame thrower to my armpits! I broke out in a painful rash that took over a week to heal from. In contrast, Lume is amazing! It doesn’t irritate and it performs exactly as advertised. HIGHLY recommended.

Exceptional! Changed my life

I'm a Pilates instructor and the nature of my job requires me to get close to people's personal space for correction during exercises...BO is not something I can have when teaching. I usually workout before I teach= sweating before I teach...
I have spent literally hundreds of $$$ on natural deodorants and all of them have left me with these weird musky, bitter smelling armpits. Enter Lumē deodorant. It is amazing! A total life changer! No more smell!!! I literally put my workout clothes on today (my day off) to go walk my dogs and then do a workout and I keep smelling my armpits, expecting that musky smell. Nothing, nada, zip! And it was very humid and warm here in NC and I sweated a bunch. I am sold. I wont buy anything else. Thank you so much for finally developing a natural deodorant that actually works!


I bought LUME for myself and 3 friends and we all love the product.


I must be the only person on earth that this product hasn’t worked for. I’ve been using it for over a month and I still can’t make it 12 hours even without smelling like I’ve not showered in weeks. I’m still giving 3 stars as it doesn’t have a heavy “cover” scent, it just smells clean. I just wish I did ☹️

Lume Response
Be aware of your clothing. Man made fabrics really harbor older waxy and oil based products you have used in the past. A little moisture and heat reactivates the familiar BO smell and once you take the top off, without laundering, the sweat and bacteria thrive on man made fibers and keep on doing that BO production thing! Nature's Miracle or Persil are the best products we have found to break that old BO down. Spritz the pits of your shirts before throwing them in the hamper and you will notice a difference. Reach out to us at support@lumedeodorant.com if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.

I’ve searched years and tried so many deodorants until I found Lume! I love the light fresh scent, and it does not leave any residue that will rub off on clothing plus you won’t stink! You won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

Susi H.
Lume Deodrant is truly life changing for me!

I was a tester and could not have been more pleased with the results. I can work all day, sweat, got to the gym, sweat some more and NO ODOR! It is like magic. I wish I had this product in my 20’s and 30’s.
I don’t consider myself to be a sweaty or smelly person, but sometimes deodorant was just not strong enough. I even tried all of the “clinical” formulas. Nothing worked as well as Lumē.
It works equally on underarms and private parts. This stuff is fantastic!!!

Jessica G.

I knew this was an amazing product from the first time I tried it in the trial stages! So glad to have the final product. Thank you for creating something that not only works even after not showering 2 days in a row without having to reapply, but something that isn’t harmful to our health and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin, clothes or my long hair that always seems to stick to those other products when blow drying it or being out on the lake in a swim suit!! I’m even going to gift it to my teen nephews because they sure can stink Lol.
I love Lume ☺


Having used almost every deodorant on the market and 2 different prescriptions I finally found a deodorant that works! My husband is traditionally a skeptic of the "natural/crunchy" products I use. He doesn't feel they work as well. A few weeks into using my Lume deodorant and he's a believer. After a long day of sweating and baking I was cutting his hair when he said "Wow, that stuff really works. You don't even stink after sweating all day in the kitchen" He then asked me to order some for my teenage boy, hoping it'll help with his foot odor. I'll keep you posted on the effectiveness to cure teenage boy odors!

Brent P
Wow! I never knew you could get excited over deodorant that works!! 🙂

I have just finished using this deodorant for a week. Wow! It really truly works better than any deodorant I have used in my life. Such a nice mild fragrance. No overwhelming smell or perfumes! No rash, no stinging, so easy to put on! I can't believe I'm excited over a deodorant! I can't believe I'm taking the time to write a review! I'm just so honestly impressed. I usually need at least one application of deodorant a day, and after 8-hours it is obviously losing effectiveness. I really got through 48-hours with this with no reapplication and it worked great! I also love the fact that it does not cause any skin reaction. I have no irritation, no itching, no residue, no overpowering smell. It is just so refreshing to have such a simple experience with deodorant. I honestly never realized what a pain normal deodorant was. I think I am a convert for life. It is just such a pleasant experience. I thought it was a bit weird at first, since it is not a solid, but more of a cream, but it was super easy to apply, spread, and it just absorbs and fades and is gone! No residue, no stickiness, no gel, nothing. I really think I am so very lucky to have stumbled on this stuff! Wow! Why isn't this available on Amazon and at grocery stores and everywhere! It is just so awesome for anyone who has sensitive skin or who hates strong perfumes and smells or who doesn't like residues, or who simply likes a long-lasting truly effective deodorant. I have never used anything like this. I still cannot believe I am taking the time to write a review on deodorant or that I am even spending this much time thinking about deodorant. I never thought of it before, but actually using Lume made me realize just how much better this is than anything I've ever used before. If you are curious, just try it. I can only share my own experience, but I am really impressed. I am buying some more today. I just hope this is always around and doesn't disappear. I really hope this amazing product is successful and that more people discover it. Such a truly different, amazing, and effective product. All I can say is... Wow! and... Thank You!! 🙂

Amy D.
Best Deodorant Ever!!!

I am a registered nurse and have been searching for a non-toxic underarm deodorant for quite some time. I've tried many products and was truly about to resign myself to having to use chemical laden products to stay dry and fresh-smelling. Luckily, I stumbled across Lume and am so impressed by this product. Lume is very gentle but effective!!! It does not cause me to break out in the awful red and itchy rashes other natural deodorants caused. I smell clean all day and have had no issues with rash or irritation. Thank you for a safe and effective product. I absolutely love Lume- please do not ever stop making it.


This is the first deodorant that has worked for me in years. I love the fresh scent and it truly lasts for 48 hours. Will never use anything else!

Jennifer Anderson

I have known Dr. Klingman since medical school and she has ALWAYS been an overachiever! She does not disappoint with this new product. I am also a gynecologist and have both used this product and recommended it to my patients. It has the desired effect--eliminating odor both under the arms and in private areas. It is wonderful to have a product to recommend that is safe and effective! And I absolutely do recommend it!

I love it!!

I was watching the news and saw this product. I purchased it and I love it! I am so happy I watched the news that day!


Just amazing!! I know the dangers of traditional antiperspirant, but have never been able to stay away for long! I work in a fast paced, active and warm environment. I am always HOT and sweaty!! Even with “clinically” strength deodorants, I always have odor after 8 hours + !!! What can I say? My mind was blown! This is a truly amazing product!! I no longer worry about the person in the room with me being aware of my body odor!
I have never been so in love with a product before!!!

Customer for Life!


First and foremost it works! I had wanted to use something more natural than the aluminum laden deodorant I was using but most natural deodorants don’t work a minute over 24 hours if that long. I have tossed my old deodorant in the trash. Lume is my new product of choice and it does so much more than armpits.

Thank you for thinking outside the box and coming up with this amazing product!

You have a customer for life!

No more compromise here!

After one application I can tell you I am continuing to purchase this product! It is real deal! I am no longer putting up with odor just because my other deodorant was aluminum free. No more compromise here!

It really works!

I have tried ALL kinds of aluminum free, natural deodorants, including Tom's, PiperWai from shark tank (at the recommendation of a friend.), and one from France. Piper smells great initially, but I end up with a lot more odor, AND irritation from it. Plus, it's a pain to put apply. Lume is pretty much unscented, and it works for DAYS! It's easy to put on, and it doesn't explode in my luggage when I fly. I've ended up reordering. ONE DOWNSIDE - the airless pump didn't work right, and I'd suggest sticking to the stick.

Lisa Kannenberg

I cannot say enough positive things about Lume! It's INCREDIBLE! This product is a serious game changer.
It's a delicate subject to talk about, but I am so glad I discovered Lume!


I have been using clinical strength deodorant for years, but I tried Lumē this week and will never go back. I am living in southern India right now, and the heat here is something else. But even after sweating it up yesterday and not showering, I am still fresh in the pits and down south today. And the smells down south are completely gone! No more washing jeans after each wear. No need! This stuff amazes me. And the cost is really not as high as it seems. You get more uses out of this, so it is really comparable to several sticks of clinical strength deodorant.


This deodorant worked ok but has a strong unusal smell. I decided to try it on a work day thinking maybe it wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought. At work, I went to take a patients blood pressure and thought this patient had a funny smell and then I realized/remembered it was me.! 😞. Also, when I removed my scrubs that evening, there were white residue marks left on my clothes by the deodorant.

Never thought I would find something more natural that works!

After using Dove for as long as I can remember and learning of the questionable ingredients in it, I wanted to find a more natural deodorant. I tried many. They didn't work. I didn't have the time in my day to take numerous showers a day or clean up multiple times a day and I work with many people so I certainly didn't want to smell! I happened upon a local tv interview about Lume and didn't really expect it to work, but thought - it's local and after reading the details on the website, gave it a go. I am THRILLED with Lume! I can't say enough great about it. Just a heads up, I was one of the people that wondered why does this seem to work most of the time and then certain days I felt like it wasn't. After reading the FAQ on this website, I discovered Lume was always working - I didn't smell. It was my old clothes when a little heat from me reached them that must have had build up in them. The clothes smelled. So I did have to let go of numerous tops but they were old and tired anyway. So worth it! I did try washing in nature's miracle and a few were okay to keep but many had to go. (You can read more about this in the FAQ section on the Lume website.) Lume is AWESOME!

Anne D.

Started using Lumē about 6 weeks ago and will never use anything else ever again. This stuff is amazing, works for a solid 48 hours if needed. Never had any luck with other "natural" deodorants. Have told all my friends about Lumē!

Rachel C.

It sounds dramatic, but this product has changed my life. I used to reapply deodorant several times a day and sometimes get rashes because of whatever they contained (I’ve tried almost all major and non-major brands). I apply this product as directed and it works! I smell good, or like nothing at all, ALL DAY! The scent is pleasant but not overpowering and one container lasts quite awhile. I love Lumē.

Kristin R
This stuff is magic!

Seriously. This is the best deodorant I have ever worn! And Lume works better than the extra strength stuff I’ve worn that has aluminum in it. I literally rubbed my armpits to check them. Gross? No, because it’s doing it’s job, and I’m odor free!

Brent A.

After my two “doubting Thomas” tests, I am now a true believer!

I’ve purchased a Propel dispenser for each of my siblings and 87-year-old mother. Each of them are now fans.

Next up? A pile of nephews and nieces, ranging in age from 17 up to 42 will get Lume Propel to try. It’s amazing to hear the family feedback from the oldest, compared to those that are going through life’s changes right now. I can assure you this very extroverted family will be spreading the good news about Lume Deodorant.

Awesome !

Our son age 12 no longer has body odor.
What a great product!
Even he can’t beleive it.

Use is Anywhere!

I love this stuff. I no longer stink! Anywhere! I also use for "boob sweat". A few times I've gone longer than 24 hours without reapplying and started to get "funky". Because I did not have time to shower, I applied Lume, and to my astonishment, THE FUNK SMELL DISAPPEARED. Unreal. Love this stuff. I'm a believer.

Marcia Wheeler
I love Lume!!
Where did the BO go?

I love Lume. I too had tried every deodorant known to man with nothing but poor results. This stuff works!!!

I’ve read your recommendations to remove the bad memories from clothing however I have so many allergies that I hate to put the whole item in a tub of the those things.

I would like to make the recommendation that you create a spray that could be used on the pit-i-ful areas of things before they are placed in the laundry.

With a practice and a business with Lume, I’m sure there are several hours to do more successful creations.

Thank you for Lume.


I Love the subtle, clean smell. Did Zumba, ran a 5K, 34 mile bike and 30 minute core; did not have to reapply – no kidding!
This is a winner, will continue to purchase.

It seriously works!

I wasn't expecting this product to live up to its claims, and I would have been happy if it kept me from stinking for 8 hours. I was amazed to realize that it truly does work all day and all night, and it works for 2 days if I haven't showered. (It might work for 2 days even if I showered, but I have not been brave enough to NOT use it after a shower.) I LOVE this product.

My new forever deodorant!
Best Natural Deordorant

I used aramaco to make the switch to natural deordorant and it worked well for a few weeks, then started causing skin irritation. I then used Schmidt’s which caused an immediate allergic reaction. So I had been using Toms and it worked well for about twelve hours and then gave out. This lasts all day and all night. I love how it feels on my skin, like I’m putting on lotion. There has been no irritation, no weird smell, and it lasts even through my hour long workout. I love the scent, it is very minty and herbal (think fresh, not patchouli). This is my deordant and I am so thankful to have found something natural that works with my body chemistry. Thank you Lume!!

The most amazing product ever!

For many years I have been challenged with finding deodorants that do not cause a nasty reaction with my skin. When I did find something, there were always tradeoffs or other reactions that I would have to deal with. In addition, I have always had to deal with skin tags under the arms because of the way my body reacted to the chemical in the deodorants, so I was constantly having to cut them off to avoid them getting too big.

Since I bought and tried Lume, I have had absolutely ZERO reactions and NO side effects. I love the way it feels and smells.
And one of the most amazing side effects of this product is that it has nearly eliminated all the skin tags and bumps under my arms! At first, I thought it was just my imagination, but then I ran out and did not purchase any more for about a month, and the bumps and skin tags started coming back. I am ordering four underarm sticks so that I can keep them in all my suitcases and bathrooms! I will not be without this product again!!!!!!!!!

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you Lume for a wonderful product! I have been looking for a more natural deodorant that didn't have baking soda in it. I can't use those due to serious skin irritation. Now finding your product I can't believe how well it works without irritation! I lost my older sister to cancer so I am making sure I try and use more natural products and less chemicals on my body and Lume it is...thank you again...you are the best!

J R Dixon

I just love that this product does EXACTLY what it promises. It's nothing short of amazing. The odor control is like nothing else I've ever used (not that I've ever used deodorant on my private parts before). There is literally no funk at all (pits or privates) after a day without showering and a spin class. No smell at all! The smell of the product itself is a little weird. Like a cross between lavender, starbursts, and paste, but once it dries, there's no smell at all. Buy this! (Full price purchaser. Honest review.)

Absolutely wonderful product!

I feel so fresh and clean all day. I am telling all of my Girlfriends about Lume and how great it is. Thank you for making one of the best and safest all over body hygiene products on the market today. Hooray for Lume! 🤗

I Can't Believe How Well This Works!

I read the September 30, 2017 article in the Star Tribune about Dr. Klingman’s new product that would eliminate underarm odor. As a former pharmacist, I will admit that I was very skeptical but when I read about the research, it made sense. If bacteria on the skin is responsible for a chemical reaction that results in underarm odor, and if Lumē can interfere with enzymes that the bacteria need, then odor would be eliminated. From a science perspective, it sounded like it should work so I decided to give it a try. I was amazed – it actually does work. I really notice it in my exercise shirts – they don’t smell at all. After years of pre-soaking and treating, I finally found a product that prolongs the life of my clothing and lets me feel fresher too. I honestly can’t believe how well it works! I reordered and I now have Lumē sticks in my gym bag and travel kit too. Thank you for such a great discovery!

Feeling Fresh!

I’m on day 4 of using Lume and I can’t say enough about it! It’s a whole new way of keeping myself feeling fresh! Finally, a deodorant I don’t have to reapply!

Thank you Lume! 🙂

The best DO ever

I seriously DO NOT SWEAT AT ALL with this deodorant. Trust me, I've tried them all, and I used to use certain dri which shrinks your pores with chemicals and I don't think there's any way that is good for you. When you first open this product it smells, interesting? Kind of like toothpaste mixed with baby powder, but once you put it on it doesn't smell, and I have no BO at all when I use this product. I wish more people knew about this product because it's revolutionary! Thank you Lume!


This product is a life saver. I am an ER physician and heard of your product on Hippocratic Hustle Oath. I am 8 months pregnant in the dead of heat in Texas. Let me tell you I sweat places I medically think are impossible LOL. But with this product I have great coverage all day. Top it off I’m allergic to fragrance so this product is beyond 5 stars. Wish the best of success and consider me a loyal customer.


This stuff is amazing! Seriously, you must try it!!!

Pam Hauge
Life Changing Product!!!

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know I saw your interview advertising your product on WCCO/Channel 4 a week or so ago.

I immediately placed an order.
I have not been able to use any kind of deodorant for many years now, and I have tried everything.

I have been successfully using this product for 4 days now without breaking out from it.

I am so happy with this product and I had to let you know this.
Thank the lord for Channel 4/WCCO news.

Sincerely, a very great full and clean smelling customer😊


Saw the article in the Star Tribune Sunday Oct. 1. Have struggled with underarm odor for my whole life. Had been using Tom’s brand of natural deodorant because of no aluminum- EVERY PIECE of my clothing, sweaters, jackets STUNK!! I was starting to think I would take the cancer risk over the BO and go back to aluminum based products.

THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFESAVER!! I recommend it to everyone!
Thank you so much!


I’m a believer!

As a 300 lb. male, I was amazed how well Lume served me on a 5-day trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. No showers or even swimming for five days – there was ZERO odor coming from me!!! Lume was made for MN outdoorsmen, too!

Better than Baking Soda!!
Finally something works!

This deodorant has changed my life! I’ve suffered with underarm odor for as long as I can remember. I have tried just about every deodorant on the market. I always thought that aluminum based deodorants made me smell worse something in them just didn’t work with my body chemistry. So I started looking into natural deodorants I’ve tried several that had baking soda and they left me with horrible rashes and still smelly. So then I started looking for natural baking soda free deodorants and someone on an app called glow swore by lume so I checked out the website and decided why not it’s worth a shot and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for creating this life changing product! Definitely ordering more soon! I’m so afraid of running out!

I’m impressed

I’ve found pretty good natural deodorants. But this one is one of the best. While I still Sweat under certain circumstances, there’s no smell. At all! It’s thin like applying a lotion. Seems to absorb quickly. It’s completely non-irritating to my sensitive skin. It just works wonderfully. And the fact you can apply it anywhere makes it really stand out from the pack. Any hiker, active person, or camper knows that not just your underarms that get funky. This easily solves that. Very clean feeling. Highly recommend.

Barbara J. McDonald
Works as Promised

I first heard of this product when there was a blurb about it in the Sunday business section of the Mpls. or St. Paul paper. I liked the fact that it was a local product, was developed by a doctor, and actually prevented odor rather than masked it. I ordered two in Nov. or Dec. 2017--one for myself and one for a friend who has gotten interested in the natural movement (food, etc.). This product works as advertised--no odor, even on day 2. It may be a little more expensive than other deodorants on the market, but it's worth the price.


This product truly does work. I’ve only been using it for 3 days now, but from what I have seen I already know I will be buying more. I have always struggled with sweating but this product leaves me feeling fresh (both my armpits and private parts). NO MORE ODOR! Thank you for creating this product.

Stephanie Bajorek

I absolutely love Lume deodorant. I’ve tried other natural deodorants but they don’t work for very long. Lume is long lasting and has a nice scent. It lasts for 48 hours! I tested it in the Florida heat and humidity and I was five star happy with the results. I love the other testimonials. It thrills me to know how many people it has helped. Thank you for developing this wonderful product!

Melissa T

Lume is amazing! As a runner you are always concerned after your runs with offending other people with your odor. After using Lume for just a couple of days I have done several runs and have not had any concern. This stuff is amazing. I will be recommending it to my running group, YvsTY, and hopefully you will have many more people ordering soon.

Life Changing

Dr Klingmaman,
You don't know how important your work is!! There has GOT to be a way to let more people know about this product. It is literally saving my life.
I have had bromhidrosis since I was in elementary school. I have been bullied my ENTIRE life. My thoughts and attempts at suicide began at 14.
I am now a disabled vet, who has lived my ENTIRE life with a fear of getting close to people... physically, and emotionally.
I've had partial apocrine removal, I've tried and failed aluminum based products, I've done salicylic acid externally to each axilla, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar. I prayed to God to either cure me or take me out of my misery.
Though I've always been grossly disappointed, I continued to search for solutions. I've spent countless dollars, only for products to immediately fail. Everyone has always assumed I simply don't practice good hygiene, and I actually shower more than most people I know.
I came across Lume online. I didn't believe it would work, but I had to try.
Doctor... for the first day in my adult life, I am experiencing odor free days. I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this product.
My only fear now is that it is EVER discontinued.
I wanted to personally thank you, for saving me nights full of tears. My coworkers have already judged me, but hopefully over time, their perception of me will change.
Thank you SOOOO much. I will be a life long user, and my daughter will be as well.
Please never underestimate the change you're making in people's lives.

SINCERELY and with Love,
K.S. | Florida

Odor free

Lumē lives up to its claims....odor free for 48 hours both north and south regions of the female and male body!!!!


Thank you thank you for this product. I have been diagnosed with vaginal bacteria multiple times and it keeps coming back.I was thinking it doesn’t hurt to try it. I bought it not sure what to expect but thought let’s give it a try. I have been using it a week now and feel more confident then ever. Lumē is going to be part of my daily routine.
Thanks again.


This really lives up to the claims! I am ordering again for my teenage daughter. Please keep making this! I love it!

Amazing stuff!!

Thank you so much. I heard about this product on the I don’t get it podcast. I immediately bought it! Ok TMI alert: But I have tried everything I could think of to deal with the smell down there. Liners, changing underwear a few times per day. Buying breathable underwear, loose pants. But I’m on day 3 of using this and it’s amazing! I was always embarrassed leaving a smell after using the bathroom. But now there’s no smell at all! Sorry for tmi again but it really works


Lume has replaced my regular deodorant. The fact it's all natural is a huge selling point for me. I won't ever go back to "regular" deodorant.
New customers make sure to prime. It's key

Eddie macias

I served for Shannon in Vegas and she offered me to try the product after she appeared on Shark Tank. My wife has gone through the deodorant and the applicator and she’s in love with the product. I couldn’t stray away from my degree but a great product, would recommend.

Works Like Magic!

This product works like magic. I don’t know how it does it, but it works better than any other product I have ever tried. Lady parts? The Bomb. Underarms? No more itchy baking soda rash for me and it is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any sensitive skin formula of other natural deodorants. This deodorant is like no other. Completely unexpected.

Joan D.

I LOVE your product!!! I was having a terrible issue with an oily type sweat, along with a horrible "old lady" odor in my cleavage and under my breasts. This was an every day occurrence. I would shower in the morning and by evening I could smell myself whenever I would move my arms. I have been so self conscience about it, worrying that others could smell it too.

I have tried scented, corn starch powders but that did nothing. I made several attempts at using my regular deodorant but after a couple days, the areas would be very itching and irritated.

Since I started using your deodorant, I may still get the oily sweat but NO MORE ODOR. I am so relieved. You have an awesome product!

Laveda Hall
I was allergic

I was allergic to Lume deodorant. I have never tried a natural deodorant and have never been allergic to any other deodorant. I think it worked good on smells but only got to wear it a few days.

Lume Response
OH No! We are sorry to hear this as it is very uncommon. No matter what someone may be sensitive to one of the ingredients in the formula. Sometimes it is due to products that you have used before and you are noticing chaffing due to perspiration that results after you quit using aluminum products. That typically settles out for everyone if that is the cause as the wetness becomes less noticable after the initial priming period. One way we can find out it to try a little dab of cream on your forearm as a senstivity test. If you do fine there, then it most likely is due to the wetness and chaffing of skin rubbing on skin. Please contact us at heylume@lumedeodorant.com for a refund. We will happily refund you purchase price.
I was a skeptic...

I've tried natural deodorants in the past, only to be left smelly and disappointed that they didn't work. I had given up on the idea completely until I found out about Lume and decided to give them a shot. I was particularly interested in the "& Private Parts" part of what you can use their deodorant for.

I can tell you it worked from Day 1. I've tried it for underarms and private parts and never have to worry about smelling. Most days I only put it on out of the habit of putting on deodorant in the morning, not because I actually need it. I even put it to the test with a few high intensity work out classes - no odors! I highly recommend this product and have been telling all my friends about it!


I love Lume! It has a great scent and lasts a long time! It has replaced the only deodorant that has worked for me since I was a teenager. I also love that it's free of the cancer causing chemicals of most commercial deodorants.

Nothing else works like this!

I cannot believe how well this product works! I had a system that i had worked out over time to deal with body odor. I have always had a problem with under arm odor, no matter what i had tried. I have such sensitive skin that everything gives me a rash. Eventually, i worked out a layering system that involved 4 different products. It worked the best so far, but it was not perfect by any means, and it certainly did not last 24 hours! And i still always had a rash. I tried the Lume deodorant with much skepticism as so many products claim to work so well, and in the end, fail. I simply cannot believe how well this product works! I first tried it over a couple of days when I didn't work. I only used this product and nothing else. I lived normal, crazy life and even did workouts. No smell! Shocked, i took a leap of faith and used it when I went to work. I work in a high volume restaurant. I worked a very busy, very long shift that was full of lifting, pushing, pulling, running, cooking, and SWEATING! I was so tired, i didn't even take a shower when I got home and just went to bed. In the morning when i woke up? NOTHING! No smell at all! I was shocked. With my previous method, that would never happen. This product WORKS!! I am a convert! Now, to try it on my stinky children! Thank you for doing the hard work to invent this product. I never thought there would ever be something that would actually work all the way. This does. Thank you!

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