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Save 10% Off for a Limited Time with Lume Subscriptions!

As if there wasn’t a way to elevate your hygiene and confidence before... Now, there’s a way to take your favorite deodorant to a whole new level.

For a limited time, you can easily save 10% off any Lume item today by simply subscribing to it!

Get Lume delivered to your door every one, two, or three months with a one-time payment, all with just a few clicks. Subscriptions will ship automatically to you within two business days of your scheduled dates, saving you time and precious memory space. (I know I was saving mine for...well, something!) And when a shipment contains $25 or more, shipping is free, too.

It’s a smart way to make a habit of ensuring that everywhere on your body has clinically-proven 72-hour odor protection for the long haul.

Here’s how to snag the deal:

  1. Visit lumedeodorant.com and hover over any items you’d like to save 10% on.

    How to save 10% with Subscriptions Step 1 

  2. Click “Subscribe” under the “Add To Cart” button, specify your desired monthly delivery schedule, and your discount is automatically taken off in your cart.
    How to save 10% with Subscriptions Step 2

  3. Your subscription schedule can be modified within three days of your selected ship dates and canceled at any time.

  4. Save on as many products as you like for yourself or those in your network who could use a little Lume love!

  5. For more detailed information, visit our FAQ page.

So, If you’re still going to Lume tomorrow, or in a month or two or three, keep the gift of Lume coming to you and the ones you care about.

Lume: Smarter hygiene is just a click away.

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