A Baking Soda-Free Deodorant That’s Great for Sensitive Skin

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • Safe for even the most sensitive skin. No baking soda. No aluminum.
  • Dermatologist-approved.
  • Controls odor for 72 hours ANYWHERE on your body.
  • No rashes. No mess. No stains.
  • Rubs on like a lotion.
  • Invented by a doctor, and prevents odor from happening in the first place.

An alternative to deodorants with baking soda that doesn’t cause skin irritation—or clothing stains!

Live Elegantly With Lume

Shannon Klingman M.D., Inventor of Lume

Finding a natural deodorant that eliminates odor without rubbing your skin the wrong way can be tough. That’s why Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts makes it easy for you.

The miracle behind Lume is that it offers 72-hour odor control without any concerning ingredients like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), aluminum, or propylene glycol.

Unlike many other natural deodorants, we don’t use baking soda that can irritate your skin and feel like...waxy sandpaper. On top of that, our water-based formula also washes cleanly out of clothes on the first try and leaves zero. stains.


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They Contain Aluminum

Aluminum traps toxins in your pores.

They’re Only for Armpits

Most deodorants are only made for armpits.

They Cause Rashes

Baking soda in natural deodorants causes rashes.

They Only Mask the Smell

They try to cover the smell after it forms.

No baking soda, no rash. No odor!

Lume has been an aha! deodorant for many who have tried countless other products without success.

Live Elegantly With Lume

That’s because Lume doesn’t mask odor. Our patented formula blocks bacteria from combining with bodily fluids (like sweat) to eliminate odor anywhere on your body before it even begins!

Lume never uses baking soda in any of our products, so it won’t disrupt your skin’s protective acid mantle and cause painful rashes!

With Lume, you won’t need to reapply throughout the day or even see a separate line of deodorant for sensitive skin… especially one that doesn’t control odor. It’s already great for the most sensitive skin and keeps your skin free from itching, moisture loss, rashes, premature aging, and discoloration.

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Free U.S. Shipping over $20

Goes on smooth, not like sandpaper.

Lume goes on like a lotion without the grit or grease. Apply Lume anywhere on your body you have odor and wish you didn’t.

Live Elegantly With Lume

Skip the smelly 14-day detox period with Lume.

Lume does its job safely the moment it hits your skin, so there’s no smelly detox period to go through while your body adjusts to baking soda’s caustic pH.

The longer you Lume, the better the odor control you’ll get! From day one to about two weeks in, you can experiment with using less Lume, less often. Once you achieve 24 hours odor free with Lume, you can begin to experiment with how much and how often to apply to fit your lifestyle!

Lume maintains your skin’s healthy pH balance and lets life continue without any funk holding you back on day one.

Lume works so well, there's no need for fragrance cover-ups.

With Lume, the only thing you’ve got to lose is the stench.

Say goodbye to body odor from your pits to your feet and everything in between. With Lume, you will get clinically-proven 72-hour odor control you won’t see in any baking soda deodorant. Lume’s got you covered.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

*If Lume isn't for you, we'll gladly refund your Deodorant within 60 days of purchase, minus return shipping.

Free U.S. Shipping over $20
Free U.S. Shipping Over $20

Lume offers free first class shipping via USPS anywhere in the U.S. for orders over $20.

Great Service
Great Service

Questions? We have an amazing support team standing by to help.

Here’s why people love Lume Deodorant for sensitive skin:


"Best natural deodorant I have ever used! Works great and no waxy residue! I have sensitive skin and can't use anything with baking soda because it makes me break out. It has been a huge challenge to find something that is natural, baking soda free, and effective! So thankful for Lume! ”

– Jodi

Free U.S. Shipping over $20

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