Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Smooth Your Skin

Introducing Lume Acidified Body Butter!

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What's "Acidified" Body Butter?

  • Clinically proven to smooth and soften rough, red, and bumpy skin
  • Low pH protects your skin's acid mantle
  • Improves skin's radiance and hydration
  • Promotes healthier, softer, better smelling skin

Body Butter with Benefits

Acidified Skin is Happy Skin

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Don't just take our word for it

The Best Body Butter for Smoother, Healthier Skin

Not Your Ordinary Body Butter

Go beyond moisture with Lume Acidified Body Butter

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Ordinary Lotion

  • Doesn't exfoliate
  • Doesn't deeply hydrate
  • Doesn't improve bumps and redness long term

Lume Acidified Body Butter

  • Powered by mandelic acid
  • Clinically proven to gently exfoliate
  • Clinically proven to provide lasting hydration
  • Clinically proven to reduce bumps/redness associated with Keratosis Pilaris (aka chicken skin)
  • Supports a healthy acid mantle and resists formation of body acne

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Double your skin's moisture in one day

If you're going to moisturize your skin, you might as well make it count.

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • Exfoliate and hydrate your skin
  • Resist the formation of body acne
  • Reduce Keratosis Pilaris or Chicken Skin on arms, legs and butt
  • Promote your skins healthy acid mantle
  • Support your microbiome
  • Feel better naked!

After 2 weeks of daily use, Lume acidified Body Butter is clinically proven to nearly TRIPLE your skin's moisture.

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Acidified skin is happy skin

In clinical testing, 100% of users reported improvement in their KP (keratosis pilaris) after just 30 days of use!

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • 97% reported reduction in redness
  • 100% reported reduction in roughness
  • 100% reported reduction in flaking & scaling
  • 100% said their skin was softer & smoother

"I started to notice the difference from the second week. Wow, fantastic turnaround!"

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