Why Lume Is the Best Deodorant to Control Bromhidrosis Odor

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • Doctor-developed and safe to use anywhere
  • Controls odor for up to 72 hours
  • Aluminum-free and baking soda-free
  • Naturally-derived scents, no artificial fragrances
  • Does not leave residue on skin or clothing
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Lume Is Life-Changing!


"Body odor with bromhidrosis is nothing like normal B.O. It's still surreal to me that I can just wear whatever I want, go out in public, and not have to constantly turn my head under my arm to see if people can smell me. It's just completely life-changing that something as simple as a deodorant can make me feel extremely confident."

– Brittney
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The Most Powerful Odor Control

If you have bromhidrosis, you know a thing or two about dealing with the frustration of deodorants and antiperspirants that fail to live up to their promises. You might even feel like there isn’t a deodorant capable of controlling your body odor.

Lume Deodorant For Underarms & Private Parts can provide freedom from body odor caused by bromhidrosis even when other deodorants can’t. That’s because it’s not a cover-up: It actually PREVENTS odor from forming in the first place. By knocking out ALL body odor, Lume can also ease social anxiety you may have felt due to bromhidrosis.

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Lume Was Developed by a Doctor and Is Safe To Use Anywhere

Dr. Shannon Klingman developed Lume Deodorant as a solution for her patients who were frustrated by body odor. She wanted to find a way to help control all external odors that were eroding people’s self confidence.

Lume is safe to use wherever you have odor and wish you didn’t. It’s the first deodorant you can use anywhere on your body. When you have bromhidrosis and worry that body odor is not limited to your armpits, it’s nice to know you have a deodorant defense that can safely be used wherever it is needed. Pits, privates, skin folds, and feet - Lume gives you odor control exactly where you want it.

You can use Lume anywhere

For the pits just apply Lume like normal.

You can use Lume anywhere

For everywhere else, just twist, swipe, and apply like a lotion.

Lume is doctor-developed, and made with naturally-derived ingredients safe for any external use.
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Lume Provides Lasting Odor Control

With Lume, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of reapplying deodorant throughout the day. Princeton Consumer Research put Lume to the test, and Lume was clinically-proven to control body odor for up to 72 hours. That’s practically unheard of for a natural deodorant! Lume might work like magic, but it’s actually based in science.

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How Does Lume Work?

Lume’s patented formula sets it apart as the first natural deodorant of its kind. It doesn’t mask body odor with strong fragrances, but instead prevents odor from starting in the first place.

When you have bromhidrosis, your sweat itself doesn’t stink. Body odor is a byproduct of the bacteria living on your skin. That bacteria thrives in a moist environment and feasts on bodily fluids like sweat, blood, urine, and discharge.

Lume is applied to your skin like a lotion and blocks bacteria from consuming bodily fluids, which in turn stops odor from happening.

That’s the Lume difference!

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Life-Changing Odor Control

Since the age of 14, Brittney has suffered from chronic bromhidrosis, a condition that causes her to have unusually foul body odor that seemed impossible to manage. She was continuously self-conscious about her odor, and it was seriously affecting her quality of life.

She discovered Lume and is experiencing a “surreal” freedom from body odor. When a deodorant can lift the burden of a chronic condition, that is life changing!

Lume Does Not Contain Aluminum or Baking Soda

When you have bromhidrosis, you are already battling with unusually strong and persistent body odor. You don’t want to experiment with deodorants and antiperspirants that are ineffective or contain ingredients that are well-known problem makers.

Aluminum salts are used in antiperspirants in an effort to plug sweat pores and reduce sweat. However, aluminum is not terribly effective at reducing sweat and is actually known to increase the colony count of bacteria that is responsible for odor in the first place. Aluminum is also responsible for those dreaded yellow stains on white shirts!

Baking soda is a common ingredient in many natural deodorants but can be a problem ingredient for many because it can cause irritation and rashes. Why is baking soda a problem? Our skin’s optimal pH is 4.5 - 6.5, and baking soda has a pH of 9. Lume is baking soda-free and effectively controls odors without disturbing your skin’s natural balance.

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They Contain Aluminum

Aluminum traps toxins in your pores.

They’re Only for Armpits

Most deodorants are only made for armpits.

They Cause Rashes

Baking soda in natural deodorants causes rashes.

They Only Mask the Smell

They try to cover the smell after it forms.

Say Goodbye To Lingering Odor In Clothes

You could swear that shirt was clean when you put it on, but now that you left the house and the heat is on, you aren’t so sure. Why are your clothes hanging on to the past?

Antiperspirants contain aluminum combined with waxes that take up permanent residence in your clothes. Waxes combined with odors of days gone by become embedded in the fibers of your clothes and reactivate with your body heat.

Lume is water-based, so it rubs in like a lotion and washes out of clothes. It won’t leave your white undershirts with yellow pit stains or leave white streaks on dark shirts, and your clothes won’t betray you when the temperature rises.

Lume lets you smell like you, and your clothes smell like clothes.

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Lume Scents Are Mild and Naturally-Derived

Lume is safe for the most sensitive skin

Lume doesn’t use fragrances to mask body odors. Synthetic fragrances in other odor control products tend to be overwhelmingly strong, and many find strong fragrances mixed with their own body odors more offensive than body odor alone.

Dr. Klingman developed Lume with the most sensitive skin in mind. Lume is scented with essential oils and naturally-derived botanicals that will not irritate your skin or your nose. The scents are mild - usually fading an hour or so after applying. Lume also has an Unscented option.

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Lume is safe for the most sensitive skin

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