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Lume Body Care

Lume Body Care Products add cleansing confidence to your Lume hygiene routine!
Getting Started with Lume Soap
How to Use: Soap How to use Lume Soap

Lume soap is an old-fashioned, moisturizing soap that can be used to gently cleanse anywhere on the external body. It nourishes your skin with naturally-derived, skin-safe ingredients and supports the protective acid mantle of the skin.

To make sure your soap lasts as long as possible, store in a dry place.

For external use only.

How to Use: Body Wash How to use Lume Body Wash
  1. Apply body wash in the shower or bath.
  2. Rinse body wash off with warm water.
  3. Pat your body dry with a clean towel.
  4. Apply Lume Deodorant to odor-prone areas for long-lasting odor control!
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