So Many Laughs, So Little Stink

JK! Studios + Lume Deodorant = LOL

What to expect:

  • New season of Loving Lyfe airing January 2020 (featuring Lume!)
  • An epic battle between JK! Studios and Body Odor
  • Nichelle, Bentley, and Ashleee being, well, themselves

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Deodorant So Effective, It's Laughable

-JK! Studios (kind of)

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • Controls odor for 72 hours ANYWHERE on your body
  • Daily application costs less than 15¢
  • Safe for even the most sensitive skin. No baking soda. No aluminum.
  • Invented by a doctor, and prevents odor from happening in the first place
Lume works by preventing bacteria from eating and releasing an odor. Lume eliminates odor BEFORE it begins and gives you 72 hours of odor control!


Naturally Derived • Based in Science


Aluminum, Baking Soda, Silicone, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Talc, Coconut Oil

The Longest-lasting Natural Deodorant

Clinically proven to control odor 6x longer than leading natural deodorants

72 Hours of odor control puts Lume in a league of its own. Other natural deodorants barely even compare!

The problem with other deodorants...

They Contain Aluminum

Aluminum traps toxins in your pores.

They’re Only for Armpits

Most deodorants are only made for armpits.

They Cause Rashes

Baking soda in natural deodorants causes rashes.

They Only Mask the Smell

They try to cover the smell after it forms.

Doctor Developed

Lume works like magic, but it's based in science. Take what you expect from a deodorant and forget it. Once you get into the Lume groove, you will be skipping showers and feeling fabulous knowing that Lume’s got you covered.

All odor has the same cause: Bacteria

The pits? Bacteria. The crotch? Bacteria. The butt? Bacteria!

All odor has the same cause: Bacteria

Every time your body sweats or releases other fluids, bacteria eat that fluid on your skin—AND FART OUT AN ODOR. Bacteria makes you stink and makes everyone else “les miserables”.

Lumē works because it paralyzes the bacteria and literally stops them from eating and farting; eliminating odor BEFORE it begins and giving you 72 hours of odor control!

You can use Lume anywhere

The pits. The feet. The butt. The chest. The belly button. The derriere. The junk. The trunk. The sweet cheeks. The bottom.

You can use Lume anywhere

For the pits just apply Lume like normal.

You can use Lume anywhere

For everywhere else, just twist, swipe, and apply like a lotion.

Lume was invented by an OB-GYN, is made of naturally derived ingredients and is safe for any external use.