Why Lume Is The Natural Deodorant Choice For Athletes

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • Proven to fight odor for up to 72 hours.
  • Safe to use anywhere you sweat, even sensitive skin.
  • Contains no aluminum or baking soda.
  • No pit detox period - Lume gets to work right away.
  • Non-staining, washes cleanly from clothes.
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Nothing Works As Well as Lume


I can work all day, sweat, go to the gym, sweat some more and NO ODOR! It is like magic. I even tried all of the clinical formulas. Nothing worked as well as Lume. It works equally on underarms and private parts. This stuff is fantastic!!!”

– Susi
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Lume Succeeds In Controlling Odor Where Other Natural Deodorants Fail

Other natural deodorants are a fine experiment when you’re bingeing Netflix or spending a relaxing weekend with people who love you unconditionally, but are they compatible with an active lifestyle?

Most natural deodorants fail to provide all-day protection and even require an “adjustment” period of 2-4 weeks before they are effective.

Lume gets to work as soon as it is applied, there is no adjustment period and no need to reapply throughout the day.

You don’t have to hide out at home, keep your distance at the gym, or explain to your family and friends that you are going “natural”.

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How Does Lume Deodorant Work?

Lume is the first natural deodorant of its kind. It doesn’t mask body odor with strong fragrances, but instead prevents odor from starting in the first place.

Your sweat itself doesn’t stink, body odor is a byproduct of the bacteria living on your skin. That bacteria thrives in a moist environment, and feasts on bodily fluids like sweat.

Lume is applied to your skin like a lotion and provides a protective barrier that blocks bacteria from consuming sweat, which in turn stops odor from ever happening. That’s the Lume difference!

Lume Does Not Contain Aluminum Or Baking Soda

When you’re an athlete, you make great efforts to keep your body in top shape. You don’t want to experiment with deodorants and antiperspirants that are ineffective or contain ingredients that are well-known problem makers.

Aluminum salts are used in antiperspirants in an effort to plug sweat pores and reduce sweat. However, aluminum is not terribly effective at reducing sweat, and is actually known to increase the colony count of bacteria that is responsible for odor in the first place. Aluminum is also responsible for those dreaded yellow stains on white shirts!

Baking soda is a common ingredient in many natural deodorants, but it can be a problem ingredient for many because it can cause irritation and rashes. Lume is baking soda-free and effectively controls odors without disturbing your skin’s natural balance.

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They Contain Aluminum

Aluminum traps toxins in your pores.

They’re Only for Armpits

Most deodorants are only made for armpits.

They Cause Rashes

Baking soda in natural deodorants causes rashes.

They Only Mask the Smell

They try to cover the smell after it forms.

Finally...A Natural Deodorant That Can Keep Up With Your Active Lifestyle

Lume is clinically proven to keep odor at bay for up to 72 hours, so go ahead and hit the gym. Use Lume anywhere you sweat! It is safe for all external use - even for the most sensitive skin.

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Lume Is Safe To Use Anywhere You Sweat. ANYWHERE.

Lume is safe for all external use. If you sweat there, Lume can go there.

Lume prevents odor in the armpits, the knee pits, and all the other pits, crevices, and folds. You don’t need a special deodorant for all the special parts - Lume is intended for the entire body.

You are going to sweat. Your workout goals most likely revolve around sweating on purpose. But with Lume, you don’t have to stink in the process. Anywhere.

You can use Lume anywhere

For the pits just apply Lume like normal.

You can use Lume anywhere

For everywhere else, just twist, swipe, and apply like a lotion.

Lume is doctor-developed, and made with naturally-derived ingredients safe for any external use.
Sweat It Out Stink-Free

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Lume Rubs in Like a Lotion And Washes Cleanly Out of Clothing

Athletic wear is usually made entirely of synthetic fibers, which are particularly notorious for holding on to yesterday’s odors. Lume is water-based, so it washes out cleanly! No more yellow pit stains or smelling last week’s workout session on your freshly washed clothes.

Lume has the consistency of a lotion, so it rubs cleanly into your skin, and leaves no white residue. This means no white streaks on your clothing, no white clumps forming in the folds of your armpits, and no waxy, coated feeling. Lume leaves you smelling fresh and feeling fresh.

Rub it on, wash it off. Lume magic.

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