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Lume for Everyone

Use Lume, Lose the Stench.

Water Based

Lume is water-based and contains no aluminum - meaning no toxins trapped in your skin and no stains trapped in your clothes.

Safe for Any External Use

Lume is safe for any external use—lady parts, man parts, all the parts!

Invented By a Doctor

Invented by a doctor, Lume is safe and stops the cause of odor before it starts.

No B.S.

Lume doesn't use baking soda—which means no rashes.

Lume's Got All of You Covered

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    Clinically Proven: 72 Hours of Odor Control

    Lume works because it paralyzes bacteria and literally stops them from eating and farting. Lume eliminates odor BEFORE it begins and gives you 72 hours of odor control!

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    The Source of Body Odor? Bacteria!

    Body odor is caused by bacteria eating your sweat—this bacteria thrives in any body crease tight enough to hold a pencil.

    B.O. Pencil Test
    • Arm pits (obviously)
    • Breasts - male OR female (let's be real)
    • Between your toes (foot funk)
    • Between your legs (netherodor)
    • Under muffin tops (hey, we all got 'em)
    • Anywhere that can hold a pencil (yeah, it's kinda weird)

    Lume effectively blocks bacteria from digesting fluids on your skin, like sweat, so they can't produce odor. Rather than neutralizing or covering up odor after it forms like certain other deodorants, Lume is a pre-odorant that blocks odor from happening in the first place.

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    Skin Loving & Science Based

    Baking Soda Free

    Cruelty Free

    Dye Free


    Lume Never Uses:

    Baking Soda, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, Talc

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    Lume is Changing Lives

    "Hands down, this is the BEST deodorant I've ever used. It actually works! No rashes! No smell! It's actually better than antiperspirants. "


    "I have put a little here, there, and everywhere. It works. It is a fantastic product. I am very careful with what I put on my skin. It has not caused me to itch or feel irritated. It dries clear and does not leave residue. "


    "The water based cream feels good on my skin and quickly absorbs with no problems. I'm no longer afraid to raise my arms in public! I am a fan for life. Thanks Lume! "


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    Doctor Developed

    Dr. Shannon Klingman saw how body odor - whatever the source - was undermining people's confidence. For nearly 10 years, she worked to find a solution for ALL body odor.

    Lume Deodorant for Pits, Privates and Beyond truly is the first Whole Body deodorant, and it's safe to use ANYWHERE you have odor but wish you didn't. Whether it's your pits, skinfolds, belly buttons, feet, or privates, Lume can safely be used wherever you want to opt out of body odor.

    Woman smiling and wearing a white doctor's coat and purple shirt while holding up a Lume deodorant stick and deodorant tube
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    As Seen On:

    Lume's Got You Covered

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    If after a few days of using Lume you still have odor concerns, please see your doctor. Lume is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions of the vulva or vagina and should only be used externally.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We'll refund your order within 60 days of purchase.

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    Great Service

    We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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