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Deodorant for privates

Deodorant Sticks: Our Most Popular Option

Lume Sticks contain the same great water-based formula as our tubes, making them a great option for both underarm AND private part application.

You can use Lume anywhere

Dispense 2mm from your Lume stick

You can use Lume anywhere

Apply like a lotion to anywhere you have odor

Lume was invented by an OB-GYN, is made of naturally derived ingredients and is safe for any external use.

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Lume is the best solution for private part odor

Lume is the Best Solution for Private Part Odor

Your privates go everywhere you go, shouldn’t there be a deodorant for privates?

Now there is! Lume is the first ever Whole Body Deodorant for Pits, Feet and Privates and it’s unexpectedly effective.

Lume is changing the way people think about hygiene by actually preventing ALL external body odor before it starts, and it is clinically proven more effective than other leading natural deodorants!

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Lume's Got All of You Covered

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Doctor Developed

Nobody talks about odor below the belt. That's where we come in.

Lume was created by an OB/Gyn to eliminate odors we all have and don’t easily talk about. 🍆🍑 Dr. Shannon Klingman is on a mission to change the way we think about body odor. It’s the same odor reaction no matter where it happens!

Bacteria + Fluids = Odors

You don’t have to stink, ANYWHERE! Spread the word!

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Lume is the only Whole Body Deodorant!

What is whole body deodorant? Deodorant you can safely use anywhere you have odor and wish you didn’t. Our bodies are amazing, but there are a lot of sweaty parts, creases, and crevices where bacteria thrive. Odor isn’t limited to our pits, so our deodorant shouldn’t be either.

“My lady bits smell like NOTHING. Stressful day at work? Nothing. Sex? Nothing. Workout at the gym? Nothing! The most amazing (and discreet enough for counter display) thing I never knew I needed. One less thing to worry about, love you Lume! “
- Mary Kate

You deserve a deodorant that is capable of preventing all body odor.

Lume is life changing, use it exactly where you need it! Man parts, lady parts, ALL the parts!

Lume Controls Odor below the Belt All Day

Lume Controls Odor below the Belt All Day

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Doctor Developed

How Does Lume Work?

Lume doesn’t mask or cover up odor, it stops odor from happening in the first place! Most crotch and butt smells come from bacteria that thrive in the dark and sweaty parts of our bodies. Lume blocks bacteria from consuming those unavoidable fluids on our skin and producing odor!

Now they are polite germs!

Lume is Unexpectedly Different!

Lume is the Only Whole Body Deodorant!

Our water based cream rubs in like a lotion and doesn’t stain your clothes. It’s made from non-toxic, skin-safe and naturally-derived ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free.🐇

Lume works! Our efficacy is dramatically unmatched by other brands.

You can use Lume ANYWHERE on your body. Say what? Now that is a game changer!

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How Do You Use Lume?

Use Lume externally to prevent odor. (Stop putting things inside!)

Dispense a pea-sized amount from a stick or tube, and apply like a lotion with your fingertips to your freshly bathed and dried privates. Just a few times a week is all you need (to kiss your stinky butt goodbye!)

Apply like a Lotion

Lume dispensed from a tube

Keep Your Privates Private With Lume

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Lume Wipes for Anyone On The Go!

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Sometimes you need a quick refresher when showering is not an option. Lume Deodorant Wipes actually contain deodorant and are the perfect way to freshen up wherever and whenever you need it. Use after a workout, before or after intimacy, camping, or any time you want to feel fresh and a full shower isn’t in the cards.

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