The Natural Deodorant that is CHANGING Lives.

Lume is a movement toward restoring confidence

Live confidently with Lume.

We didn't invent deodorant, but we changed everything about it!

72-hour odor control you can use anywhere on your body helps you live your best life, without reservations.

Lume’s patented formula can control odor even for people who have tried other products without success.

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Lume: 10 Years in the Making

Shannon Klingman, Inventor of Lume

Who would have thought deodorant could be life-changing?

Lumē’s inventor and CEO, Dr. Shannon Klingman, had a hunch that it could be.

Shannon first “whipped up” this all-over natural deodorant in her kitchen to solve odor concerns her patients commonly faced in her gynecology practice. Her goal in creating Lumē was to improve people’s confidence. She wanted to find a solution to body odor holding us back, which can often be embarrassing to talk about.

Life is full of twists and turns and never goes quite the way we expect it to. For Shannon, her vision of bringing joy and empowerment to people with Lumē took about 10 years to come to fruition. It’s also what kept her going through a period of extreme grief, knowing that the work she was doing would help others.

Now, Lumē has taken off and surpassed even Shannon’s expectations. It is an odor-free movement that offers hope and challenges the way hygiene products have been addressing odor concerns since the very beginning.

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Stories From Our Customers

Maren's Story

Katherine's Story

Lume’s patented formula fights odor in a way no other deodorant does.

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A Deodorant Unlike Any Other

Live Elegantly With Lume
  • The first deodorant safe to use anywhere on your body
  • Aluminum-free and water-based, so it won’t stain your clothes
  • Clinically-proven 72-hour odor control
  • Prevents odor from happening in the first place
  • Unlike other natural deodorants, Lume doesn’t use baking soda that causes rashes
Lume works because it paralyzes odor-causing bacteria on our skin and eliminates odor BEFORE it begins.
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