Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts 2.2 oz Propel Stick


    Our traditional propel stick dispenser can be used directly on underarms. While the dispensed cream, swiped with a fingertip, is easily applied to private parts.

    Our water-based formula rubs in completely leaving no residue behind on skin or clothing. The fresh, subtle scent from lavender and sage essential oils is not a cover-up and will not compete with your perfume or cologne.

    Clinically proven 48-hour odor control and dermatologist-recommended makes Lume Deodorant the front-runner among natural deodorants.

    Using the typical pea-sized amount, the propel stick will offer 100 underarm applications (two armpits) or 200 private parts uses. Unlike other deodorants, you’ll discover that with regular use (after one to two weeks), it will become unnecessary to apply Lume every day – using less product, less often.

    Lume offers FREE first class via USPS throughout the United States. Shipping to Canada is available for an additional fee.


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