Cucumber Melon | Acidified Body Wash

Cool cucumber with sweet melon.
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What's "Acidified" Body Wash?

  • Clinically proven to leave you smelling 3.5X better than ordinary soap
  • Low pH eliminates odor reactions
  • Supports your skin's protective acid mantle
  • Promotes healthier, softer skin
  • Gynecologist approved and recommended

Smell 3.5X Better Right Out of the Shower

Lume's Acidified Body Wash is clinically proven to leave you smelling 3.5X better than ordinary soap. Lume's low pH eliminates odor reactions in your most sensitive areas, and supports your skin's protective acid mantle.

Lume Acidified Body Wash contains over 40 quarter sized uses. That is enough to cleanse your entire face and body with each use!

The World's Best Deodorant

The Problem With Ordinary Soap?

Soap has a high pH which cleans, but doesn't block odor

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Ordinary Soap

  • Cleans but doesn’t block odor
  • High pH disrupts protective acid mantle
  • Promotes odor reactions below the belt

Lume Acidified Body Wash

  • Cleans and blocks odor
  • Low pH supports a healthy acid mantle
  • Blocks odor reactions below the belt

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