Unscented | Acidified Body Wash 2-Pack

The simple clean scent of nothing at all.
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What's "Acidified" Body Wash?

  • Clinically proven to leave you smelling 3.5X better than ordinary soap
  • Low pH eliminates odor reactions
  • Supports your skin's protective acid mantle
  • Promotes healthier, softer skin
  • Gynecologist approved and recommended

Smell 3.5X Better Right Out of the Shower

The World's Best Deodorant

The Problem With Ordinary Soap?

Soap has a high pH which cleans, but doesn't block odor

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Ordinary Soap

  • Cleans but doesn’t block odor
  • High pH disrupts protective acid mantle
  • Promotes odor reactions below the belt

Lume Acidified Body Wash

  • Cleans and blocks odor
  • Low pH supports a healthy acid mantle
  • Blocks odor reactions below the belt

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