Is Lumē Right For You?

We have a hunch it is.

Q: Do you compromise long-lasting odor control for natural deodorant? Compromise somewhere else. Lume is for you.

A: Lume is aluminum free and clinically proven to provide 48-hour odor control. We were tested in the hottest part of the United States during the peak of summer and came out on top. How well will we do in your state?

Q: Have natural deodorants containing baking soda caused a chemical burn or itchy rash on your skin? Lume is for you.

A: Lume does not contain baking soda and protects the acid mantle of your skin while offering 48-hour odor control for even the most sensitive skin. We are Dermatologist Recommended.

Q: Do antiperspirants or deodorants leave stains on your clothing? Lume is for you.

A: Lume is water-based and washes clean off your skin and out of clothing. 97% of our testers during trial reported that it did not leave a residue behind on their skin or clothing.

Q: Do you sweat through aluminum antiperspirants anyway (I know I did!) and have the added bonus of yellow stains and body odor taking up residence in your clothing? Lume is for you.

A: Lume doesn’t contain aluminum, like other products, to plug your sweat glands and stain your clothes. Sweat happens. Odor doesn’t have to! Check out, “Why Deodorants Fail.”

Q: Are private parts, tummy folds, or under breast odor something you have tried to eliminate? Lume was created just for you.

A: Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts is changing the way people think about body odor by broadening the definition, recognizing that traditional deodorants only get it half right. Day-to-Day Odor doesn’t occur only in your underarms.

Q: Are you committed to using clean, natural ingredients in the products you use on your skin? Lume is for you.

A: Lume is free of aluminum, baking soda, propylene glycol, paraben and fragrance oil. We are Leaping Bunny certified and vegan friendly.

Q: Do you prefer to shower less and live more? Lume is for you.

A: Lume buys you time by providing clinically-proven, 48-hour odor control. We can’t decide if we like that or the dual purpose for Underarms & Private Parts more. We are the perfect “skip a shower” deodorant.

Q: Is showering exhausting or difficult for you or a loved one? Lume is for you.

A: Physical restrictions due to disability, aging or illness can make bathing a real challenge for some. Imagine the confidence 48 hours of dual purpose odor control can mean for your life, or the life of a loved one.

Q: Are you a teenager who wants to eliminate odors that result from your period? Lume is for you.

A:  Add an extra level of discrete odor control confidence during your period. 

Lume’s got you covered