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Deodorant and Body Wipes Built for Camping

Deodorant and Body Wipes Built for Camping

by Ethan Aronson

No matter where I’ve camped, there have always been three truths that rise to the surface of each adventure:

  1. Time is always well-spent when you’re spending it in nature.
  2. Food always tastes better when cooked over an open fire.
  3. My body starts putting out some interesting smells after days in the great outdoors without a good shower.

Let’s face it, if you have any inkling of interest in nature and being outside, you probably also like the freedom that comes with skipping a shower or two. It’s natural. There is a certain primitive harkening back to the beginning of time when you are communing with the natural world. When time seems to take on a new pace in the wilderness, why would you want to stunt it by reminding yourself of routine?

Still, the truth is, you are eventually going to stink.

Enjoyment in the Great Outdoors Can Come with a Great, Smelly Price

We’re all guilty of stinking. We pack the camp soap and our ‘trusty’ stick of deodorant, thinking we’re going to sneak off for a quick hippie scrub to cover up our stench. When, in reality, we’ve only done just that: cover it up.

Eventually, that stench will rise again with a mocking vengeance. It haunts us and our campmates with fragranced B.O.

Body odor is indiscriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping with guy friends, girl friends, family, your partner, or even by yourself– when you stink, you stink. Yes, you might care a bit more if you’re with a certain cohort, but in the end, you still smell.

If you go long enough without caring for your personal hygiene– especially in the wilderness– you are not going to be able to even tolerate your own stench. Not to mention, the natural consequences of you not caring for your personal hygiene while camping could lead to some uncomfortable situations. For instance, you could attract the wrong sort of crowd– the lions, tigers and bears sort (Though unlikely, better safe than sorry, right?!).

Now, yes, I’ve done the other kind of camping, too– the kind where you post up at a drive-in campground and have access to a decent (or halfway-decent) bathing facility. I can say I’ve only used said facilities a handful of times; but still, the option was available.

I’ve also done the other extreme and have hiked for miles into the backcountry of an expansive state park and only had what was on my back for a week long trek, setting up and taking down camp each day– with no bathroom or shower in sight. Oftentimes, it is on these sort of camping adventures that I feel the most in touch with nature and the most alive.

If I’m being honest, even around the typical campground, with a day hike here and there, it can feel invigorating to go without showering. There’s something about this primal rebellion of not doing what you “should” do (i.e. shower) that sparks a natural energy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like smelling good just as much as the next guy. However, when we’re in nature enjoying the elements and one another without some of the extras to deal with, it feels good. Yes, there are natural consequences that come from skipping a shower (or several), and especially if we’re spending the days in the hot sun, exerting energy hiking, cutting wood, climbing trees, preparing food, etc.

With Lume, No Worrying About Stink Means Better Connection with Nature

The true test of a deodorant is that moment when you make the first position shift of the night in your sleeping bag, and the waft of air from below comes barreling up the tube and hits you in the face. That can make or break the confidence factor, especially if you’re with a loved one on a camping trip sharing some s’mores and starry skies. The au’ naturel escape can cause just that if your hygiene gets the better of you and you’re without a deodorant that works with you and for you.

The plus side to camping with Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts, the natural deodorant that keeps bacteria from doing what it does to make you stink, is you can skip those showers and still feel confident in the harshest heat.

Lume works from head to toe and everywhere in between– and I do mean in between. No matter how diehard a camper you are, the stink factor almost always comes up in the discussion as one of the deciding factors of whether to call it a trip or to carry on.

What’s great about Lume is that it is clinically-proven to control odor anywhere on your body for 72 hours!

Lume Deodorant is skin-safe, aluminum-free, and baking soda-free. It stops odor before it starts by preventing bacteria from digesting bodily fluid and causing odor-causing reactions. This means you won’t be helplessly slathering a mask of fragrance in an attempt to cover up body odor. You can prevent odor from starting in the first place.

A Little Lume Goes a Long Way in Extending the Adventure

Before leaving on your adventure, apply some Lume Deodorant to your underarms, privates, feet, and any other areas that tend to stink, and see how long it lasts. Depending on the length of time you’re staying in the elements– and whether you have access to a water source for a quick rinse or sponge bath– you can reapply Lume Deodorant to help control the odor.

Take some Lume Deodorant Wipes along with you for added convenience, especially for times you'd like a cloth to separate your hand from some of your funkier parts! It’s a shower in your pocket and a travel companion that’s really got your back (as well as your pits and any stinky bits). Another cool thing about these biodegradable wipes is they also come individually-wrapped so they don't take up a lot of space in your camping bag. Forget wet wipes and give Lume Deodorant Wipes a try!

Lume will allow you to carry on, untroubled by odor, and keep you smelling great for the next leg of your adventure.

No matter if I’m camping in the winter under sweaty layers or in the heat of the summer, it’s important to make sure I’m treating my body well. I don’t know about you, but if I can spend more time outdoors, I’m a much happier person. With Lume, I’m now a more confident and happier individual who doesn’t stink.

See how Lume also makes adventure smell better at any altitude:

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Ethan Aronson

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