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Not Your Mama’s Feminine Hygiene …Thank Goodness!

Not Your Mama’s Feminine Hygiene …Thank Goodness!

by Shannon Klingman, M.D.

I have found myself in the feminine hygiene aisle at the drug store strolling past the offerings, glancing at the products, even pretending I didn’t mean to end up there. I knew if I stopped for any length of time, all eyes are on me thinking, “I wonder what’s up with her vagina? Maybe vaginal itching? Vaginal burning? Gosh, vaginal discharge? Even vaginal odor?” …I am a gynecologist and these products even made me feel insecure about my vaginal discharge!

If you “listen” to the messages on the packaging, “how to get rid of vaginal odor or “feminine odor,” you understand why women have been led to believe the source of odor between our legs is the vagina. Historically, marketing campaigns have implied “the vagina has odor until proven otherwise.” The products are outdated and the hygiene industry hasn’t had anything new to offer women for nearly 50 years! So very sad! Many have become so frustrated, they have even sought home remedies for BV or vaginal odor. That’s sad, too.

Here’s the deal, the same type of chemical reaction that causes underarm odor causes odor between our legs, under our breasts, and under tummy folds (collectively referred to as "Private Parts"). Different bacteria, different bodily fluids, different odor compounds, but the concept remains exactly the same. You can apply Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts anywhere on your body to eliminate all external odor-causing reactions on your skin. This is revolutionary in the world of “human hygiene” and it is discrete, empowering and effective! Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts provides 72 hours of clinically proven odor control. The word is spreading fast and we are so thrilled to hear the stories of relief, new confidence, and empowerment.

Outdated Home Remedies for BV, also Known as Vaginal Odor


I remember seeing my friend’s mother having a hose system hooked up to the faucet of a sink, for goodness' sake! It was something to fear and apparently a home remedy for how to get rid of vaginal odor! How humiliating as a young girl to realize I might have that to look forward to. Now, they are sold as portable systems for about $1 in the drug store and all gynecologists agree they are bad for your reproductive health. This is NOT a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis or odor. It contributes to the cause of bacterial vaginosis and is not a BV treatment. How can these be responsibly sold? Please stop using these! Of all the home remedies for BV, douching is one of the worst still used today.

Vaginal Suppositories

These are only little fragrance “melts.” The pH of these products is high and the fragrance is strong. If you truly have vaginal odor as a result of smelly vaginal discharge, you should be seeing your gynecologist because it is not normal to have a foul odor IN your vagina. I see no functional purpose for these. I think the last place I saw these was in a truck stop, next to the glow-in-the-dark condoms.


This product is in a class all by itself. It served a great purpose in the early 1970's to open a dialogue about vaginal health. “Vagisil” became a household name just like the go-go boots of the same era. Can you imagine a product called Penisil? I digress… It is a numbing cream (like for teething babies) that numbs your vulva to instantly relieve external itching and burning most commonly associated with yeast infections or dermatitis and extra long bike rides. It is strongly scented with fragrance and offers an unsophisticated and outdated home remedy for all things “feminine hygiene.” It is like a “one heavily-scented-numbing-cream-fits-all,” shot in the dark approach. This product was the leader in feminine hygiene for many years and as gynecologists we kept thinking, this is all we have to offer our patients over the counter? Who wants a numb vulva? We can do better than this, can’t we?

Vaginal Gels

Acidified vaginal gels are placed up into your vagina with a plunger. What goes up must come down and it’s all over your underwear. Some of these are really messy, so it’s best to use them at night. They “do no harm” but once again point to the vagina as the source of day-to-day odor between our legs. They can offer relief for people who have been diagnosed with and are using oral antibiotics as a BV treatment. You should only consider using these as a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis if you have been diagnosed with it in the past and are familiar with the symptoms. BV often travels with other sexually transmitted diseases and you may need to consider screening for these. The recommended use rate of these gels to get rid of vaginal odor is every 3 days. The vagina is usually not to blame for odor. Really! It’s not.

Most Body Wipes & Washes

These are not much different from a flushable baby wipe or shampoo. Feminine Hygiene washes and wipes are good home remedies if there is stuff to wipe away and wash off your skin. Odor control? Temporary, at best. Instead, try wipes that actually fight off odor, like Lume Deodorant Wipes.

Intravaginal Yeast Treatments

If a woman thinks she has a yeast infection and purchases one of these to self-remedy, the accuracy is like a coin toss. 50/50 chance she is correct. You should only consider using these treatments if you have had a yeast infection diagnosed in the past and are familiar with the symptoms. If it isn’t yeast, treating as if it is yeast can confuse the picture and make an accurate diagnosis more difficult. Not all that itches is yeast and yeast alone does not cause foul vaginal odor.

Try Lume Deodorant today. It’s clinically proven 72-hour odor control you can use anywhere on your body.

Gynecologist-developed, Dermatologist-approved and is even recommended for sensitive skin. Lume is fragrance oil free, aluminum free and baking soda free.

If after a few days of using Lume you still have odor concerns, please see your doctor.

Lume is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions of the vulva or vagina and should only be used externally.

Shannon Klingman, M.D.

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