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Big Companies Benefit (Not You!) by Selling Multiple Products that Solve the Same Problem

Big Companies Benefit (Not You!) by Selling Multiple Products that Solve the Same Problem

by Shannon Klingman, M.D.

If you are in the laundry aisle of any convenience store, you’re going to find a lot of options… regular detergent, unscented detergent, detergent for baby clothes, detergent for high-efficiency machines. Not to mention all the fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and scent pods you can buy.

When you stop and think about it, do we really need all of those different products?

And this product overwhelm isn’t just limited to laundry products.

Think about the cleaning products you can purchase for the bathroom– there are separate products to clean your shower, toilet, bathroom sink, tile, the floor… when really, you could probably clean your entire bathroom with just one product.

And it doesn’t stop with cleaning products. Think about all of the options we have for soaps and lotions. We see the same thing happening there– separate products for our face, hands, feet, and other parts of our body.

Body lotions, foot creams, eye creams, cold creams, hand creams, neck creams, cuticle creams, day creams, night creams, aftershave creams….

What’s going on here?

When I was in medical school, a dermatologist said the best thing to use on your face at night was Vaseline!

Aging is more about genetics, sunscreen and not smoking than the cream you begin putting on your face at the age of 30.

So if we don’t need eight different creams, why are there so many options on the market?

The real reason is that big companies make more money when consumers buy multiple products.

Let’s go back to Vaseline. Now there is a multi-use product! One jar, many uses.

It takes off makeup, softens cuticles, hydrates your dry lips on an airplane, softens your heels… and yet we spend millions of dollars a year buying products that do the very same thing and end up with drawers of half-used product that let us down or maybe even served us well until we saw that next best scent or package we needed to buy.

I have fallen into that same trap.

When I was developing Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts, many people told me that I should have separate products for different purposes. They told me I would sell more that way, just by repackaging the product.

Do you know what that felt like to me?


It was all the same formula!

It felt misleading.

Lume is one product used in many ways… Women, men, moms, dads, kids, teens, elderly, pits, tummy folds, under breasts, between our legs, feet.

People ask, is this safe in pregnancy? Is this safe for my teenager? Is this safe for my baby? Can I use this while nursing?

The answer is always, “Yes!”

Lume is one effective formula used in many different ways. How is that possible?

I figured out what causes odor and ended it. The odor reactions are all very similar, no matter where it is on our body.

You might be thinking, “OK, Shannon, you’ve convinced me. I don’t need all of those different products big companies are selling me. So, I can use my baking soda based natural deodorant between my legs too?”


Not every product out there is multi-purpose.

If you tried to use any other natural deodorant between your legs, your groin would feel like it’s on fire! Not to mention, the odor would get worse very quickly.

So, let me be clear, Lume is the only deodorant you can use anywhere on your body.


Other products actually accelerate the odor-causing reaction that Lume blocks. We work in a completely different way from anything else out there, and Lume is also a skin-safe deodorant that won't irritate even your most "sensitive" areas.

It took a gynecologist to start changing the narrative on hygiene and create something that actually works… anywhere on your body!

A little Lume goes a long way

If underarms are the only place you use it, then one 2.2 oz container should provide you with 220 applications. So, depending on how often you use it, that is more than 3 months (once you get primed).

The 3.0 oz container provides you with 300 applications, so depending on how often and how many areas you apply it to, do the math on how long one will last you…a long time.

A quick note on living the Lume lifestyle…

Now that you realize Lume is one product used in many ways, why not “Get Primed” and begin to experiment with how often and how much Lume to apply to various odor-producing parts of your body?

If you are someone who showers every day no matter what, apply less since you are applying it daily.

When you add Lume Natural Soap for Face & Body to your Lume self-care ritual, your skin is going to thank you. Lume Soap is triple-milled for higher quality, which means better moisturizing and cleansing in a bar that goes a longer way. It's also one product with many uses–hands, face, and whole body–because our whole body deserves a quality soap!

If you are of the “skip a shower” kind of people (like me), then apply a little more Lume Deodorant on the days you know you are skipping a shower, or simply use a Lume Deodorant Wipe. When you wipe off the sweat and odor of the day with a Lume Wipe, you are wiping on deodorant protection that will give you lasting freshness.

Also, keep in mind that applying Lume Deodorant with fingertips will allow you even longer-lasting control!

If you skip more than one shower in a row and begin to notice a tinge of B.O…reapply Lume Deodorant or give another quick sweep with a Lume Wipe, and you should get another 24 hours of coverage.

For other areas of your body besides your underarms, you will find that you can apply Lume just a few times a week once you get primed.

Everybody is different.

As far as your stinky feet (or your kid’s stinky feet), make sure you are wearing cotton socks and not putting clean, Lume’d feet into stinky shoes.

A few more tips for using Lume on your feet: Keep your nails trimmed and calluses buffed. Put Lume on at night. No need to reapply Lume in the morning – at night is best.

Underarms, between your legs, and on your feet are just a few places you can use Lume, but you can also use it anywhere you have odor… people have used it in their bellybutton, under tummy folds, under breasts, on their hands if they wear gloves a lot… so don’t be afraid to try it on other parts of your body too!

The longest I have gone without showering and not smelling with applying Lume every day is 10 days.

I kid you not. It works that well.

This would have come in really handy when my children were infants and I chose sleep just under life itself.

Don’t question it. Just try it and you will love it.

Shannon Klingman, M.D.

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