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Showering Better With Lume’s Acidified Body Wash

Showering Better With Lume’s Acidified Body Wash

by Sarah Thomas

Showering is one of my very favorite modern luxuries. If I were granted a wish to go back in time, it would only be to last week or something, because I simply couldn’t give up hot showers.

I was recently visiting family and my sister in law said she has no idea what someone would do in the shower for 10 minutes.

I, on the other hand, could stand in the shower indefinitely, mulling over the problems of the world, putting off whatever is facing me after the shower, or just clearing my mind and living in the decadence of the moment. I have a secret policy that I’m allowed extra time in the shower as long as I thank the universe for the luxury of clean, hot water coming right out of the wall. What a time to be alive!

What kind of showerer are you? Long, hot, daily showers featuring your deepest thoughts or best singing? Or are you more of a practical conservationist, preferring to turn off the water while you soap up and shampoo your hair?

There is certainly an art to a perfect shower, whether that means having time to shave, exfoliate, and deep condition your hair, or making it as quick, efficient, and infrequent as possible.

Whatever your personal shower code is, feeling and smelling as clean as possible is probably your number one priority. If smelling as good as humanly possible is on your list of hopes and dreams, Lume’s got the body wash that will help you reach that odor control milestone.

How does Lume create a better shower experience? Dr. Shannon Klingman - Lume’s founder - explains the importance of pH in soap and body wash, and the surprising truth about soap.

A Little Butt Crack Science

Why do butts stink? We have all kinds of bacteria living in, on, and around us. A certain type of bacteria commonly found in the GI tract tends to migrate a bit and hang out in butt cracks and nearby private neighborhoods. When this type of bacteria is exposed to a high pH, odor forms.

What might introduce a high pH environment on our skin in the below the belt neighborhood? Some examples would be sweat, blood, urine, semen (yep, that’s tracking)... and soap.

What betrayal is this?

Soap has been gaslighting us all along - creating the very problem it was supposed to solve! While we’ve been using soap to cleanse and remove odors, soap’s high pH has been accelerating odor reactions! It sounds like a horrible abuse of trust, but it’s absolutely true.

In the words of Dr. Shannon Klingman,

“Soap does you no favors in the shower.”

Isn’t showering with soap to remove body odor sort of the point of a shower? If you’re cleaning your nether quarters with soap, bacteria start creating odor as soon as you step out. So how’s a girl to get ahead of body odor?

It’s All About The pH

Our skin is happiest when it is slightly acidic. What do we mean by happy? Happy skin is not dried out, itchy, or irritated. When we use products that have a significantly higher pH than skin, our skin’s pH environment can become disrupted. On top of that, odor causing bacteria thrive in a basic, or high pH environment.

The importance of pH in a body wash cannot be overstated, and that’s where Lume Acidified Body Wash is so different from any other body wash or soap. Lume Body Wash is pH optimized to acidify skin - or create a low pH environment, so skin smells better longer.

Like our deodorant, the secret power behind our body wash is Mandelic Acid, one of the most gentle alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Not only will you smell better longer when your skin is acidified with facial quality ingredients in our body wash, but your skin will be happy. And don’t we all aim to make our skin happy?

Lume Acidified Body Wash is clinically proven to remove odor better than soap and control odor for 24 hours; it probably controls odor better than most of the deodorants you have ditched in the past.

A Word About Feminine Washes

If you’ve been around Lume long enough, you know that we talk about body odor like the equal opportunist that it is. ALL odor is the result of bacteria on our skin reacting with bodily fluids like sweat, urine, semen, and blood.

  • Armpit odor is caused by bacteria + bodily fluids
  • Foot odor is caused by bacteria + bodily fluids
  • Women’s private part odor is caused by bacteria + bodily fluids
  • Men’s private part odor is caused by bacteria + bodily fluids
  • Butt crack odor is caused by bacteria + bodily fluids

You get the idea. Bacteria simply don’t care or even know if you are a man or woman. Similarly, soap and body wash are actually not capable of discerning whether you are a man or a woman. So what is the purpose of a “feminine wash”? Marketing.

The feminine hygiene aisle is a bit of a scam, and if Dr. Klingman had her way, would be completely abolished from existence.

Lume Acidified Body Wash is not only gynecologist approved, it was developed by an OB/GYN for all of our most odor prone areas. It works exactly the same for women, men, children, dogs, etc…and it is formulated without SLS, SLES, parabens, or phthalates.

Shower every day? Make that shower count with Lume Acidified Body Wash.

Shower only when you must? Make that shower last longer with Lume Acidified Body Wash.

Whatever your shower schedule, preference, limitations, or philosophy, Lume Acidified Body Wash makes showers better by removing odor better than soap and controlling odor better than soap.

If that appeals to you, but you’ve always loved the feel of rolling a good bar in your hands, try Lume Acidified Cleansing Bar - it boasts all the same benefits of the body wash in a solid bar.

For odor control superpowers, follow up every shower with Lume Whole Body Deodorant!

Did you Lume today?

Sarah Thomas


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