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Lume Empowers Soulful Artist with Lasting Confidence

Lume Empowers Soulful Artist with Lasting Confidence

by Sarah Thomas

“Have you ever been around someone that smelled so funky, it became the only thing you could think about?” Charmagne asks. “ You’re trying to have a good time, enjoy the conversation, a meal, a mood, or a moment, and body odor just encroaches on that experience and takes over. You’re trying to avoid the odor, trying not to think about it, and it just becomes a huge distraction.”

Haven’t we all? Don’t we all want to avoid being that someone?

Charmagne has been connecting with people through music since she first discovered her natural talent in high school. Her musical debut as a performer was when she sang the national anthem at a high school basketball game, and she has been sharing her gift of song with the world ever since.

She’s now a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, mentor to aspiring artists, producer, advocate for animals and positive vibes, and Lume enthusiast.

The Power To Connect Through Music

One of the most meaningful moments Charmagne experienced in her career was performing in a concert on the evening of the Sandy Hook shooting. Everyone in the country was grieving, but feelings were especially poignant in their community that night as a colleague had lost a daughter in the shooting.

Charmagne recounts, “It was a very difficult and scary time, the audience vibe was somber and tense. I wanted to deliver something beautiful and people were feeling so awful. I had mixed feelings and almost cancelled the show; it felt in poor taste but producers felt it was important to go on and not give in to the fear. It can be hard trying to create joy when you are not in a joyful heart space, but that’s what artists do.”

She performed in spite of her doubts, and Charmagne’s music gave all who had gathered a sense of hope and community. That’s the power of live music and sharing an experience together. And that’s the kind of connection that gives Charmagne purpose as an artist.

Body Odor is A Distraction

Confidence is everything to a performer, and the last thing Charmagne wants to worry about when she is pouring out her heart on stage is whether her deodorant is working. As an entertainer, Charmagne doesn’t want anything disrupting the flow or energy of her performance. Confident and open body language is as important to her as that gorgeous, soulful voice.

From Charmagne’s perspective, “When you’re in a band, body odor kills the vibe! ...If I smell bad on stage, its a distraction. I don’t feel open; I don’t feel free.”

Rapport with band members is just as crucial. The band spends hours together in rehearsals and playing gigs under hot lights. Feeling fresh and preventing body odor with all that togetherness and excessive sweating is important because it allows band members to stay focused on the music.

“Lume Gives Me The Confidence I Need”

What are Charmagne’s favorite things about Lume? Simply put, that it works!

Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts is effective where other deodorants and antiperspirants have failed.

Charmagne explains, “Lume gives me the confidence that I need. Body language is really important when you are talking to people, and BO can dictate your body language. You want to be confident and open to people who come to talk to you after the show, not standing with your hands at your side.”

“I used to have these really dark circles under my arms, and I didn’t realize it was from my deodorant, I just thought that was my skin. That has noticeably changed since I started using Lume. And that was an exciting bonus I hadn’t even counted on.”

Charmagne had been hesitant to try natural deodorants before a friend recommended Lume to her, because she had heard so many horror stories about their experiences. She feels lucky she used Lume first, because she “didn’t have that kind of time to waste figuring out whether a deodorant works.”

She loves that Lume Deodorant isn’t just for armpits because sweat doesn’t just happen in armpits. “I’ve always needed a deodorant that worked all over my body, I’ve always wanted one. Lume is finally the one that I can use.”

Lume Deodorant Wipes are great to use with Lume Deodorant because you can address body odor all over with just a few swipes of your hand and freshen up whenever you suddenly need it.

Lume made a difference for Charmagne and allows her to focus on connecting through music without the distraction of worrying about body odor. That’s definitely a game-changer.

Don’t let body odor hold you back. Lume’s got you covered.

photo credit: Barbara McClane

Sarah Thomas

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