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Summer is here. Keep your tank top game fresh!

Summer is here. Keep your tank top game fresh!

by Callie Sleper

Now is the time to brush off that picnic basket, uncover the grill, and reach in storage for your favorite tank tops you plan on wearing like, every day for the coming months. Because freedom from sleeves means freedom to experience warm, late evening sunsets and feeling that vitamin D kiss your skin.

Freedom from sleeves = freedom from odor. Right?

As your friend, we’d like you to know that even the tank top is not immune from trapped odor. Have you ever put on a clean shirt after showering only to find your pits smell an hour later?

If you notice odor a short while after applying Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts, the most likely culprit is your clothing. This happens because fabrics, especially man-made ones, warm up not too long after you put them on. Any waxy, oily residue from past deodorants (and even fabric softeners and scent-boosters!) bring out old B.O. they mixed with. And it returns wash after wash. (How lovely.)

Tank tops– and even bras– are notoriously not made from 100% cotton and contain materials like polyester, nylon, spandex, and other odor-trapping fabrics. This means odor will likely remain in them until you prep them with pit stain removers before you Lume.

And when you wear that favorite tank, you don't have as much fabric to wick away moisture from your underarms, which means Lume may wash away. Odor happens wherever skin meets skin, so you may consider extending your Lume application area and applying more frequently. When summer heats up, things get ripe. Gardens, peaches, watermelons… but pits?! Please. Not after you Lume!

Lume Deodorant’s water-based, naturally-derived ingredients mean freedom from future stains, odor, and skin irritation. It's a skin-safe deodorant that washes out of clothes the first time. Get the most out of your Lume by solving resurrected clothing B.O. today.

Use Lume Deodorant Wipes for added odor-fighting protection when you need a quick refresher on-the-go.

Our groundbreaking science will ensure you stay fresh as a state fair funnel cake even in the most smell-inducing heat.

Did you Lume today?

Callie Sleper

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