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5 Things You May Not Know About Deodorant

5 Things You May Not Know About Deodorant

by Sarah Thomas

Raise your hand if you wear deodorant every day without giving a second thought to how it works or what’s in it. If you’re thinking about switching deodorants because your old one is irritating your skin or not working, or you just want to learn more about what you’re putting on your body, here are five facts about deodorant.

The Best Deodorants Can Stop Odor from Occurring—Others Just Cover It Up

The best deodorants will halt the odor-causing reactions on external skin. Other products say they inhibit bacterial growth, but they don’t maintain the healthy physiological pH of your skin. Some even contain baking soda, which can cause rashes or otherwise irritate the skin. You don’t need a heavily-scented deodorant to cover up odor; you need the right one! Sprays, gels, and heavy fragrances may be problematic, especially if you have skin sensitivities.

A Deodorant Is Not an Antiperspirant

An antiperspirant blocks sweat glands with aluminum compounds. Deodorants do not stop sweat from occurring, but, as discussed, some of the best can stop odor-causing reactions from occurring. Read more about what you can expect with antiperspirants and deodorants in this blog.

You May Not Need to Use Deodorant Every Day

It’s a good idea to brush your teeth twice every day. But you may not need to use deodorant every day (well, that depends on what deodorant you’re using). For example, Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts is a hypoallergenic deodorant that's clinically-proven to provide up to 72 hours of odor control. You can experiment with how much and how often to use it for your lifestyle. With an effective product, it’s not necessary to heavily slather it on, either.

You Can Use Some Deodorants on Your Feet and Other Body Parts

Like armpits, your feet are another prime spot for odor-causing bacteria. But you may not have to buy a separate product for stinky feet when you can get an all-over deodorant made for everything from your pits to your bits. Look for a product specifically designed to stop odor-causing reactions on the skin from happening in the first place—not simply a formula that temporarily masks odors. Multipurpose deodorants have come a long way in the past couple of years. Even when it comes to smells associated with tummy folds, private parts, under breasts, and feet, an all-over deodorant can be used externally to address odor concerns. If you’re looking for odor protection below the belt, a vaginal deodorant is not necessary and can actually cause harm.

Not All Natural Deodorants Are Created Equal

If you are making the switch to a deodorant or deodorant wipes for sensitive skin with naturally-derived ingredients, you certainly want to know if it’s going to actually work and that it does everything it promises to do. You don’t want a product that masks or neutralizes odors. You want one that eliminates odor-causing reactions from happening in the first place. That said, seek out a formula that is water-based and does not contain baking soda or aluminum. This type of deodorant will not only be effective, but it also won’t stain your clothes.

Sarah Thomas

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