When I was in my 20’s I thought I was busy. College, social life, homework, medical school (that was tough, or so I thought), residency, and then….children.

Nothing prepares you for that time vacuum. Nothing. Nobody could prepare you! It’s a train you have to jump on and experience for yourself.  Of course in the most wonderful gratifying way, children take everything that was once taken for granted and make it a luxury.

It is a rare day that I have showered, my face is exfoliated and hydrated, both upper and lower legs are shaved, hair is blown out, makeup is done and I actually put on something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt. I sometimes dress it up with a cardigan that covers my backside and that, my friends, is a banner day. An exception to the rule of momhood for me.

If anything is going to give way and be eliminated from my “Busy Mom-CEO” morning (especially when I wake up and my bedhead still looks amazing) it’s a shower. I slap myself a high-five and Lume instead. I just bought myself 30 minutes that day…easy.

Whether you have time to shower once a day or once a week, here are six ways you can get that “shower fresh” feeling to last a little longer…


1. Dry off really well after you shower

Moisture and hot body parts are the perfect home for bacteria and yeast. If you have skin folds that can hold a pencil (don’t we all!), a blow dryer on a warm or cool setting is going to be your friend. Microfiber towels do a little better job of getting into all the nooks and crannies and working to dry your skin off more efficiently.


If you have red or irritated skin…

If you are larger breasted or have tummy folds, do you ever notice you itch and have redness in those folds? If you do, you likely have a little yeast growth in those areas.

This itching and redness may mean those dead skin cells need to be exfoliated off.

Here is what I recommend: Get some Hydrocortisone 1% and Clotrimazole. Both are available over the counter at any pharmacy (the generic store brands are fine too!). Mix together equal parts of those creams and apply sparingly to freshly showered and well dried off skin 2 times a day, especially at night.

After a few days of that routine, begin using a very thin smear of Lume about 2 times a week and see if that controls the odors for you. We hear from women who say that the odor was present every day of their adult lives and when they began using Lume just once a week, they never had it again!

Everybody is different so experiment with what will fit in best with your lifestyle.


2. Wear cotton underwear

It’s not that cotton underwear really provides that much moisture wicking protection, it’s that the other alternatives are so horrible by promoting odor and microorganism growth like bacteria and yeast.

Polyester, silky underwear almost always have a cotton lined crotch. This is better since it keeps the manmade fabrics away from direct contact with the odor-causing bodily fluids and bacteria. That said, 100% cotton is best.

Beware of thong underwear. It’s butt floss. Every time you bend over, shift, lean forward, that string moves back and forth and the back is too dirty for the forth. Thongs, if you wear them, are meant to be briefly worn if you want to protect yourself from odor below the belt.


3. Groom your pubic hair

I know this one is a little bit controversial. I am not saying that full bush is bad.  It’s fine, but just know that the more hair you have, the more surface area there is for bacteria to thrive and consume sweat, urine residue, menstrual blood, and semen. And all of those create odor.

Grooming is just a suggestion for those looking to minimize odor below the belt.

Your options are trim, shave or wax.

Trimming just an inch will make a big difference. You won’t miss it, and it improves the ability to keep it clean and odor free.

If you are going to shave, just know the first time is the most comfortable and then you begin to deal with the cycle of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and nicks. I don’t recommend shaving. From my experience, you usually regret it.

Waxing? That is a different story. It lasts longer and when hair grows back it is not bristly or itchy.

That said, pubic hair does serve a purpose. You will notice more external wetness and possibly chaffing.

To each to her own grooming regime!


4. Use a tampon or menstrual cup with your period vs a pad

This one has to do with anatomy. When blood comes into contact with bacteria that are commonly found in our gastrointestinal tract, odor results. When using a tampon or menstrual cup, you are keeping the blood products of your period anatomically away from those bacteria.

This is not necessarily a function of hygiene – you are only as clean as the moment you step out of the shower. Bacteria keep replicating and doing their thing and as the day goes on, the bacteria counts go up. It is just the fact of being human.

If you do want to use a pad, a reusable cotton pad or menstrual underwear will hold less odor than the traditional pads with a plastic lining.


5. Use a baby wipe after #Poo or with your period

This will get all your creases and crevices cleaner than with TP alone.

Get yourself 99% clean with TP, then finish it off with a baby wipe until the last swipe is white. After using a baby wipe, be sure to pat dry with a square of TP (remember, we want to minimize moisture!).

(Please don’t flush wipes, even if they say they are “flushable”! These wipes are clogging sewers everywhere, and can also clog your own pipes.)

When at home, you can take a squirt bottle with alcohol-free witch hazel and a little lavender oil if you want to feel extra special 😉 Spritz a little on some toilet paper and let that provide you the moisture benefit you need to be confidently clean as a whistle for the final wipe.


6. Lume up

It is best to begin with Lume after showering and drying off really well (this is a common theme with us).

The first couple of times you use Lume between your legs, you may notice a warming sensation…that just means its working its magic.

Once you begin using Lume on a regular basis, you will notice you can use less Lume less often.

Here is what I do: I apply Lume to my underarms every day to every other day. I’ll apply more or less depending on if I plan on showering the next day or not. I always rub it into the hairy part of my pit with fingertips, and what is left over is for my lady parts and bum.

Now that I am primed and have been using Lume for so long, it takes so little, I actually feel like I never smell. Never! It’s like I am bionic, but it wasn’t always this way.

A 3.5 oz airless pump container has 350 applications and the 2.2 oz propel stick has 220 applications. It is a premium product and you are well worth it!

Did you Lume today?

17 thoughts on “6 Things You Can Do to Feel Fresh as a Daisy All Day Long

  1. Cindy Moos says:

    I’m shocked at the amount of applications that is assumed I can get per container of Lume! I definitely use less than I don’t d when I started! But small Lume will only last me two weeks max! That is not using much and when I apply! This will break the bank soon! My salary doesn’t permit to get the larger container but am working on being able to this week! As I worked ten hours of overtime! Lume is jelly but I’m not able to skip a morning or night application yet!

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Hi Cindy, depending on how many places you apply Lume and how much of a surface area you are trying to cover, you may find the airless pump and propel “Bundle Pack” to be more economical for you. Once you have been using Lume for some time, you will begin to notice you can use less Lume less often. Team Lume

    • JB says:

      I agree with you Cindy. I bought the bundle pack and went through it in no time! Being from Canada, the conversion on the dollar and shipping makes this product a very costly one for me. But wow! I am so thrilled to finally find something that works that is cruelty free! I like the smell of the product and love being confident with my body odour. Hopefully a discount code will be offered at some point.

      • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

        Once you “Get Primed” with Lume, you can begin to experiment with using less product less often. While we are more pricy than other drugstore brands, we are more effective and do not stain your clothes. Plus it is formulated to use anywhere on your body! How great is that?

  2. Chris Martin says:

    Is it OK to apply Lume to the skin around the vaginally area? How about application around the rectum & butt crack? Will Lume use help prevent yeast development?

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Lume should not be applied internally, or near the opeing of the urethra, but can be applied between your labia, between your butt cheeks and up near the dimple of your tailbone. Do not use it around your urethra and always apply from front to back. As far as prevetion of yeast infections…we do not recommend using Lume internally or on broken or irritated skin. Once any external yeast infections are cleared up, Lume maintains the healthy pH of the protective acid mantel of your skin which could in theory, help to prevent skin breakdown from yeast. I hope that helps! Shannon Klingman MD

  3. Valerie says:

    I’m sensitive to caffeine and can’t drink it. Will your product cause any jitters, etc like drinking caffeinated drinks? What purpose does the caffeine serve in a deodorant?
    Greenville, SC

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      That is a good question. Caffeine makes our formula more effective and the low percentge it is at should not have a systemic effect.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been using Lume now for at least a month and it doesn’t seem to keep armpit odor at bay all day. I make sure that I dry off well after showering is there something I’m not doing correct? I would really like to find a natural product that works for me. Actually no deodorant really works for me so I’ve been hoping to find one. Thank you

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      HI Rebecca, Be sure to check out our tips on “Getting Started” with Lume. You must be aware of man made fibers in your clothing and follow the tips to minimize those residual odors and help to break up the oil and waxy residue that gets left behind. Those fibers bind to BO and are tough to wash out when the deodorant you may have used in the past is not water based. Make sure you are applying enough product once a day until you are odor free for 24 hours. Rub Lume into all of the nooks and crannies and extend that 1-2 inches around your hair bearing area. Once you are odor free for 24 hours you can begin to see how long you can go between applications. Most importantly, keep an eye on those man made fibers and know that odor is bound to them and accelrates the odor reaction in the clothing and not necessarily on skin of your pits. I hope that helps!

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      If it is applied right before oral sex than likely. If applied early in the day, there is no need to ever reapply. Lume is not considered edible, but it is non-toxic.

  5. Kimberley says:

    Hi. Is someone with a tree-nut allergy able to use the product? The individual doesn’t need to use an epi-pen. The allergy is not severe; they can detect if coconut is in a food product because their tongue experiences tingling.

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Mandelic acid is derived from almonds, but is pretty far removed from the almond proper. If you have any concerns, consult with your doctor.

  6. Norma L says:

    I have been using Lume for a couple months, and am just now noticing I have NO odor the morning following shower and application! I’m sure it had to do with my clothing having residual odor/product. I’ve been using a full pump on one pit and 3/4 pump on the other, but now I’m going to start dialing back til I find my product “sweet spot”. Stay with it, ladies! You WILL end up with no odor for 24+ hours at one point, it just may take more than 2 weeks, and more product than you think to start out.

  7. Sheila says:

    I love this product and will never stop using it. It’s worth every penny. My stick lasts for a month. It’s important to prep your clothing as recommended. I only had one experience where I was out on an unusually hot day and then went to a music festival at night and my right pit had a very smelly “break-out”. I now realize that I should have reapplied it after my full day. But that was just once. You learn how it best works for you. But I will never stop using Lume!

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