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Experience the Best Natural Deodorant for Men

Experience the Best Natural Deodorant for Men

by Callie Sleper

Many of us can relate to having walked past a guy, just minding our own business, when a waft of heavy secondhand cologne fumes send a shock to our system. Woof!

Likely he just wants to wow someone with his whiff. It could be that media and hygiene advertising has influenced him to think he needs this kind of smoke signal. And plenty of men’s deodorants out there produce quite the overwhelming fragrance.

And then there’s the other camp. Guys that seem to not notice (or even take pride in) their natural musk. They might have taken a lesson from Biology 101 and let their pheromones run a little too free.

But what if he simply assumed, like many others, that a deodorant would actually do what it said it would and eliminate odor?

You may find yourself relating to either of these scenarios on some level, and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. These examples point to a larger problem men face today. They just aren’t getting what they need with deodorants on the market. That’s where Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts comes in.

Troy noticed something was different when he first tried Lume:

“After one use of Lume, I literally grabbed the sticks of deodorant I had in my bathroom, and into the garbage they all went. This product is amazing. Even t-shirts that I've worn, laying in my hamper days after, waiting to be washed, still had no funk...smelled fresh actually. But the most surprising part of this experience, was going an entire day of activity, to include the gym, and still, no funk...just unbelievable.”

Finally! Lume Deodorant uses science to eliminate odor and let you be yourself, whatever that means to you. Here are just a few ways Lume’s pioneering science can make all the difference for your lifestyle.


If you're after more subtlety in a deodorant, all of Lume’s products are designed to not mask odor with a cologne overdose. Our scented products like Lavender Sage, Juniper Berry, Silver Spruce, and Jasmine Rose (which men are liking, too!) tastefully pair with your favorite colognes—a lot like flannels with lumberjacks. And if you’re going the minimalist route, our Unscented propel sticks and tubes do the trick nicely.

Apply as much or as little Lume as needed for your desired effect. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend applying right after you’ve showered with a high quality, natural soap and dried thoroughly, and doing that for at least the first couple of days. You can also apply in between showers, or apply as little as you want to let more of your own zest come through if that's your thing.

We do our job as a Destroyer of Odor so you can spend more energy expressing your ideal scent.


Let’s lay it on the line here. The truth is that men’s deodorant products contain the same ingredients as women’s, and the only difference is in the packaging. Marketing makes all the difference.

Lume works for anyone—men, women, and kids alike—and we’re not afraid to show it. Lume also proved exceptional as an underarm deodorant, but was originally designed by a doctor for use around private parts. The beauty of its multi-use nature is that you can also use it anywhere you notice odor externally, whether it’s by the bulge, balls, in skin folds, belly buttons, or even on your feet. And a little bit goes a long way.

We only package all of this in one product. Why? Because we want to keep it honest and straightforward.


In medieval times, it was a sign of utmost holiness to refrain from bathing without a prayer for bodily purity, so to speak. One monk would pass another on the street and immediately be jealous of his noxious, yet spiritually-immaculate brother.

However, our guess is that you’re likely not wanting to live like a hermit. So we’ll let you in on some trade knowledge.

After showering and giving the boys a once-over, as soon as you step out, a “bacterial buffet” gets activated. We aren’t trying to scare you. What happens on anyone’s body is bacteria inevitably munch on fluids, which produces odor. You can effectively keep the buffet at bay by applying a minimal amount of Lume, ideally right after showering. We’ve even had some folks say they can go TEN DAYS without bathing, and they don’t notice odor. Try at your own risk. Just apply as needed.

Lume is clinically-proven to provide lasting, 72-hour protection from odor that offers king-like cleanliness—without all the effort.


Bills, kids, logistics, that local sports team, work, natural disasters, politicians... Who’s got time to worry about odor, too?

We use revolutionary science to stop odor-causing bacteria in its tracks.

Imagine embarking on a camping trip over a long, hot weekend, and you only have to apply deodorant once. You could hike to the top of a mountain, spend hours at the gym, or sit all day fishing in the heat and still… nothing. With Lume, you’ll wonder where the odor went. We want you to roam and play as much as you can in life without the inconvenience of stink.

Let Lume give you peace of mind—at least when it comes to your smell.


You may find it a shame that clothes like your beloved Team Building 2009 t-shirt keep getting yellow armpits. You’d like to hang onto it, despite having your partner ask you to just get rid of it—on all that is holy—and today, please!

Wearing clothes with other deodorants tend to result in a never-ending cycle of stained and questionable pits. Unfortunately, some clothes are beyond saving, and you’ll just have to toss them. But you can usually prep clothes that have these stains before you Lume and that will get rid of the smell.

Since Lume is water-based and naturally-derived with no aluminum, baking soda, or waxes that won’t wash out, we end the frustrating cycle of stains so you can wear that beloved team building shirt...forever! ...Or at least, for a bit longer.


Lume uses naturally-derived ingredients and skin-safe synthetics - no harsh chemicals. Without baking soda, there’s no irritation. Lume is completely safe for skin when applied anywhere externally on the body, even on your most sensitive parts.

Try Lume Deodorant Wipes when you don't have time for a full shower and need added odor protection. It's like a shower you can keep in your pocket, office drawer, gym bag, car, or anywhere else you might need a quick refresher.

Our job is to keep you feeling as good as possible up there, down there, and everywhere.

See for yourself the difference Lume can make for you today.

Callie Sleper

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