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How to Skip a Shower Without Anyone Knowing

How to Skip a Shower Without Anyone Knowing

by Sarah Thomas

Don’t feel like or have time to shower? No problem. Not everyone needs a thorough washing every day, especially if they don’t get overly dirty or sweaty. Showering every day isn’t for everyone anyway. So, whatever your reasons are for skipping a shower, you aren’t alone and certainly shouldn’t worry about anyone finding out.

Instead, you can look and feel fresh with these five tips—leaving concern and water aside.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend

Just like scrubbing your body with soap and water every day can strip your skin of its natural oils and dry it out, daily shampooing can do the same to your hair. On days you want to skip a shower, make dry shampoo your buddy if your hair tends to feel greasy. This seemingly magical, oil-absorbing powder can soak up grease and grime. Dry shampoos have been around a long time, but they are more popular these days because it’s an easy way to extend the time between washes and blowouts.

Deodorant for Private Parts Is Amazing

Ladies, it’s tempting to reach for a vaginal deodorant if there’s an unpleasant smell coming from “down there.” But keep in mind that unless you have an infection, an external odor needs to be treated with an external product. Try using a deodorant made with naturally-derived ingredients that works on underarms and private parts. One such product is Lumē Deodorant for Underarms and Private Parts, which is a hypoallergenic deodorant that's skin-safe for use anywhere and designed to stop odor-causing reactions on the skin for both women and men. With an easy stick or tube application, you might as well swipe some across your underarms while you’re at it.

Use Lumē Deodorant Wipes along with Lume Deodorant for confidence that comes from knowing you have a shower with you in your pocket, and you can quickly freshen up above or below the belt as soon as you may need it.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Since we’re talking about private parts, it only makes sense to skip the skinny jeans and leggings. That’s because tight clothing will often make hot, sweaty areas start to smell faster than other areas of the body. Try to keep your clothing choices lightweight and breathable on the days you forgo showering.

Stop Smelly Feet in Their Tracks

Feet are another body part where odor can lurk. When there’s no time to wash them off, many often sprinkle a little baby powder inside their shoes to help keep feet dry and lessen odor. For a better boost, however, rub on a product that actually halts odor-causing reactions on the skin, such as Lume Deodorant, which has a formula that prevents bacteria from consuming fluids like sweat (which otherwise would result in an odor).

Spritz Your Favorite Scent

Without going overboard, apply your signature scent to your pulse points such as on each wrist, the crook of the elbows, and your neck. The fragrance will last longer on those areas compared to other parts of your body. Obviously, perfume isn’t a replacement for deodorant, but it will often make you feel (and smell) good.

Sarah Thomas

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