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Lume Makes Adventure Smell Better at Any Altitude

Lume Makes Adventure Smell Better at Any Altitude

by Sarah Thomas

One of the great things about enjoying backcountry recreation is leaving everything behind. There is freedom in taking a break from our hectic lives and our offices and homes, and getting active outside. Camping and backpacking force you to strip down to the essentials - what do you really need to survive for a week on a mountainside?

One of the difficult things about enjoying backcountry recreation is also leaving everything behind... toilets, showers, and washing machines to name a few.

As a high altitude climbing guide and outdoor enthusiast, Jenny knows firsthand how rugged adventure can lead to a lot of unpleasant smells.

Jenny has lived most of her life in Washington state and developed an appreciation for the Cascade Mountain Range at an early age. Her dad was a rock climber and passed on a passion for backcountry adventure, and she climbed her first volcano when she was only 13 years old. Now Jenny helps others reach their climbing goals.

Although she has guided expeditions all over the Western US, Europe, South America and Asia, her heart is in Washington and she thinks Mt. Rainier - the highest peak in the North Cascades - is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Freedom And Health

What do the outdoors mean to Jenny? Freedom and health. She can’t imagine a day without being active outside and taking time to enjoy the exhilarating beauty. She thinks that’s crucial for a happy existence, and loves helping others have meaningful experiences in nature.

Expeditions to some of the tallest peaks in the world are often a once in a lifetime opportunity and take plenty of planning. Backpacking and climbing for weeks at a time is physically demanding, and some people train for years to be able to tackle these mountains. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to summit these tall peaks, and it can be a really emotional and life-changing experience for them to reach their goals.

“Sometimes We Need To Burn Our Nostrils, We All Smell So Much”

One of the most challenging expeditions Jenny leads is to Alaska. She guides a group of twelve hikers over remote glaciers toward the summit of Denali, the highest peak in North America at 20,310 feet.

The hiking expedition takes the better part of a month, with an open-ended return date meant to accommodate delays. It’s definitely a bonding experience, living out in the snow together for days on end.

In Jenny’s words, “There are no showers. Your bathroom is a 5-gallon bucket, and you’re together all the time. It’s a pretty neat experience”.

How do you keep yourself clean on a wintery backpacking expedition like that? What about personal hygiene when you are gone 14 - 20 days, or more, and there are three people to a tent?

According to Jenny, “You burn incense in the tents to cover up the smells, and at some point, you kick everyone out of your tent and do a backpacker’s bath with baby wipes. Sometimes we need to burn our nostrils because we all smell so much!”

You shouldn’t have to choose between an active lifestyle and smelling fresh. Even when that active lifestyle falls into the extreme category! You need a deodorant that is capable of taming even the most robust scents produced by your pits, feet, and privates.

Lume Deodorant for Underams & Private Parts first caught Jenny’s attention through the musical advertisement on social media.

Jenny had tried natural deodorants before because she was concerned about ingredients in antiperspirants. Other natural deodorants just couldn’t keep up with her activity level, so she stopped using them altogether.

She did some research on Lume, and the story of how Dr. Klingman created Lume with the purpose of helping her patients really resonated with her.

The Best Stress Test For Deodorant

Jenny ordered a tube of Lume Deodorant and put it to the ultimate test on an expedition to Denali, Alaska. “20 days out in the mountains with really no bathing possibilities I think that's probably one of the best stress tests you can do on deodorant.”

She was especially anxious to try it out on her feet because she wears boots with double socks and a layer of neoprene over all of that, which really keeps everything trapped in. Lume came through. It worked on her feet and “helped kill the scent” all over her body!

Jenny likes that Lume comes in a tube and rubs in like a lotion. That makes it easy to apply with your fingers anywhere you need it. The Lume tube is perfect for expeditions because it is lightweight, multi-purpose, and can even be shared. Every ounce counts when you are carrying a backpack for days at a time!

You can even try different Lume scents in ultra-convenient mini tubes that lighten the load even further, or check out Lume Deodorant Wipes, which are biodegradable, include all the same odor-fighting active ingredients as Lume Deodorant, and even come individually-wrapped.

With Lume, I Just Smell Clean

“Another thing I like about Lume is that the scents aren’t overwhelming. Some deodorants you just open up and they immediately assault you. With Lume, I just smell clean.”

Finding Lume was a turning point for Jenny because it is a skin-safe deodorant that's effective at reining in the smells of her highest adventures. It even worked on her feet! She now enjoys a celebratory brew or dinner with her clients at the end of the day and doesn’t feel self-conscious about how she smells. And that feels like freedom to her.

Lume made a difference for Jenny. She’s blazing new trails with new confidence.

Where will you take Lume on your next adventure?

Did you Lume today?

Sarah Thomas

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