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Being a Woman Ain't for Sissies

Being a Woman Ain't for Sissies

by Annie Hanson

My husband once asked me this stupid question, “How do you women put up with that every month?”

I told him, “When they asked, ‘Who would like a monthly cycle?’ I thought that question was a no brainer. Who wouldn't want a new motorcycle every month? I raised my hand and rushed to get a place in line, hoping my first cycle would be red, and it was!”

I probably don't need to tell you that he never asked THAT question again.

Being a woman can be tough business at times. By the time we're twelve (or even younger for some), we begin to see our bodies changing. Let the stress begin!

We worry about everything from the size of our breasts to our monthly periods. Usually, the worries we have as a pre-teen or teen are based solely on wanting to be like the rest of the girls. But time marches on and we finally become a real woman and our hormones are all over the place!

With every cycle, we deal with being premenstrual which, for many, means bloating, headaches, PMS, diarrhea, tiredness, and more. Then your menstrual flow starts, and we get a new set of worries. New odors, cramping, trying to find the hygiene product that will work best for us, preventing “overflow”, and the list goes on.

There's no embarrassment like having your co-worker tell you that your pants or skirt are “stained.” I know all about that. Been there, done that.

Then we get about two weeks where everything returns to “normal”. So, we end up with about fourteen good days a month! I ask you, “Is that fair?”

Around the age of fifty, menopause begins, and we think one of the rewards for making it that far is no more cycles. Well, we're right about that, but we are handed a whole new list to fret about: hot flashes, night sweats, odor, thinning hair, dry skin, urine leakage, and much more. And to top all that off, our sense of smell and taste can change due to a drop in our estrogen level. We don't know if we stink or not!

All of the above and more is why I say, “Being a Woman Ain't For Sissies!”

Body Odor Changes As We Age

“Old People Smell” is actually a very real thing which has been studied by scientists. As we age, our body chemistry actually changes.

But it's not just body chemistry that creates the odor. Older adults may not be bathing as often for fear of falling in a tub or shower. They produce less saliva, which leads to bad breath. A bridge or dentures are a great place for bacteria to hide and thrive.

Older people are easily dehydrated, which leads to stronger-smelling perspiration and urine. Dry skin leads to flakiness as your body sheds all these dead skin cells. Night sweats and hot flashes increase perspiration thus increasing odor.

Some experience incontinence and odors from urine linger on skin and clothes. Also, some medications can create body odors.

In other words, as we age, our body becomes a giant buffet for bacteria to munch away on and the end result is odor.

What Causes Odor?

No matter who you are or where you have body odor, it has only one source: bacteria. Bacteria feed on bodily fluids like sweat, urine, blood, discharge, and semen, and the byproduct of their digested feast is odor.

As women, we know what it’s like to come in contact continually with sweat, urine, blood, discharge, and semen.

Adding to all of that, our anatomy is such that all the bacteria thriving on and around the vulva is subject to mingling with bacteria that migrates from our backsides, and it’s quite a party. This is what has led Dr. Shannon Klingman, the creator of Lume, to say, “It’s a jungle down there.”

Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts works because it prevents bacteria from feasting on those bodily fluids, which prevents odor from starting in the first place.

Lume: A Solution For Our Ever-Changing Needs As Women

Dr. Shannon Klingman, an OB-GYN, created Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts with women in mind. It can safely be used anywhere on the outside of your body.

Clinical testing by Princeton Labs proved that using Lume on all those stinky parts greatly decreases odor by preventing bacterial growth. Princeton labs also proved that Lume provided up to 72 hours of odor control.

There is a lot of science behind how Lume works, and that is one of the reasons Lume received two patents, with a third pending. It all started with a desire Dr. Klingman had to help her patients.

So, after using her Kitchen Aid mixer, a lot of trial and error, disappointments, chemistry, and math, Lume was finally born.

How Can Lume Come To Your Rescue?

While we can't change our body chemistry or stop the aging process, there are many things Lume can do to reduce body odor for women at any stage.


It all starts with puberty! We all remember the confusing times we had as our bodies changed and we had many firsts (some came with excitement, some with dread): your first bra, the first time you shaved your legs, your first period, and the first day you discovered your underarms smelled horrible! It’s so embarrassing to realize you stink, and you wonder if anyone else noticed.

We have been through it ourselves, and many of us have raised daughters who may have daughters of their own.

Why not suggest Lume Deodorant when teaching about hygiene routines that become important as we mature? Lume is effective at reining in new teen odors and will help girls feel confident around their peers.


When you cut yourself, blood has no odor, so why does that time of the month come with a particular smell? Period blood has been around for awhile by the time it reaches your tampon or pad, and has had plenty of time to mingle with bacteria along the way.

Use Lume after drying off from a shower, and odors from your period will be noticeably different.


You’re hoping you are the only one who can smell it, but it’s awkward and embarrassing to realize you have odors left over from yesterday’s romantic activity. Semen is the worst offender for odor between our legs, especially when it slowly leaks out over a day or two.

Lume can be used to control odor “down there”, so you can keep your private life private! If the odor persists in spite of good hygiene, it could be a sign of an infection and you’ll want to see your doctor.

Using Lume regularly below the belt may also improve your sex life because you will feel shower fresh all day long and not paranoid about how you smell when those spontaneous moments arise.


Pregnancy hormones change everything again! Your body, your emotions, and even your personal smell can be affected by pregnancy. Hormone levels change, ph levels change, blood flow and body temperature increases, and sweat glands are more active.

Phew, this is hard work! All this change combined with an increased sensitivity to smells can really leave you wondering if you’ll ever be the same again. As our bodies swell with a growing baby, the last thing we want to worry about is smelling bad.

Using a little Lume wherever your changing body is sweating and causing a stink will help restore some peace of mind.


By now it probably goes without saying that sweating is the catalyst for most body odor.

As we age, hormonal changes turn up the heat and we find ourselves sweating around the clock - hot flashes, night sweats, and sweat in new places altogether. As I've aged, I perspire heavily around my hairline, so I use Lume there to prevent odor.

I like that it only takes a very small amount of Lume Deodorant to be effective, and that it's aluminum-free, baking soda-free, skin-safe, and I don't have to reapply during the day (or several days for that matter).


For many women, a urine smell develops due to urgency or stress incontinence commonly caused by pregnancy or all those hours of pushing to deliver that baby. I'd like to see a Mother's Day card just once that thanks mothers for putting up with wet pants to give our children life!

A little Lume goes a long way toward preventing urinary odor- a pea-sized amount is just right. Apply sparingly to your privates from front to back, and swipe up between your cheeks to your tailbone. And voilà, fresh as a daisy!

Under Breasts and Tummy Folds

Lume is the first and only deodorant that can be used to control odor anywhere you perspire.

Gravity and time have a way of creating some sagging skin folds through the years, and that’s just a fact. Lume can be used under your breasts, belly button, and under that little tummy pouch we women often develop from having babies.

Don’t Keep All These Good Smells To Yourself

Lume can sure be a game changer for women and all the smelly things we have to endure. But remember, Lume works just as well for men and even for children, so you might want to share the good news. I’ve shared Lume with my grandsons to help fight those stinky little feet.

Using Lume Deodorant Wipes along with Lume Deodorant can keep you smelling fresh for even longer, all with just a few swipes of your hand. Lume Wipes have got all the same active ingredients as the deodorant that actually get at the source of odor to prevent it before it happens, and you can take the individually-wrapped singles everywhere your busy day leads you- even in your pocket.

Fair or not, we women have a lot to deal with at any stage, and we all deserve a little pat on the back.

Give Lume a try, no matter what your age or gender. Apply it to YOUR problem areas, and it will leave you feeling confident throughout your day—maybe even several days!

Annie Hanson

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