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Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil: Key to a Greener Planet

Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil: Key to a Greener Planet

by Sarah Thomas

You may have heard of palm oil and its impact on the environment. But, did you know that there's a solution to this problem? A solution that not only protects the environment but also supports local communities, protects local plants and wildlife, and offers quality products. That solution is sustainably sourced palm oil!

Here's why this amazing ingredient is worth talking about:

Protects The Environment
Sustainably sourced palm oil is produced using methods that are regulated globally and minimize its impact on the environment.

A Friend To Local Communities
Sustainably sourced palm oil is often produced by small scale farmers and local communities. By choosing products that contain it, we can support these communities and help them to thrive.

Promotes Biodiversity
By reducing the amount of land cleared for palm oil production, sustainably sourced palm oil helps to prevent deforestation and preserve the habitats of many endangered species.

Ensures Ethical Production
Sustainably sourced palm oil is produced with strict ethical standards, including respect for workers' rights and fair labor practices.

Quality Guaranteed
Sustainably sourced palm oil is also of high quality, ensuring that the products that contain it are safe and of the best quality for consumers.

Lume Triple Milled Soap is made with Mass Balance Sustainable Palm Oil - a system that monitors production at every step of the palm oil supply chain. The super fatted, high quality oil is one of the secrets to our super moisturizing, best selling soap.

By choosing products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil, we can play a role in reducing its negative impacts on the environment and promoting more responsible and ethical production practices. So, let's spread the word and make sustainably sourced palm oil a household name.

Learn more about the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil.

Sarah Thomas


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