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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Anyone on Your List

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Anyone on Your List

by Ethan Aronson

We all know that gift – the one that is saying more than, “Here’s a fun new gadget for your morning routine!” It’s really saying, “Your nose hairs are getting out of control – please use this!” (Not speaking from experience, of course…)

To be honest, we’ve also been the one in the store trying to figure out how to wrap one of these gifts for someone else, to gently let them know, “I can no longer sleep longer than 30 minutes without your snoring shaking the house!” Yes, it’s that time of year to challenge yourself in finding the ‘be-all, end-all, gift for all!’ Well, break out that gift list, because Lume has unique Christmas gifts for you and ALL your loved ones!

Here’s the catch, folks – this gift has to do with the stink we all think we don’t have (or try to cover up). How does one give a gift to someone that essentially says, “You smell bad”? I’m not talking about your token perfume that has been automatically added to the gift list as a filler gift. It isn’t even your backup gift of deodorant that you add to the kids’ stockings to make them seem fuller (and alleviates any guilt for filling them so full of candy). So how does one give the gift of better hygiene to a loved one without offending them? This is especially tricky when that gift is designed to help eliminate bacteria that feeds on our bodily fluids and creates stink – and not just in our armpits.

First Tip:

Try it yourself! If you haven’t tried Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts yet, what are you waiting for? Besides, giving a gift to someone to better their hygiene experience should have some substance behind it. If you are using Lume already, all the better to share the wisdom… and the joy of feeling more confident in your day-to-day interactions.

You no longer have to worry if your deodorant is going to hold out when you start to sweat in your parka, work late into the night, or head to a big presentation. Experience the magic and feel the science behind Lume’s patented formula that keeps you staying fresh for up to 72 hours. It's the only skin-safe deodorant that goes all over the body, anywhere you need it.

Second Tip:

This is a shared experience – we all stink! Yes, some of us are better at covering it up than others, but we can’t hide the fact that our bodies can only go so far without releasing some form of stench. Oftentimes, it’s more difficult for us to recognize the impact our stench has on others because, quite simply, it’s ours. We’re used to it. Still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t send signals.

So if you can approach your unique Christmas gift purchases with the mindset that this is a shared experience of participating in a collaborative campaign for better hygiene, you might buffer the blow of unwrapping a bacteria-fighting deodorant by your loved ones.

It certainly helps that Lume Deodorant comes in fun-colored packaging and terrific-smelling scents for everyone to enjoy! Get a bundle to share with your partner; buy a 3-pack of tubes in different scents for the kiddos; enjoy a fun bar of soap or two for yourself; and try Lume Deodorant Wipes whenever you could use a quick refresher.

Giving some Lume to everyone gathered around the tree will lessen the focus on the funky smells and enliven the conversation around the fun food you’ll be having for dinner.

Third Tip:

Make the giving fun! No one wants to receive a gift with the low-key intro that lacks confidence, “Here you go….” That’s one of the main reasons your giving Lume, right? To help boost your loved one’s sense of confidence by helping eliminate that personal bubble stench. Why not introduce it with some fanfare! “Oh, my goodness – you’re going to love this deodorant – it’s life-changing!” This especially works when you’ve already had the joy of using Lume for yourself (Tip #1). Or you could set up a fun Christmas morning scavenger hunt that ends in the bathroom with clues such as: 72-hour protection; full body coverage; leaves no trace; naturally-derived; doctor-developed; from head-to-toes, it’s good for your nose! It’s also fun to share the longevity of this gift that you’re giving to friends and family.

Fourth Tip:

If your loved one needs a little more practicality in their Christmas gift, you can deliver the presentation with a more nuts and bolts approach. Lume is the most effective deodorant for getting the job done well and with a natural, nothing-left-behind method (rashes, residue, waste). This isn’t some ordinary deodorant that you need to apply in large doses over and over in order to keep your stench at bay. Once your body is primed, applying Lume is simple. You only need a small amount in each area you want covered (pits, toes, below the belt, etc.), and then you’re covered for up to 72 hours.

In receiving Lume, your loved one is receiving many gifts:

Time. They can go ahead and skip a shower, because their deodorant is going the distance.

Confidence and intimacy. Whether it be with a partner or simply in intimate spaces with others (cars, elevators, subways, etc.), they can rest assured that there isn’t a stench emanating from their body parts.

Cost-effectiveness. They won’t need to apply Lume every day, and it will only be in small amounts when they do. They can save money by not having to purchase deodorant as often.

Final Tip:

Let’s face it – one thing that unites us as humans is that we all have our own stink. It’s not something that is spoken about very freely in conversations, unless you have adolescents (most often, males), and then the competition to out-stink the other is nearly impossible to avoid – yes, speaking from experience.

Still, Lume is an equal opportunity odor eliminator. Why not go into the Christmas gift shopping experience with a one-brand-fits-all approach?

Lume will deliver a better breathing experience on that after-hockey-practice grocery run before you head home. Lume will help create a more captive audience when you’re delivering the punchline to that joke you heard on the late show. Lume will add a certain “je ne sais quoi” (exactly!) to that date night you’ve been planning for a while, even if you didn’t take a shower that morning. Lume will bring you and your loved ones a deodorant experience that is like none other.

Smelling bad is something we do, but it isn’t something we need to endure.

In today’s world, whether you take part in the fast-paced and interconnected web of society, or if you subscribe to the minimalist view of getting by with little, or if you’re somewhere in between – you can benefit from Lume. This is truly a unique gift for everyone, no matter your walk in life.

You will smell bad at some point along the way, from your head to your toes, so you might as well call it what it is and do something amazing with it – eliminate the possibility of being embarrassed or self-conscious about your stench and start using Lume today!

Then, get online and buy it for your friends and family. They will more than thank you for it. They’ll share in the fresh air that’s no longer being clouded up with stink.

This holiday season, Lume’s got you and your loved ones covered!

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Ethan Aronson

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