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The World's Best Deodorant Just Got Better!

The World's Best Deodorant Just Got Better!

by Shannon Klingman, M.D.

Better Smelling, Better Looking, Same Outrageous Efficacy

Lume Deodorant just launched its best smelling deodorant to date!

Why Did We Make Changes?

Many of you indicated that you weren’t crazy about the scent experience Lume offered, so we knew we had to do better.

We were relentlessly focused on trying to remain as natural as possible, but it limited our ability to provide the fragrance experience customers expect.

Then something wonderful happened!

In talking to major retailers we learned that natural fragrances aren’t safer or cleaner. So we broadened the range of scent blends and reworked our scents to comply with cleaner beauty standards.

What Has Changed?

Better Smelling - we have significantly improved our scent experience!

Switched from natural to skin safe synthetic fragrances

  • Meets clean beauty standards
  • Lower allergen potential
  • Brighter, richer, longer lasting scents

Added 3 skin safe ingredients to the cream deodorant formula

  • Counterbalances the base scent some find unpleasant
  • Allows fragrances to shine truer
  • All 3 ingredients have an EWG rating of 1

Better Looking - a new look for a new Lume!

With all of these fantastic improvements, we had to give our products a fresh new look that would reflect the update, and we think they’re gorgeous, don’t you?

What Hasn’t Changed?

Same Outrageous Efficacy

Efficacy and skin safety for whole body use have always been our top priorities. We are happy to say that our upgraded formula has been clinically tested and proven to have the same efficacy. Lume is clinically proven to block 100% of odor all day, and continues to control odor for 72 hours.

Lume offers both scented and unscented varieties of our products. We continue to follow the International Fragrance Regulatory Association, or IFRA guidelines for safety first, and provide a delightful scent experience second.

Lume continues to be skin safe for all areas of the body, and free from:

  • Aluminum
  • Baking Soda
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Pthalates
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors

As always, Lume remains vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, non GMO, and non staining. Our products and recyclable packaging are all manufactured in the United States.

What are the new and improved fragrance experiences?

New Fragrances

If you loved Coconut Crush and Warm Vanilla, you are going to love Toasted Coconut even more. We combined the best of both worlds to deliver a delicious toasted coconut scent with a splash of vanilla.

If you were a fan of Silver Spruce, you’ll be happy to know Fresh Alpine is the same crisp and clean forest green scent, but drastically upgraded to the point that we simply had to change the name. Fresh Alpine is a brisk mountain morning full of possibility.

Improved Fragrances

Clean Tangerine is decidedly juicier, more fruity, and bright.

We pumped up the jam on the rosy notes in Peony Rose for a brighter and more dewy floral experience.

Lavender Sage is less earthy, more lavender forward, soothing, and spa-like.

Thanks to the new skin safe formula, our Unscented is more unscented than ever!

What's new & improved with Acidified Body Wash?

We’ve got new scents, improved scents, and scents that match your favorite deos!

Peony Rose (formerly known as Pink Peony), Toasted Coconut, Clean Tangerine, and Lavender Sage all joined Unscented to round out a fantastic collection of the #1 body wash for cleansing and controlling odor.

We can’t wait for you to try our new and improved fragrances, you’re in for a treat!

Shannon Klingman, M.D.

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