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What Makes Lume Acidified Body Cream Such A Treat For Your Skin?

What Makes Lume Acidified Body Cream Such A Treat For Your Skin?

by Sarah Thomas

Super Hydration Powers

Our Body Cream is truly hydrating without being greasy. In fact, it is clinically proven to double skin’s hydration after a single use and triple skin’s hydration after 2 weeks of daily use. But that’s really just the beginning of the story, because Lume Acidified Body Cream is so much more than a moisturizer.

Clinically Proven Is A Pretty Big Deal To Lume

Lume products are known for their high quality ingredients and super functionality; we want to provide products that offer something different and better. Lume employs a third party to test our products to find out if they are as good as we say they are.

Princeton Cosumer Research put our Acidified Body Cream to the test, and here’s what we found out:

Lume Acidified Body Cream is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce appearance of rough, red, and bumpy skin like KP or razor bumps
  • Double skin’s hydration after just one use
  • Triple skin’s hydration after 2 weeks of daily use
  • Control odor for 24 hours

What Does Acidified Mean?

Like our deodorant, our body cream is powered by Mandelic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid with gentle exfoliating properties and a low pH.

Dead skin builds up over time, creating a barrier that makes it difficult for moisturizer to penetrate. Mandelic Acid gently exfoliates that dead layer of skin so our Body Cream can penetrate that fresh, new skin just waiting to glow.

That gentle exfoliation is key to unlocking a number of additional benefits.

Smooths Keratosis Pilaris (KP)

Many of us are prone to keratosis pilaris, aka KP, aka chicken skin, aka - rough and bumpy patches on the backs of our arms, legs, and butt cheeks. During cold and dryer seasons, symptoms often become worse. In clincial testing, Lume Body Cream improved the appearance rough and bumpy skin after just 2 weeks of daily use.

Prevents Razor Bumps

Razor bumps appear after shaving when hair follicles become clogged. Regular exfoliation helps remove all of that dead skin from the surface of your skin, making it less likely your razor will meet resistance and cause irritation. Use Lume Body Cream on your trouble areas, you will be amazed at how much smoother and more comfortable shaving can be.

Odor Control Bonus

If better feeling and looking skin isn’t enough, Lume’s Acidified Body Cream has the same odor fighting properties as our deodorant - because they are both powered by Mandelic Acid and have an optimal pH. While not intended as a deodorant, our Body Cream has the benefit of being clinically proven to control odor for 24 hours.

Acidified skin is happy skin, and happy skin looks, feels, and smells better! Try our Acidified Body Cream and experience the benefits for yourself, your skin deserves it!

Sarah Thomas


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