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Where to Buy Lume - An Ever-Growing List of Options

Where to Buy Lume - An Ever-Growing List of Options

by Sarah Thomas

Let’s take a little trip back in time for some Lume history.

It’s October 2017, Lume had just launched its first deodorant in a single scent (what is now known as Lavender Sage). A literal party was held each time an order came in.

This was no small feat because it came after years of Dr. Shannon Klingman pitching Whole Body Deodorant to the big guys, and years of being rejected because “there wasn’t a market for it”.

When They Say “No”, But You Hear “Do It!”

Dr Klingman felt differently because she knew from her personal experience as an OB/GYN that there was a huge gap just waiting to be filled by Whole Body odor control and an unhealthy feminine hygiene industry to change.

So even after countless “NO”s, she persisted. Dr. Klingman decided if she was going to make Lume happen, it would need to be on her terms, and she felt passionately not just about selling deodorant, but about educating the world about a few things we had misunderstood.

A Clear Mission

“Lume’s purpose is to transform the way people feel about themselves by changing the way they understand and manage body odor.” Dr. Shannon Klingman, MD

Thanks to Dr. Klingman, we have learned a few key things about body odor.

  • All body odor has the same source - bacteria
  • We only need one deodorant to control ALL body odor (the right one!)
  • There is no such thing as “feminine” or “masculine” odor
  • Most often, private part odor is external and can be prevented with a Whole Body Deodorant
  • Doctors have misunderstood private part odor and regularly misdiagnose BV

Fast forward to 2024, and you can now find Lume Deodorant in stores nationwide, and it is indeed changing the way people feel about themselves and manage body odor. I dare say Lume is the odor control expert!

In 2017, who knew you would be able to find Lume Deodorant at Amazon, Target, and Walmart? (We’re pretty sure Dr. Shannon Klingman knew!) To say we are excited to make Lume more accessible to the world would be an understatement.

Without further ado, let’s introduce all the ways you can now purchase your favorite Whole Body Deodorant, Body Care, and Laundry Booster:

Shop Lume Online

Shop Lume In Stores






Have you been transformed by Lume’s unique approach to managing body odor? We would love to hear from you!

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