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Lumē Deodorant Wipes Are Your New Post-Workout Essential

Lumē Deodorant Wipes Are Your New Post-Workout Essential

by Sarah Thomas

In a perfect world, we would go to bed nice and early, enjoy a good eight hours of sleep, wake up refreshed, and get in a workout and a shower before heading out for work or starting our day. That sounds rather nice.

But most of us are limping along in an imperfect world.

I’m more likely to go to bed late, roll out of bed at the last possible moment, get the kids out the door for school, and make a heroic run to the bus stop in my pajamas with a forgotten lunchbox. And then feel lucky if I managed to put on matching earrings and head out the door without a dryer sheet stuck to my pant leg (all true stories).

Early morning workouts don’t work so great for everyone. The next best option is squeezing in a workout over lunch so you have more time to Netflix and chill in the evening, right? But is there really time to eat lunch, exercise, get a shower, and back to work in an hour?

Maybe you are lucky enough to have good weather and you would love to have the option of getting outside for a run in the fresh air over your lunch break, but the idea of returning to work smelling ripe is a deal breaker. We do need to maintain work relationships.

Personally, I couldn’t count how many times I have decided against a workout because I didn’t have time to shower after. It’s kind of a packaged deal.

No Time To Shower? Don’t Let That Stop You.

Why not buy yourself some time and peace of mind by having a stash of Lume Deodorant Wipes? Can a good wipe-down replace a post-workout shower? Absolutely. Especially when that wipe contains odor protection.

Lume Wipes are the ultimate convenience. It’s like having a little shower in your gym bag. Or your car, the elevator, bathroom stall, or that little storage room in the office that nobody seems to use.

What’s So Great About Lume Wipes?

First and foremost, they contain deodorant. Believe it or not, most wipes on the market are nothing more than overpriced wet wipes, even if they are marked with a deodorant brand name.

Lume Deodorant Wipes can do so much more for you than a wet wipe. These body cleansing wipes are TRUE, whole body deodorant wipes. Lume Wipes come in a soft-pack or individually-wrapped singles and are even fully biodegradable and compostable.

How Does Lume Deodorant Work?

Sweat is not stinky on its own, body odor is a byproduct of oil- and protein-loving bacteria. Odor-causing bacteria on our skin gobble up our sweat, and their gassy emissions become our body odor.

There’s an entire little ecosystem living in and on our bodies, and bacteria pretty much rule that world. Lume works differently from any other deodorant because it blocks bacteria from eating, thriving, and reproducing.

While other deodorants attempt to neutralize or mask odors, Lume prevents odors from forming in the first place. Lume works differently from other deodorants because it is based in science and is the first true innovation in deodorant in over 100 years.

When you freshen up with a Lume Deodorant Wipe, you wipe on deodorant protection as you wipe off the sweat and odor of a great workout.

WIPE ON, WIPE OFF. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

Is skipping a shower after a sweat sesh healthy?

Well, haven’t people been sweating since people were invented, and the option of showering is only a recent luxury? Yeah, you’re going to be fine.

Lume Can Eliminate Post-Workout Funk.

Just like Lume Deodorant For Underarms And Private Parts, you can refresh yourself with a Lume Deodorant Wipe anywhere you need it, from your forehead down to your toes. There isn’t an “under” or “in-between” that a Lume Wipe can’t refresh with its light, Clean Cotton scent.

There are an infinite number of scenarios in which a post-workout Lume wipe-down could give you time to enjoy more of your life when you don’t have time for a rinse.

Any of these sound appealing?

  • Ride your bike to work, and don’t sweat the sweat!
  • Confidently make last-minute plans with friends after the gym.
  • Squeeze in a workout between your workday and a company dinner.
  • Accept that impromptu date for tonight without sacrificing your fitness goals.
  • Work out on your lunch break without offending coworkers upon your return.
  • Ease your anxieties about the cleanliness of public showers.
  • Avoid a dark shirt casualty with a white deodorant smear. Lume wipes on clean.
  • Strike preemptive warnings from your vocabulary like, “I just came from the gym,” when you meet up with friends after a good run.

What Difference Can Having a “Shower in Your Pocket” Make for You?

This modern world we are living in is a very busy existence. We have so much good stuff to fit into our days. Exercise, eating right, working a full day, taking care of kids and pets, maintaining relationships, community involvement, laundry, yard work, social obligations, business dinners, and the list goes on.

If we waited for all the stars to align, workouts would never happen. Let Lume Deodorant Wipes give you a few minutes when you most need it.

You’re doing great and making things happen. Give yourself some Lume Love!

Did you Lume today?

Sarah Thomas

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