by Sarah Thomas

Change is Inevitable

Life is full of milestones that change us⁠—some planned and predictable and some that seem to hit us out of nowhere. However change comes, it is inevitable, and it is certain to come with a full range of emotions.

One thing we don’t often think about is how much influence life changes have on the products we buy⁠—as anyone who swore they would never drive a minivan and now drives a minivan can attest.

You get your first real job and before you know it, you are buying furniture that doesn’t require assembly⁠—the kind of furniture that is made of actual wood.

Buying a new home or renovating your existing home will send you on endless trips to the hardware store. Who knew there were so many toilet seat options??

A new baby will fill the front porch with more cardboard boxes from online purchases than you ever thought possible.

Even just a new year approaching might prompt you to make positive changes in your life and influence the kinds of foods, athletic gear, household cleaning supplies, and skin care products you choose.

Sometimes We Choose to Change, and Sometimes Change Chooses Us

At 17, AnMarie was getting ready to graduate from high school, which is a huge life change in and of itself. For many, it means you will soon be moving out, becoming independent from your family for the first time in your life, and making decisions about your future. It comes with all kinds of excitement and anticipation, and it’s pretty normal to experience some anxiety and worries.

As a teenager about to take this big step in life, cancer is usually not high on the list of worries. But, for AnMarie it turned out it was.

AnMarie noticed a mole on her arm had changed, so she had her doctor check it out and was told she probably didn’t need to worry about it. The biopsy told another story, and she was diagnosed with melanoma. Surgeons removed a large piece of skin from her upper arm and a lymph node from under her arm.

The surgery was successful, and AnMarie was relieved to learn she was cancer-free. But, she had another nagging problem. Her body odor after surgery had changed. AnMarie assumed the odor was temporary and she would return to smelling like herself over time, but the odor was proving to be long term. This left her self-conscious and prone to constant worry about how she smelled.



AnMarie Struggled to Find an Effective Deodorant for Two Years

Using a natural, aluminum-free product had become a priority to AnMarie, but all the deodorants she tried had failed her. One after the other, they ended up in her garbage because they only worked for a few hours, or were altogether ineffective. Others had strong fragrances that would mingle with her own odor and create a cocktail of smells, making her feel more self-conscious than the body odor alone.

For two years, AnMarie’s search for a solution left her feeling frustrated and hopeless. This new body odor was an embarrassment and constant reminder to AnMarie of all the difficulty she had experienced. She was ready to put all the trauma behind her, but the foul smell would not let her. Hadn’t she been through enough?

AnMarie Found the Answer in Lume

AnMarie first learned about Lume’s unique, aluminum-free formula from a friend who knew she had been looking for a new deodorant. AnMarie figured she would try Lume, but her expectations were not high. The first time AnMarie used Lume, she was happily surprised that she was able to enjoy a full 48 hours, odor-free. This was huge! For the first time in over two years, she was free.

That’s when her life changed yet again. But this time, it was a welcome change that came along with relief and freedom from constant worry and self-consciousness.

Lume changed AnMarie’s life and restored her confidence, and it might just change yours.

What’s your Lume story?
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas