by Sarah Thomas

Years ago when our family moved into our current house, I thought I had done a good job of getting rid of stuff so we wouldn’t be moving things unnecessarily. We had true friends that helped us move, and it was a huge effort, so I still feel grateful to everyone for giving up a Saturday to help us out. But as the day wore on, I started to feel a little bit of shame for the amount of stuff we were moving.

That same weekend I read some stories from my family history about my ancestors that came to the US in the mid-1800s with little more than the clothes on their back. I couldn’t help contemplating why the boxes from my bathroom alone were more than an entire family had to start a new life.

I still wrestle with this. My bathroom cabinets are filled with partially used and long-forgotten hair and skin care products that I don’t necessarily use, but it seems wasteful to throw them away. When I do go through and get rid of things I’m pretty sure I won’t use, I feel terrible throwing away all the plastic containers.


Finding Balance

Many of you have probably heard about Marie Kondo by now, and perhaps her tidy minimalist message resonates with you. Being a sentimental and emotional person raised by parents who lived through the depression, I have an inner conflict with her message. It might even make my chest tighten.

What if everything really does spark joy for me? I’m not dead inside - of course all this stuff sparks joy. But when I struggle to slam the bathroom cabinet door before the ensuing avalanche, I realize there might be some balance I could find.


Is it possible that having less stuff and using less stuff could bring more joy?

There is a continuing trend toward minimalist beauty and hygiene routines, reducing the number of products and packaging used, and using products made with natural and organic ingredients. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious about what they put in and on their body, and how they might leave less of a footprint.

Social media “no makeup challenge” trends from mid-decade made way for minimalist skincare terms like “skip care”, “skin fasting”, and “skinimalist”. People all over the globe are looking at the products they use and asking themselves if it is necessary or of value.

Going natural and tidying up seem like great solutions to a lot of the noise and clutter in all aspects of our lives. But, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Lume’s got you covered with this easy start.


How Can Lume Help You Simplify?

Dr. Shannon Klingman developed Lume Deodorant and Soaps to be compatible with the most sensitive skin. Our products are honest, simple, and straightforward. Lume creates high-quality products that have multiple uses and will last you a long time. One stick of deodorant will last about 3 ½ months!


Consolidate by using Lume Deodorant and Soap

Depending on how (and where) you use Lume Deodorant and Soap, you could replace or get rid of:

    • Other deodorants that don’t work
    • Foot powders or sprays
    • Anti-chafing creams
    • Vaginal deodorants
    • Sweaty ball deodorants
    • Shaving cream
    • Face soap
    • Different kinds of hand soaps


One Deodorant For All The Parts, One Deodorant For All The People

You don’t need a different deodorant for all the different parts. You need one deodorant that is safe and effective at controlling all odor. Use Lume on your armpits, privates, feet, skin folds, and whatever else stinks.

Lume is one great formula that works for ALL the people you know. Lume works for women, children, and men. Dr. Klingman believes in honesty in marketing, and since Lume works for all, we don’t create separate packaging to target different groups.

If you are using your fingertips to apply Lume, you can even share a tube or a stick. So the next time you pack for a trip, just throw in one Lume tube, and the whole family is covered.


One Soap For All The Parts, One Soap For All the People

Like our deodorant, Lume Soap is for everyone’s everything, you don’t need a different soap for the different parts.

One soap, multiple jobs. Ditch the extra cleansers and specialty soaps, and ditch the shaving creams. You just created more space on your counter, and in your shower. Marie Kondo would approve.

Did you know Lume soap is ideal for shaving, anywhere you shave? That bubbly lather makes for a great shave that will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Makeup and skincare trends may come and go, but good hygiene practices will always be in style. No matter what philosophy you subscribe to, Lume Deodorant and Lume Soap can simplify your life with multiple uses for each product. And you’ll feel good about putting naturally derived, clean, healthy ingredients on your skin.

Most importantly, you’re going to smell great.


What our customers are saying about Lume Deodorant:

Five Stars

“I have been racking up too many deodorants, one for my under arms, one for my underboobs and privates and powder for my feet. Now with Lume, I only need one product and it actually works for 72 hours like it claims! Thank you Lume for simplifying my life and saving me money to boot.” 

-Truene Lund

Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas