Sweaty Ball Odor?  Lume has Got You Covered! If you’re looking for the best deodorant for men, this is the article to read.

It happens to even the best of men, no reason for embarrassment. You shower, dry off and give the boys a little once over, and the lingering scent reminds you this is just what a guy smells like, right?  Not anymore. Trust YOUR gynecologist, guys. 😉 I am here to help. Your boys are no “bed-of-roses” and here’s why:

The scrotum is worn on the outside of your body and hangs in very close, odor-transferring proximity to Uranus (c’mon, is our humor that different?). There is hair; sometimes a lot of hair, and it’s not pretty. The anus is really to blame for most human odor below the belt, where the “bacterial buffet” begins the moment you step out of the shower. No matter how clean you think you are, bacteria stand ready to lunch on bodily fluids. It’s not you, it’s chemistry.

  1. Get in the shower and scrub the boys, and rinse them really well. Most body bars are nothing more than detergent with a pH of baking soda, which makes the odor situation worse. Find a good old-fashioned handmade or natural soap which has a lower pH.
  1. Dry off, really well. Try using a blow dryer on a warm or cool setting. It’s better than dusting with a white powder that makes a mess of you and your bathroom.
  1. Lume. Lume Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts has changed the world of personal hygiene for both men and women. It inhibits bacterial growth and keeps those odor-causing reactions at bay. But, don’t just take my word for it. We were clinically-proven and some really smart people told us so. Numbers don’t lie. The best deodorant for men should address the entire body and the most critical sources of odor, not just the armpits.

The Lume experience need not be nearly as uncomfortable as this article. But, don’t be surprised if you’re more tempted to openly talk about the hygiene success you’ve discovered for “the boys.” Hands down, Lume is the best deodorant for men.

Did you Lume today?

5 thoughts on “Sweaty Ball Odor? Lumē Has Got You Covered!

  1. swa401 says:

    Great Article = Here I thought I was the only one with the smell and itch. Who knew! I just ordered and can’t wait till it arrives to see if it truly works if it does WOW will this make me happy !!

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      Before you begin using Lume, check out “Getting Started” for men on our website. Make sure you dry off really well and let us know how it works out for you. A little goes a long way below the belt!

    • Shannon Klingman, MD says:

      As a gynecologist, I initially created Lume for women, but we hear from so many men who have said powders and scented powdery creams just mask and cover up without eliminating odors. I am glad to know you found this useful. Shannon Klingman MD

  2. jamifuzz says:

    I’ve been using lume for a weak now, and am so impressed, I’m telling everyone about it….Great product!

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